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Archived article by Alex Ip

December 2, 2015

U.A. Votes to Create Gender Inclusive Restrooms

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The University Assembly voted 9-0 to expand restroom accommodations for members of Cornell’s transgender community and discussed increasing student and faculty representation in administrative discussions on Cornell’s sustainability policy in a meeting Tuesday.

The University Assembly met yesterday to discuss “all gender inclusive” restrooms and climate change initiatives to take hold next year. (Michaela Brew / Sun Sports Photography Editor)

The University Assembly met yesterday to discuss “all gender inclusive” restrooms and climate change initiatives to take hold next year. (Michaela Brew / Sun Sports Photography Editor)

The resolution, which was presented by U.A. executive committee member Ulysses Smith ’14, calls for the conversion of single person bathrooms to be “gender inclusive” and urges Cornell to pursue a formal policy or issue a statement that says “all people can use the restroom that coincides with the gender to which they identify.”

If the resolution is approved by President Elizabeth Garrett, all single person bathrooms at the University would be converted to be “all gender inclusive” by the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, given that it is permitted by law, according to Smith.

The U.A. then voted to take action in January to create a mechanism to appoint individuals to represent the interests of students and faculty members in senior-level University discussions on sustainability policies and climate change.

Faculty representative Prof. Martin Hatch, music, prompted this vote, arguing that the University has been active enough in shaping Cornell’s climate change policy. Hatch cited the weakness of the U.A.’s sustainability committee, which was created in 2007, and the exclusivity of today’s Senior Leaders Climate Action group in his complaint that the Cornell community has not taken meaningful steps toward addressing sustainability issues.

Hatch suggested that the U.A. seek to include more diverse viewpoints in Cornell’s Senior Leaders Climate Action Group — which is currently composed of deans, vice-presidents and other campus leaders — according the Cornell Climate Change website.

In response to Hatch’s proposals, U.A. chair Matthew Battaglia ’16 said the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group will meet later this week to discuss including more members of the Cornell community in their policy discussions.

  • Freshman Parent and Alum

    The logical next question is will female freshman students possibly be forced to room with a so called “trans-woman” (male dressed as a woman) as part of the roommate assignment process? Why is there such an effort to accommodate these alternative lifestyles? Seems like the inmates are running the asylum. Keep this up Cornell and you are going to see a serious decline in donors.

    • Joseph

      Nah, the donors will just be replaced with people that are pleased. And no, that’s not how housing assignments work. Only students that are open to housing with students that identify as trans will be roomed together. Not because we want to force people into something they aren’t educated on, but for the safety of students who need a place to sleep while studying. And stop saying “alternative lifestyles.” A city girl might get roomed with a girl from the country, and their lifestyles might not match, but you wouldn’t care. Precious children who can’t be exposed to anything different than themselves can always have single or request a specific roommate.

      • Freshman Parent and Alum

        Really Joseph?

        You stated: “Only students that are open to housing with students that identify as trans will be roomed together.”

        That isn’t the case right now. Student’s don’t get to decide if they want to avoid rooming with someone of the opposite sexual preference, what makes you think they are going to give them the option of not living with a man dressed as a woman (but officially “registered” as a woman)?

        If Cornell gave students this option on their rooming forms, then fine. But there is a big difference between that and making an 18 year old woman live with an 18 year old transvestite that “identifies” as a man.

        This is a huge embarrassment for Cornell.

        • Joseph

          Okay now you are just spouting lies. YES, students ARE asked if they are interested in gender-neutral housing and they have to watch a video to confirm that they know what it actually means before they choose that option. They won’t just house your student with a trasGENDERED student anymore than they would house your daughter with a male identified student. And a transGENDERED person who identifies as a man that requests that housing office would be placed with another male, actually removing them from the possibility of rooming with your daughter. So you are not only speaking false facts, but you’re confused on the issue all-together.

          • Batista

            First off the parent was not spouting lies. There is a different to the process you identified and the random possibility the parent was concerned could occur and likely has once or twice. Take a deep breath. BTW maybe the University should just let every freshperson (no freshmen) pick who they room with based upon sexual, racial, political and socioeconomic preferences, because that is where this is heading.

    • Recent Graduate

      You seem like the kind of person who actually really would have benefited from living with a trans-gendered individual or something like “these alternative lifestyles.” People are people.

      • Batista

        Right because all trans-gendered people are wonderful and none of them are evil or dangerous. The rest of us recognize that grouping people by their peccadilloes is absurd. There are good bad and irrelevant people of all persuasions, most of us are just sick and tired of everyone running in circles bending over backwards to please the latest trendy fad group who wants special treatment. Just designate the bathrooms for people with or without vaginas. This way which bathroom you use is based upon your plumbing, not the sex you think you are. So simple.

        • Alexander

          It’s none of your business what type of genitals anybody has, and you don’t have the right to force anyone to use the “right” bathroom based on your opinion of who they are. Rather than getting in a huff because you can’t impose your personal biases on other people, why don’t you mind your own damn business?

          • Batista

            You seem confused. I do not care who uses what bathroom. The hubbub is we have a bunch of people wasting the Universities time and resources stressing over whether certain people use certain bathrooms. The intelligent simple solution is if you have a vagina you use the vagina bathroom. If you have a penis you use the penis bathroom. This takes all the nonsense and debate out of the issue. We do not care if you are straight, gay, transgender, cis…get over yourselves. This also solves the problem for when the next special interest comes along that wants their special bathroom, or to foist their agenda on everyone else. Simple solution your plumbing matches the bathroom plumbing, no issue of what sex you think you are or how you like to use your plumbing, because candidly nobody else really cares.