April 6, 2007

Slope Day Performers

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The Slope Day Programming Board officially announced that TV On The Radio will open for T.I. on Slope Day. What do you think about these performers? How does this year’s performers compare to performers from other years? Discuss any other aspect of the performers that you wish.
Also, here is the video of the official announcement.

Videography by Sun Senior Writer Michael Morisy; Editing by Sun Web Editor Chris Barnes

  • CJB

    Wow my 2 favorite artists of all time! I always thought I had bad taste in music because no one i’ve ever talked to has heard of or listens to TV on the Radio or T.I. I guess I was wrong though, at least a few brave souls on the Slope Day Programming Board seem appreciate their music. I just hope they don’t get booed off the stage by a mob of belligerent drunks before the main act manages to play their one radio hit.

  • You ALL are clueless

    The people who complaining really stink. Ever heard of going to a show with an open mind? TVOTR are amazing performers for those who like rock. They shred live. Watch here and get schooled:

    TI has plenty of great booty shaking hits for those who like rap.

    Overall, much better than Ben Folds last year who put on a good performance but just wasn’t right for the day, some lame generic pop-punk band (acceptance), and talib kweli, who was pretty good but not great.

    Do you honestly think that you could get huge mainstream acts to play slopeday without going broke? Who do you think they could actually get? Bon Jovi? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Journey? Pearl Jam? Jay-Z? These acts sell out stadiums and cost hundreds of thousands a piece. So dream on and enjoy it this year for what it is – a free concert.

  • Andrew

    1) Stop bringing rappers. The percent of the student body that can stand rap is much smaller than those who can stand rock.

    Who cares if he won a grammy? T.I. still sucks. I had to look him up just to remember who he was. What a terrible choice.

    2) TV on the what? Come on, who are these guys? NO one has heard of them. I don’t care if they are an awesome up and coming band out of who cares where. Still: no one has heard of them. Since the concert is only half of the fun at Slope Day, you need to get a band with a name that people recognize. If you can’t get a real group then at least get an old 90s rock band that we all listened to while growing up.

    Ben Folds we better than both of these. OAR was better than both of these. Hell even Soledad O’Brian could put on a better show than both of these. I say Soledad for Slope Day and T.I. for convocation speaker.

  • CJB

    T.I. in all his lyrical and visual glory:


    slope day 07 🙁

  • Tom Johnson

    For such a supposed bunch of smart kids you might want to consider taking a 101 course in grammar!!!!
    Keep an open mind, the bands may just surprise you!
    Great job Slope Day Programming board. Thanks for your hard work!

  • hi

    for the fight to begin between those who like music and like partying (a basic, albeit unexpected, link between the TI and TVOTR folks)
    those who complain to preserve their comfort zone.

    Probably a necessary fight. The winners will be presented on the Slope

  • Maynard James

    Why can’t Cornell have Slayer come play for Slope Day? At the very least, we should get any random death or black metal band. Why not try something new?

  • jimbo

    I can’t believe how many people are actually going to try and argue that this slope day will be a good one. It will not be; I did not think the Slope Day Committee could do any worse than last year and boy was I wrong. I am severely disappointed, they select music that pertains only to a very small part of the student body(e.g. rap), and then another group that no one has ever heard of. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. You can argue it all you want, but the fact is they made another poor choice. Well done again…

  • Harris

    Wow, I can’t believe you people. TV on the Radio is fairly popular for a second act. Their hit song “Wolf Like Me” is all over the internet, youtube, radio, and it’s been on TV too. Check that out. They’re also fantastic live. TI has had a few hit songs, and rappers are usually pretty lame live, but I think a whole lot of people on campus enjoy rap.

  • clio5288@aol.com

    Hey it’s awesome that so many people aren’t satisfied with this year’s selections. Now, can I buy your guest passes off you? Unlike you, my friends and I are planning on having a great time regardless of the artists…

    And I’m serious. Email me.

  • Justin Nisly

    T.I. isn’t mainstream? All kidding and/or bitching aside, he’s the acknowledged (and bestselling) king of the rap scene in the South, where all the best hip-hop is coming from right now. . .

    And TV on the Radio is absolutely brilliant live. I’m sick of these people who claim they want good music, but they really just want one of the ten hip-hop names they actually know, so they can make frat t-shirts with bad snoop dog puns and ignore the music anyway. This is a great line-up which offers something for anyone who actually wants to hear some upbeat and quality music on Slope Day. Cornell should be applauded for a wonderful balance of quality and popularity.

  • ’05

    It’s pretty pathetic that some people haven’t heard of TV on the Radio and are complaining about their obscurity. DO your research. They are one of the hottest acts around and will make an awesome Slope Day.

    But seriously, since when was Slope Day about the bands?
    Chill out on the Slope and enjoy your friends.

  • Henri

    Everyone that is complaining is so mature. I bet you were the same kids in high school that complained about the yearbook being ugly. If you really wanted to have an “awesome” Slope Day and were unhappy with last year’s bands maybe you could have gotten off your ignorant asses and joined the Slope Day Planning Committee. At least then if you were dissatisfied you would have a valid reason to complain. Besides lets not pretend you won’t just get wasted and carted off the slope by noon for some IV fluids at Gannett.

  • Annoyed

    I personally think that this line up can potentially be great. When Cornell brought Kanye West up for Slope Day, he was a “no name” musician at the time. And look at him now. Have an open mind.

    And for those who think that T.I is not mainstream, you have GOT be to kidding me!!! Have you not watched TV for the past 4 years. Since his coming into the industry, he has been a powerhouse. He has been in collaboration with some of the industry’s greatest, while also becoming a greatest independently. He has had SEVERAL hits out, simultaneously, he wrote and starred in a movie, while in the process of writing a second. His lyrics are amazing! For me, he is the highlight for Slope Day 2007. Please refrain from making comments about things that you obviously know nothing about,.

  • Anonymous

    Or better yet…why not get Tool? More people have heard of them than Slayer…

  • invisible_insane

    The divergence between popularity and any sort of discernible music ability in the music industry progressively amazes me more and more every day. For eons to come, this statement will be validated by the fact that Paris Hilton (for those of you blissfully unaware of what this represents, consult the dictionary under “useless”) was able to produce a song that gained a modicum of popularity. Similarly, I am convinced that anyone can slur the words “What’chu know abou daa” rythymically. Hopefully, TV on The Radio and Catch-22 will provide Slope Day with some music.

  • Anonymous

    Slope Day was better when it was about drinking and not arguing about bands that will never please more than a fraction of the student population.