June 19, 2007

Illegal Immigration, With a Focus on "Illegal"

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Given that there are so many close contests ranging from local county elections to presidential elections, people have started to realize that every voice counts. With such a narrow margin for victory so often, imagine how adding 12 million people to the United States could change the dynamics of our country! Even if they couldn’t vote, those 12 million would definitely influence their friends in the voting electorate, thus influencing politics on the local level in House and Senate elections. America faces this impending problem of a massive demographic change, and all because of the crisis resulting from the 12 million illegal immigrants in our country, whose numbers grow constantly every passing day.

Now first of all, I have no problem with any demographic change that occurs from immigrants who legally move here. Quite frankly, I hate it when people who staunchly oppose illegal immigration while embracing legal immigration get labeled as racists and bigots. America needs real debate and solutions on this matter, not more name-calling. So although I embrace those who arrive here legally, I do not want to deal with the consequences of such a major demographic shift simply because Congress does not understand the meaning of the word “illegal.” Everyone in America, from lifelong citizens to naturalized citizens to legal immigrants, risks having their voices drowned out by wave after wave of illegal immigrants.

Luckily, the Senate wisely recognized the same problems I mentioned here, and they successfully blocked today’s immigration reform from going through. The blocked legislation gave illegal immigrants the ability to stay in America with the new Z-visas. Z-visas, while allowing illegal immigrants to legally remain in America for the rest of their lives, do not include the right to vote, so Congress also had to throw in a path to citizenship as well, while offering hardly enough in terms of border security. As a result, Republicans revolted against their own president, preventing the bill’s passage in the Senate. Now President Bush has tried to sweeten the deal, reviving the bill with an additional $4.4 billion for border security, but few senators seem to be taking the bait.

One of the most telling signs of the problems with this legislation lies in a key group of senators. These senators from both sides of the aisle resided in Congress back in 1986 and voted for legislation on immigration reform back then. The 1986 law, while granting amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants, would also improve border enforcement and crack down on employment of illegals. Unfortunately, the latter part did not kick in. Many of the Senators who voted for immigration reform in 1986 and its promises now hear the same echoing promises in this bill today. This time, however, they have resolved not to make the same mistake again.

No one can blame them, either. Back in 1986, 3 million illegal immigrants existed in our country. Now, 12 million illegal immigrants exist, 4 times as many as in 1986. If this proposed reform does not work, will 48 million illegals live here by 2028? America has had a difficult time dealing with the 12 million already here. The failures of 1986 gave us a clear warning, and if we do not heed it, the consequences will be even worse. America has to hold absolute confidence in the ability of this legislation to enforce our borders and laws. Given the risks we face, will throwing in some extra billions of dollars reassure everybody, or does Congress need to start from scratch and approach this with a new attitude rather than a new source of funds?

Now supporters of this legislation, especially Sen. John McCain, are focusing on our desperate need to get a bill passed on immigration. Without passing any legislation, America will essentially grant de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants, as McCain argues. McCain is right to state that America should not accept the status quo. At the very least, the status quo does not reward illegal immigrants by granting a way to stay here legally and additionally providing a path to citizenship. Regardless of whether or not it qualifies as amnesty, this reform rewards illegals. Without a better guarantee that strong enforcement shall more than offset the incentive for illegals to keep flocking into America, these rewards for illegals shall only damage our country and magnify the problem.

When the very first attempt at immigration reform appeared in Bush’s second term, large protests swept across the nation. While some moderate legal immigrants tried to distance themselves from the protests, they simply did not have the power to make their voices of reason heard in our society. Unfortunately, this could prove to be only the tip of the iceberg. If America does not decisively solve the problems facing us, these protests could eventually devolve into riots and general lawlessness resulting from our immigration problems. Don’t believe me? Then ask France.

  • Allen Fuller

    To the last “Anonymous” poster:

    What about the American construction workers who lost their jobs, or who are struggling to keep their families above poverty, because they have to compete with illegals being exploited by greedy businesses? I don’t mind paying THOUSANDS more for my house if it means righting this injustice.

    Why do you put the interests of illegals above those of Americans?

    Of course we want to help the poor people of the world. But there is only so much we can do. If you visit http://www.NumbersUSA.org/video, you will get an idea of the scale of the problem. For every million people we allow in, 80 million more poor people are born into the world. No, immigration is not the answer to the world’s poverty problem, it never could and never should be. If we want to help, we need to find ways to better their situation in their home countries.

