April 5, 2007

TV On The Radio to Open For T.I. at Slope Day 2007

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Rapper T.I. will be the main act for this spring’s Slope Day festival. Indie rock band TV on The Radio will open for T.I. Another opener will be announced in the future, according to an announcement by the Slope Day Programming Board at today’s Student Assembly meeting.

The self-proclaimed “King of the South” will take the Slope by storm, performing from his catalogue of multi-platinum singles, including “Bring Em Out” off of 2004’s Urban Legend and Grammy-winning “What You Know” from 2006’s breakout record King.

Collaborations with super-producers the Neptunes, Mannie Fresh and D.J. Toomp on his latest release, King, have pushed this Atlanta, Ga. rapper into the limelight — So, what do you know about that?

T.I. has also ventured into the world of Hollywood, producing the soundtrack to Oscar-winning film Hustle and Flow and starring in his first film, ATL, in spring 2006.
Openers for T.I. are currently unconfirmed.

Past performers for Slope Day have included Ben Folds in 2006, Snoop Dog in 2005 and Kanye West and OAR in 2004.

The Slope Day Steering Committee began bringing live entertainment in 2003 with Rusted Root and Fat Joe.

The committee was created “to assess and address the role that alcohol and other drugs played on Slope Day,” according to the Slope Day website.

The Slope Day Programming Board, which will officially announce the line-up for Slope Day at today’s Student Assembly meeting, was founded in fall 2003.

Cornellians will have free admission with their Cornell I.D. card. Students will be able to purchase up to two guest tickets at $25 each starting Wednesday, April 18.

Government-issued I.D. cards will be necessary to purchase drinking bracelets, which will allow attendees to drink alcohol on the Slope.

To listen to T.I.’s music, click here.

Video of the Announcement from the Apr. 5 SA Meeting:

Videography by Sun Senior Writer Michael Morisy; editing by Sun Web Editor Chris Barnes

  • JP $

    Man, I really wish we could’ve locked up my chemical romance or the starting line or fall out boy, or some other crap rock band that cornell gets to come to campus every year. Was anyone pumped last year when Ben Folds was busy putting people to sleep on the slope? T.I. is gonna be amazing, so pumped for this! If the Chili Peppers also came I think the world would implode.

  • Todd

    His website with music and vid samples.

  • http://www.trapmuzik.com/
  • Why did we have to get the self proclaimed King of a terrible rap genre?

  • bleh

    this sucks 🙁

    i haven’t seen anyone in real life yet who is happy about this lineup.

    if the programming board needs help or new members, just put out some signs/ads or something… i’m sure you’ll get some takers

  • C Diddy

    Are these people crazy, T.I. is the best rapper going. He has a great appeal to everyone around the country. He’s done hits with all types of bands. He’s on the Chevy commercials, which states that he’s an All-American, and he’s endorsed by the sexiest guy on the planet, ME! So I hope you Cornellians enjoy this, and I will be flying all the way to little ol Ithaca to check out Slope Day. Good music, alcohol, and sex. Boy do I love Cornell.

  • pumped

    He isn’t just “southern rap,” he had the best-selling hip hop/rap album of 2006. for those who are complaining that he does not have mainstream appeal probably don’t know that his music is the music they hear out at the bars every night. perfect example: “my love” with justin timerlake. if that isn’t mainstream, i don’t know what is.

  • not balling at all

    What the hell is TI? Another rapper? Great… Oh I guess “Tv on the radio” will be there too… not that anyone knows who they are either.

  • j$

    surprising that once again cornell caters to the minority ……heaven forbid we bring a rock band which may isolate the minorities on campus, lets make sure we get a rapper. AGAIN.

  • shutupeveryone

    T.I. rocks and if you haven’t heard of him, why don’t you come out of your carboard box or something? Or maybe you should buy tickets to a Ben Folds concert or go fall asleep at an Acceptance concert. All I know is that if you are gonna be dissing T.I., then stay the hell off the slope and make more room for the people who know how awesome T.I. is!!

  • househead

    wow, what a surprise…another mainstream “artist.”
    when will cornell get someone who can entertain us with quality dance music? probably never…

    what u know about… good music, good live events, crazy partying??

