• Wait What

    This article sucks. There was great discussion
    among our panelists, students, and Ithaca community members about
    alternatives to this messed up system.`This article BARELY captures what
    was said.

  • anon

    Talks were on abolition, not really reform so the title of this article is a bit misleading.
    Interesting event though I agree with the person below me.This is not the best summary of the arguments/thoughts shared by the speakers.

  • Gucci Mane

    I was not at the debate, so maybe it’s just this article that is so godawful, but it seems that as is usual in much of modern activism, there’s a whole lot of talk about problems and not an ounce of solutions. Abolish the criminal justice system…and replace it with what? A “shift in consciousness?” This is a joke and an insult to Cornell students who expect more than just rhetoric from their professors.

    I get the feeling that the people involved in writing this article and/or participating in the debate have some sort of pent up rage (and justly so) but aren’t quite sure exactly what to do with it. Like someone who is angry but doesn’t know how to fight, they come out wildly swinging with all they got in every possible direction hoping to hit something. It seems more like an hour of airing grivances and coming up with knejerk proposals than it seems like an honest review of realistic solutions or plans of action. No, you are not going to abolish the criminal justice system. Maybe you might have some success repealing strict drug possession laws – hey, there’s a start.

    “You’ve gotta take the first step,” Marguilies said.

    I’m still waiting on what you think that first step might be, and seems like I will be for a long time.

  • Matt Clauson

    My name’s Matt Clauson and I served almost 7yrs in prison. I’ve been out for over 10. I suffer from PTSD. I know full and well the injustices which occur in the VA DOC.