    Our immigration policy should be for the benefit of America and Americans. Some amount of legal immigration is good for America.

    However, the current volumes, and the fact that so many are illegal, is not. It depresses wages, puts a strain on our social services ($3 in social services consumed by illegals for every $1 in taxes that they pay), adds to our overpopulation and city congestion, and poses an integration problem as the immigrant population reaches such a critical mass in certain areas that they no longer even see the need for learning English and assimilating.

    And please, no calls of racism or bigotry. I lived in Latin America for 10 years, speak Spanish fluently, and love the Latin culture and people. I stayed as a guest, obeyed all the laws, learned as much of the language and culture as I could, etc. In America, we want legal immigration, at a reasonable rate. But we want people to come here respectfully, learning our language and our culture and obeying our laws, and becoming part of the American society, all in an orderly fashion.

    Until we clamp down on illegal immigration and restore order, this is not going to happen. By not enforcing our laws, we are telling people, “Yes, come in, ignore our laws, don’t respect us, do whatever you want, hey, here’s a business that wants to hire you and exploit your cheap labor.” I don’t blame people for listening to that message. But now the message needs to change. “Yes, come in, but by the front door. Learn our language, our culture, and respect our laws. If you do so, we will embrace you warmly.”

  • Dave


    I am an “illegal alien”. Indeed, tho I am an educated white person from the Great White North, I must accept that label with all the dignity I can muster in an environment that seems to hate me for it.

    Since that label was first cast upon me, I have started 2 companies, which together are providing honest employment to a host of American citizens. If I’m successful, there will be LOTS more. To that end, I am thwarted – there is no accommodation in the law for someone in my circumstance, which occurred largely as a result of antiquated laws (so the lawyers told me).

    While listening to the rhetoric around the immigration debate, I look at myself: “Am i really that much of a threat to the future of America? Who am I hurting by remaining here – as a ‘lawbreaker’. Are my sins so much more dangerous and unforgivable than, say, speeding on the Interstate?”

    Now, I could leave and take my second business with me. But that seems more an act of cowerdice than good smarts – it wouldn’t be good for operations either. I could quit…but that’s worse. So, I push forward. And hope that calm legislative heads will prevail and at worst, my American daughter won’t have to watch me lynched in the town square.

    Wanna help? Please ease on the harsh language pointed in my direction, and that of the millions of others like me. Even better – you could could ask for sensible reform – put in a good word to your friends and senators.


  • Denise

    I read an article yesterday which stated that,

    “The TOP 527 contributor in the 2006 mid-term election that shifted congressional power to Democrats was the Service Employees International Union, giving $33 million in 2006 alone, nearly all of it to Democrats.”

    if this is true, it would explain why so many Senators are fighting so hard for this bill.

  • Anonymous

    What we need is a strong Republican president like Dwight Eisenhower — who beat back the mexican invasion before by enforcing what was called as “Operation Wetback”. He deported about 1 million illegal aliens in about 1 year period.
    Only liberal democrats will have you believe that we cannot deport 10-12 million illegal aliens. If we get to it in and deport good 2-3 million illegals, rest will leave by themselves.Also, it is important that we perserve American culture.By some estimated illegal alien amnesty crowd will be in majority by 2015 if we allow amnesty for 10-12 million illegal aliens.

    I am not against legal immigrants, I am against illegal immigrants. Democrats support amnesty and say we cannot deport illegals but if we put some effort and money into the effort of deporting illegls this time around, this will serve as a example for the mexicans who may be thinking about coming into this country illegally.
    America is a country of laws and we must uphold our laws by enforcing the present law which clearly states that illegal aliens must be deported and there is no two ways about it, I don’t care how much money and time it takes.

    We must defeat this massive Democrat’s illegal alien amnesty bill and bring back the rule of law back to this oountry.

  • Anonymous

    From a legal immigrant:

    As a legal immigrant I tell you that I was not welcomed to this country. From the time I had to wait 8 hours standing in front of the US consulate in my native country to this day when I am still sending documents and paying fees for legal residence I tell you that I am not treated like I am welcomed, I am considered a second-class thing that is guilty until proven the contrary.