  • u people are idiots

    All of the rock bands that come for Slope Day suck.

    You are legitimately retarded if you’re not pumped about T.I. Not many rap artists could come close to comparing to Snoop, and we just got one that did.

    If you don’t like T.I. and you want your sad emo music, just put on some headphones and cry alone in your room.

  • kelly

    haha i know who they are, but i’ll admit that i’m one of few. give them a chance though. i think they’re a great band for the occasion.

  • Ballin

    TI is mad ballin.

    Cornell is too white – they might not know TI… it’s sad

  • not happy

    I would much rather have a rock band like acceptance or fall out boy or anything other than another boring sucky rapper. And slope day is not a frat party so dont compare it to one

  • Kelly

    When they announced TI was headlining I was worried I wouldn’t like the lineup at this year’s Slope Day, but I’m a huge fan of TV on the Radio and now I can’t wait for May 4! 🙂

  • good guy

    T.I. is what’s up!!! Cornell can’t possibly get an artist that will please everyone, so at least it got someone who’s hip. I’m glad it got someone with rhythm and style to headline instead of a hick rock band. With a grammy and chart-topping hits, T.I. has all the ingredients to put on a great show! I’m definitely pumped!

  • jpp

    you guys are kidding right? who doesn’t know who TI is? if you don’t like TI then there is no point of commenting about slope day or bother to go on the slope…what do you want? ben folds? that’s as big as it gets…someone who is hot right now too…fresh album and big hits…SELF-PROCLAIMED KING OF THE SOUTH…go to sleep people…good job programming board….that’s all i wanted…maybe lil john as well…i don’t want to see any of those retarded comments again…

  • a

    The thing that both these acts have in common–high energy and you can dance to them. I don’t know T.I. too well, but I’m down with it because I know that there’s nothing better than a whole bunch of drunk, sun-baked college kids getting down. AS for TV ON THE RADIO…AMAZING! Don’t write this band off as some alt-rock buzz band. Their sound is so diverse, really exciting, not whiney or mopey, and I feel really lucky that we got them. Anyone who wants to have a good time this year, the party is on!!

  • I’ve been to every Slope Day since 2000. While it was better when it was an alcohol induced free-for-all, the music acts that have helped move the crowd more than any other genre have been rappers. It’s usually feel good, big bass beats regardless of the lyrics. IMHO the emo-core stuff has been largely ignored and when the big name headliner/popular hip-hop artist comes on everyone rushes the stage and goes nuts. If the steering committee can someday afford both a rapper and a rock band with Top 40 appeal and a long hitlist, then I’m all for that. otherwise, they should at least secure a big name hip-hop artist. PS – I’m a fan, but seeing Ben Fold’s in concert was like listening to my ipod. he did not rock the slope.

  • gg

    Except that last year, the main headliner was rock – ben folds.

  • little bunny fufu

    I’m sure a lot more people are pleased this year than last, there’s only 10 negative posts here and 30 some odd people in the anti-TI facebook group. So 40 out of 20k people are upset, who cares, think of all them shawties.

  • CU 92

    Slope Days of Yore. I was curious to see how Slope Day has morphed since I graduated in 92. I feel for y’all who have continued to suffer under the Cornell crackdown. My freshman year, 1988-89, was the last great year at Cornell before liability concerns started the constant battle to control everything from fraternity parties to Slope Day. At that year’s Slope Day, can you believe there were beer vending trucks at the base of libe slope! Its been downhill (so to speak) ever since. My suggestion: transfer now. I wish I had.

  • Cherese

    Listen, T.I. is a GRAMMY WINNING MULTI PLATINUM selling artist not because minorites love him but because White people (the majority) buy his records. So dont try to play the “race card” on this issue.

  • Anonymous

    It disgusts me that TI and TV on the Radio even be mentioned in the same sentence. TV on the Radio has such immense talent and are amazing live. I think this will be one of those shows where the opener overshadows the main act. MOST of you people have no idea how lucky you are to have TV on the Radio. PS: To the people who wanted Fallout Boy, please please please get some musical taste and grow a backbone to be original. I’d be 1000000000% happier with JUST Tv on the Radio.