April 16, 2013

LETTER: We will run another day

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To the Editor:

Re: “Cornell Runners Recall Terror, Shock After Boston Marathon Blasts,” News, April 16

I drove home Monday afternoon with an impending sense of dread and a sickness in my heart. For more than 15 years I had been a medical supervisor in the medical tent for the Boston Marathon and the skills I acquired enabled me to become the Medical Operations Director for the first three years of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Had I been in Boston this year, I would have been one of the first responders in this tragedy. Turning on the television, I saw my colleagues, without hesitation, run to rescue the wounded. I know their trauma training saved many lives in those first critical seconds. I saw the volunteers, police and those on the sidelines helping with a grit and determination so like the people of Boston, our country and our world. I know we are all praying in our own way for those affected by this senseless act to heal. We WILL run another day.

Dr. Susanne Solomon ’78, Visting Lecturer, engineering

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