    Everybody should cut the c__p and admit they are afraid of competition. They are afraid of immigrants. You don’t want equality, they want to be able to decide what is ‘equality’. War in Iraq is ILLEGAL and nobody cares, but when a Mexican works 13 hours a day earning half as you do you think he is wrong and should be treated like a murderer.

    This country is about to lose its humanity. Everybody speaks about God in United States.I was horrified to find comments like “May God get us rid of immigrants”.
    If you’re asking god to harm human beings then you’re either crazy or evil.

  • Joe (Legal immigrant)

    My Uncle fought side by side with Americans in US/Japanese conflict in the Philippines.
    From what I understand, all Filipinos that served in the war wiil be granted a visa and eventually a greencard.
    My Uncle has applied and was patiently waiting his turn to be processed. Sadly he passed away and his dreams of coming overhere never materialized.
    Now illegal aliens are demanding to be legalized NOW.
    In a way I’m glad he passed away before this nonsense came about.

  • Ivan

    I agree with one of the above comments that the USA is about to lose its humanity if they turn a blind eye on millions of hard-working immigrants.
    The “American people” doesn’t mean “White-Anglo-Saxon Protestants” any more. We do not live in the 1950s. And, if it was up to the “White-Anglo-Saxon Protestants”, “separate but equal ” will still be in place.
    Congress must act and pass a humane immigration bill that recognizes the contributions of millions of hard working human beings. If that doesn’t happen, history will judge our country harshly for its cruel treatment of immigrants.
    And the Republicans, if they give up to their racist right-wing, are on a verge of becoming an extinct party and never winning another minority vote. And, as of today, there are over 100 million LEGAL Americans who are minorities(black, Latino, Asian, etc.)
    Stop the racism and pass the immigration bill.

  • Anonymous

    the quality of life has greatly diminished by people who claim that this land was stolen from them. take away the jobs, social services, medical care, and other freebees and they wont even think about the crusty piece of earth that’s left. gimme a break, you don’t want the land you want the American way.

  • Anonymous

    A Wall Street firm studied the increased demand on public services to get a more accurate estimate of the actual number of illegals currently in the country. The 11, now 12 million, are Bush’s government numbers. Bush has attempted to distort the truth in government reporting in everything from the CIA’s estimate of Iraq’s threat of WMD all the way to the collective opinions of thousands of scientists presumbably acting in good faith to alert the world to the danger of fossil fuel greenhouse gases. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda would be jealous of Bush’s success in misleading the people he took an oath to protect. The Wall Street firm estimated 30 million illegals in this country based largely upon the additional load in public services that they created.

    When your elected officials look the other way while 30 million potential terrorist walk into their country, people have a tendency to get angry. Maybe someday when we regain control of our country, then we can be more tolerant of immigration. Right now, we are no more secure in our own country than the illegals who have occupied it. Until we remove the people responsible for this from office, we are likely to be a bit irritable.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit business that represents around 3 million FOR PROFIT business, wrote much of this legislation directly for Bush and Kennedy.


    According to the above, they are-

    Anti minimum wage
    Anti labor union
    Anti environmental regulation
    Anti Employee Free Choice Act
    Anti Sarbanes-Oxley Act (act which holds companies responsible for criminal activity in reporting, etc.)
    Anti Web Neutrality (they want to control the internet via giving ultimate power to control access to a very small group of large companies)

    Pro globalization
    Pro Arctic Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling

    In other words, people who just can’t make enough money to fill the gigantic hole in their soul created by the abandonment of all ethics wrote this legislation to give my country to global slave traders. They’ll give my country to global slave traders when they pry the gun from this dead patriots hand. IMPEACH KENNEDY, BUSH. No amnesty, no way.

  • Allen Fuller

    1. Whenever you deal with a bureaucracy, you never feel welcomed. That is the nature of government. Nevertheless, I agree that the immigration system we have is broken. Part of the source of the problem is that the current system is simply not large enough to handle the current immigration load.

    2. No sane person wants to treat Mexicans like murderers. This is absurd.

    3. Certain wackos, racists and bigots exist on every side. I certainly would not like to be around someone who says “May God get rid of immigrants.” Certain Mexicans also are going around saying “gringos f*$# yourselves” or “go back to Europe.” You wouldn’t blame all Mexicans for that kind of rudeness, would you? In the family and culture I grew up in, we were taught to be very polite to foreigners and immigrants. Again, be careful before you throw down the racism or bigotry card against everyone, because it can be slander.

