March 3, 2016

Piazza ’16 Pled Not Guilty to Drug Sale Charge, Released on Bail, Attorney Says

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Wyatt Piazza ’16 pled not guilty to selling prescription drugs in Collegetown on Monday, according to Prof. Luke Fenchel, legal studies, Ithaca College, Piazza’s attorney.

Piazza appeared before Judge John Rowley at the Tompkins County Court, where he entered his plea. Piazza was then released on a $3,500 bail, according to the attorney.

The Cornell University Police Department and Ithaca police arrested Piazza Monday, charging him with criminal sale of a controlled substance in the fourth degree — a Class C felony, according to a CUPD press release.

Piazza is a senior in the School of Hotel Administration and the student executive chef at the Statler Hotel.

  • Cornell Alumnus

    Stephanie, since he deactivated two years ago, what possible relevance does his fraternity membership have? Why not mention his dormitory, in which he may have actually lived for a year?

  • Frustrated

    Is this what the Cornell Sun has to offer for articles? Just some article about a college kid getting busted for drugs? Thanks, Stephanie, for making me aware about Wyatt Piazza instead of countless more significant issues going on across Cornell and Ithaca!

  • annoyed student

    just stop it. this is ridiculous find something else to write about instead of ruining someones reputation

  • Due Process

    If the court has not yet reached a verdict, I don’t see why this story should exist. Do we really need to toe the line of libel whenever charges are pressed against a member of the community? Wait until after they have been found guilty to start the public shaming.

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