    4. If immigrants wish to have Americans’ respect, then immigrants should also respect American laws, language, and culture. I don’t know what country you come from, but most Asians would get angry if I came to their country, started demanding a job, free health care, free schooling for my kids, and that everyone speak English to me, etc. If 10 million Americans moved into Korea and started acting like that, I’m sure the Koreans would have something to say about that. Although I don’t agree with rudeness and hate on any side, I am afraid that the current ethnic tensions will only get worse on both sides if we continue to allow large numbers of immigrants that don’t assimilate or respect our laws and culture.

    5. The reason the problem is so large is because up until now the government has just been turning their back and letting it happen, so you can’t put all the blame on immigrants. We have been sending the wrong messages this far, which has gotten into this situation. I blame mainly the current government, for not enforcing its own laws. That HAS to change. Once we restore order and bring immigration levels to a more traditional level, the tensions between immigrants and citizens will hopefully lessen, as people come in through an orderly process, and Americans no longer feel so threatened.

    6. Finally, the hard reality is that not everyone that wants to come, can come. Even at our current rate of several million immigrants per year, that’s only about 0.03% of the world’s population. And even at this rate, some project the US population to be 1 billion by 2100. I’m sure much more than 0.03% of the world’s population wants to come here, but it’s simply not possible. Therefore, our immigration policy should be based not on how many want to come here, but by some sane rate at which we can accommodate those that we do let in. We already see great problems with our current rate of immigration, and the proposed bill will only increase it, not bring it under control.

  • Allen Fuller

    Stop with the throwing around of the “racism” label! Of course there are racists, on both sides. That doesn’t justify any particular action, or discredit a reasoned analysis of the situation.

    We cannot continue to turn a blind eye toward what has gotten us into this situation to start with, which is our non-enforcement of our own laws.

    If you really want a simple but very common-sense analysis of the situation, go to http://www.NumbersUSA.org/video and see for yourself why the current situation — and the proposed bill to fix it — are unworkable.

  • Wesley

    Good Article. If this bill passes the bloody american will surface again. Not in England but in America. Citizens are fed up with paying the costs of others.
    Not to mention the security issues that are huge!
    Food For thought: Milwaukee Cop May of 2007 is Illegal Alien using Fake I.D. 5 years of services.
    Senator Mc Cauls 10th Texas Website
    Iraq’s Learn Spanish Before Crossing to America Page 29

  • Lou Dobbler

    Funny how when people tell the truth of the devisiveness of Dobbs, Sessions, and Tancredo people quickly diminish it by calling it “inflammatory rhetoric.” It is these hateful people who prey on the fears of the public who use inflammatory rhetoric.

    Funnier are those phonies who urge us not to call others racist but direct us to racist web sites to validate their racist arguments.

  • John C. Page III

    It seems to me that the real problem most Americans have is this. We want to see the border enforced first, that law already exists from 1986 and from the 700 mile fence passed last session. Second, we wish to have immigrants learn how to speak English. 3rd Employers held accountable fined and jailed for hiring illegal aliens.

    Once this Government (our politicians and agencies)PROVE the border has been enforced, that employers have been held accountable for breaking the law, THEN let us allow whoever wishes to come with a 3 year work visa AFTER a solid background check has been done, if that takes a year so be it, it takes a year. After 3 years let the LEGAL immigrant take a test in English, should they pass it then onward and upward towards citizenship if thats what they wish.

    If a person fails, but shows some progress then issue another 3 year work visa, if after 6 years a working and understandable grasp of English has not been attained, they go home. Losing any benefits that they may have paid towards Government retirement benefits.

    Those LEGAL Immigrants that have learned at least a 7th grade level in English speaking and comprehension may if they choose apply for permanent citizen status, or if they choose to remain a citizen of their home country and that upon retirement they be eligible for all benefits they would have received as a Citizen. just a few thoughts

  • Twinkie

    The news papers and the President of the United states of America keep saying “jobs Americans won’t do.” Most Americans find when they go for a job, one of the requirements is that they speak Spanish even in construction jobs. The illegal aliens use phony ID, work for low wages, get a 1099 at the end of the year that they never file and therefore don’t pay taxes, but most of them do speak Spanish. Americans are being displaced in the workforce. Yes, there are some Americans who are not good workers, there are also illegal aliens who are not good workers. There are approximately 12 million of them in this country and only 7.2 million of them hold jobs. The illegals have sent 25 billion American dollars back to other countries this past year.
    They come into this country with no health check and no criminal background check. The CDC says Tuberculosis is on the rise, it was almost eradicated in the USA. Illegal Aliens have injured and killed hundreds of Americans in auto accidents, they drive with no insurance or license, and then they run back to their respective countries to avoid prosecution. Identity theft is on the rise and is costing Americans millions. We have enough homegrown criminals without importing more.
    Illegal aliens have taxed our social services to the point that some hospitals have closed. Illegal aliens flood across the border when they are pregnant so their children will be American citizens and their care and the care of their children is paid for by Americans. Our property taxes continue to go up to build new schools because of overcrowding. One of their arguments is that they pay sales tax on everything they buy. Perhaps they think Americans don’t pay sales tax.
    There are radical groups who claim that all the Southwestern states belong to them anyway and that they intend to take them back. They wave the flags of Mexico while saying they want to be American citizens. They yell threats aimed at the American people and this is how they expect us to see their side of the issue.
    The illegal’s continue to tell us how much our country needs them and that they are what is keeping the economy going in this country. What did they do for the economy in their own country? Americans did the jobs before the illegal aliens came and Americans, given the opportunity, will do them again.
    ICE arrested 125 illegal fugitives in April, they were from 28 different countries. The issue is about illegal aliens, not Hispanics as they like to claim. If an American does not support the efforts of the illegal aliens, they are called Racist. If wanting to protect our country from intruders is racist, then call me a racist but don’t call me complacent.
    Congress and the news papers want us to believe that we need to accept these people who are trying to jump ahead of immigrants who have applied for legal citizenship. Of course Congress gets its money from businesses who want to keep the people who will accept lower wages and no benefits. They want to give them green cards. Well, Americans have a card too. It’s called a Voter Registration Card.

  • Allen Fuller

    Tell me one thing Lou Dobbs has said or Tancredo has said that is racist. Back it up!

    Race-baiting is nearly as bad as racism itself.

  • Grga

    God will punish us if we act on our basic and cruel survival instinct. We are going to neglect millions of people, and a lot of those have families, children here. And why is that? Because they have “broken the law”?
    Ridiculous argument: our ancestors came here on a boat and signed their name at Ellis Island. Becoming a citizen a century ago was a joke.
    The fear is that this is the beginning of the end of white America(which, based on the demographics and the numbers, is inevitable, for good or bad).
    Deep down, Billy Bobb hates Jose. But Jose& co is becoming a powerful voting block as being the largest minority as of last year.
    The Republicans are dooming themselves into extinction!
    Look at their Presidential candidates: white, middle aged Protestants who have no idea or compassions about the plight of a 100 million of their potential minority voters.
    Warning to the Republicans: there will be a comprehensive immigration reform. If not now, the next time you lose the elections even more convincingly, maybe you will smell the coffee.

  • Anonymous

    Do we want people to come to this country who are willing to wait in the immigration bureacracy? I don’t; they’re probably all shiftless, lazy socialists. I want the Mexican Triathletes (the ones who swim, run and jump to get here). They have initiative as well as athletic prowess.

  • George Cole

    For those who can’t seem to understand the difference between the words “Legal” and “Illegal”, allow me to give a few simple examples. I’ll “K.I.S.S.”, since English is so difficult for those in the pro-illegal camp to understand.
    I can go to my local bank and make a Legal withdrawal or I can go to the same bank and make an Illegal withdrawal. Now is there a difference?? You bet your bottom dollar there is, or should I have said “bottom peso”? Especially if the funds came out of your personal checking account.

    Indulge me in one more example. I can follow the law and hunt deer Legally or I can break the law and go hunting the same deer Illegally. Some prefer to call the later “poaching” and I would agree. So is there a difference?? Barring tree huggers and PETA, all resonable Americans would agree with a resounding “YES” there certainly is.

    So why is there any difference with Legal and Illegal immigration? Illegal means just that, and act that violated the laws of this nation. Unlike the nations where most illgals come from, the US is a nation of laws. Following the laws, all of them, ensures all Americans and legal aliens can live safely and are treated fairly. Some will argue, “but they are only trying to support their families.” What about the shoplifter who steals from a grocery store so he can feed his family? Is he no less a criminal than the person who steals a TV set?

    Illgeal immigration is destroying this great nation. Yes, most Americans are decendants of immigrants but the key word here is Legal immigration. They were immigrants because they chose to obey the laws. Those who violate our laws can not use the term “immigrant” since it implies legallity. The only accurate term for them is “Illegal Aliens”, not “migrants”, not “undocumented workers” but ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! Let’s not play word games here, in America we call a “spade a spade”.

    However our lawmakers in Washington and even our President have chosen to ignor the will of the American people. The US is a democratic republic and it was our votes who put them into office. So I would continue to encourage every American to call, fax, email and mail letters to your elected officials and demand “THEY SECURE OUR BORDERS FIRST AND SECONDLY ENFORCE CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS”.

    There is nothing “broken” about our current immigration laws other than those who are paid to enforce them only do it occationally.

    Illgal immigration is in no way a “victimless crime”. Countless violent crimes are commited by illegals daily, not to mention the ID theft and theft of social benefits they are not entitled to. I live in Phx, AZ and in the last few weeks 5 Americans died as a direct result of illegal immigration. In the first incident, an illegal was stoppped by a deputy sheriff. The illegal rams the deputy’s patrol car several times and pushes it into on comming traffic, where a woman driving by, strikes the patrol car and died. In the second incident, a family of four died when an illgal alien slammed into the back of their mini van. The mini van rolled and caught on fire, burning to death the father, mother and two very young children. The bottom line, if these two illegals weren’t here in our country these 5 Americans would still be alive today. Now if you can, those of you who hold to the Pro-illegal position, go tell the family members of these victims that illegal immigration is a victimless crime.

    Enough is enough, the American people have spoken.

  • Anonymous

    I was born in Latin America in a shack of a house with a tin roof. My mom was very sucessful and founded a children’s bank in Latin America and my dad was a vet. For people who have worked so hard to be where they are, they could barely afford to feed us. My dad decided to leave Guatemala and move to the US to make some money. He attained a visa and came to the US to work as a farm worker. Later my and my mom moved here with him. My mother when from being the founder of a bank to a humble housekeeper. It is out of need that we humble ourselves. Our visas expired and we remained illegal for years becuase we didn’t have the money to apply for permanenet residency. Finaly, thanks to the gift of a generous American who spent thousands of dollars we attained our green cards. This process took about 5 years. Its sad that people refer to us as being illegal when the systems prevents us from doing so. How can you expect someone who hardly has money and no time to take english classes to work their way through this system. Today I am so proud to say that I have made it from a tin roof to an Ivy league education. As a human being, is it really your right to take that away from me?

    You are scared of us taking job when in reality unemployment has decreased exponentialy as migration has increased. What are you so afraid of? We make great humble neighbors who can contribute to your cultural awareness. Is there something wrong in reaching your hand out to another human being? The contributions we make once we have our education are much greater than those we take in getting our education? We send money back to Latin America and help flourish their economies so that less feel a need to come here. We spend most of our wages in the US helping to boost your economy. Your economy demands us, if it didn’t we would be in another country. We would pay taxes if you would let us legalize and even as illegals we pay taxes on a daily basis. Open your minds and open your hearts. Realize that we are people just as you are. How can you deny me the right to proper nutrition? How can you deny my an education that will help me and my people rise out of poverty? How can you deny me of my basic human rights as a world citizen? No one has denied you of that, so open you heart and give.

  • Dave

    this is a touching account of an immigrant family that brought the gift of vision and hard work to the USA. As a foreigner in the US, I know I’m doing the same. I really believe this is what the founding fathers had in mind.

    I’m deeply troubled to see how the immigration debate has degraded. I try and see the real threat posed by specifically ILLEGAL immigration , and I just don’t. The protests have more to do with wage tolerance, language, non-assimilation, and other factors which are more in the domain of race and class rather than legal status. If, all of a sudden, all immigrants were made legal, I don’t see how the cause for these protests would go away. They would merely lose the false villian of “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”.