March 9, 2016

Court Documents Detail Rape Allegations Against Xavier Eaglin ’19

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Xavier Eaglin ’19 — who Cornell police arrested on Sunday on charges of rape, sexual assault and strangulation — is accused of committing the offense on Feb. 15 around midnight, according to court documents obtained The Sun.

The felony complaint states that Eaglin “engaged in sexual intercourse with another person by forcible compulsion.” The incident allegedly took place in the victim’s dorm room in Balch Hall, a first-year women’s dormitory on North Campus. After “repeated verbal denial of consent,” Eaglin allegedly told the victim that she was “going to have sex with him.”

Eaglin then allegedly choked the victim by holding his hand over her mouth and by the neck in order to stop her screams. The documents also said that the victim feared physical harm from the defendant if she resisted.

Cornell police noted in the documents that they recorded a video interview with Eaglin in which he confesses to the forced sex acts. Additionally, the CUPD say they have a taped phone call between Eaglin and another person alongside a sworn statement where he confesses to forced sex acts.

Eaglin, a freshman on the Cornell men’s basketball team, was arraigned on Monday in Ithaca City Court and is being held until Wednesday in the Tompkins City Jail on $50,000 bail or $100,000 bond. The 19-year-old is due back in court for a preliminary hearing at 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

The Cornell University Police urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault to call 911 to receive police assistance, emergency health care for injuries (appropriate to your circumstance), get access to supportive services and – if you choose to do so – to report a crime. Resources can also be found at share.cornell.edu.

  • Cayug Strom

    Which half-arsed idiot admitted this sick #u(k in the first place? The Cornell coach should be fired too.

    • Hank

      There’s no need to create a flash flood of collateral blame and hatred. It’s not like he had a tattoo on his forehead saying “psychopath”. He was a good basketball player, he probably had decent grades, he had affirmative action working for him, and he probably got along with the team on his officials. They had no way of knowing.

      • Almond Caulfield

        u r blind, buddy

      • John Rockefeller

        Are you freaking kidding me? Affirmative action. Take your bs racism elsewhere. These are allegations.

      • Meria

        Naw no affirmative action, just very smart but probaby without street smarts, valedictorian of his class

      • Anon

        Go look at his Twitter he deserves to be put in jail asap ! @watergiraffe3 He’s using this Twitter now because he knows the police are watching his original Twitter

  • Jose

    Everyone, please remember that “innocent until proven guilty” is not only a legal ideal but also a moral one. It is not unusual for prosecutors to selectively leak damning “evidence.” Let the system do its work (however biased it is against the accused, especially males, especially black ones, especially in rape cases). Perhaps he will plead guilty. Perhaps innocent. If it goes to trial, he can submit a defense and a jury will decide, not we who don’t have the full story. We do not know and have to wait. We owe it to all of the accused, because even if he eventually is cleared of charges, news stories like this and the impression on the public will be lasting.

    • ’16

      But…he confessed

      • Jose

        The police say he confessed. We do not have access to the confession. There have been many cases of false confessions being taken out of people. The Central Park jogger is a famous example. Maybe he was on drugs while being questioned and police subconsciously encouraged him what to say.

        I recognize that in cases where there is a confession, it often ends with the person in prison, but until the accused responds or there is a trial, we should not pass judgement.

  • Stanley Yelnats

    Looks like Hector Zeroni going back to holes camp

  • Dayton

    What wasn’t leaked or is unknown is anything about the girl accusing. There are a few stories going on about her and the truth has yet to be revealed. Sources say she also slept with another teammate. Seems as if she was looking for a come up off of a scholar model straight A student. Proof of the phone call and proof of a confession is needed dearly to call your self posting articles and passing judgment. Also, history of the girl making accusations would be nice before the government takes a white WOMAN’s side yet again and degrades another black man with a bright future.

    • Dayton

      There has been rumors about this girl. Do you know who she is? Name please. Also, the fact still stands that according to race, this is yet another African American’s life being jeopardized over the SUSPICION of race so I have read. There are a lot of articles but there can only be one truth.

      • Robert H.

        We don’t know who the victim is, but whoever it is deserves our respect and privacy. He’s confessed–the police have so much proof and there are further allegations. He’s a monster and this is a sexual assault issue and not a race issue.

      • Daniel B.

        How dare you ask her name? And moreover how dare you state her alleged ethnicity? She has a right to privacy in this extremely difficult time in her life and you’re stupid assumptions and anonymous comments show how irrelevant you really are in this matter

  • Dayton

    Rape tests must be done. Why was she involved with Eaglin? What is she doing allowing him in around midnight? If forced in, where was CUPD then? What is your actual history with Eaglin? Let the media get ahold of her story just as the media bashed Eaglin for his “confessions” of what I do not believe one bit until I see proof.

    • Brandon Lee

      Rape tests were done. There’s evidence. Don’t ever fucking blame the victim. Don’t ever fucking blame the victim. THE CONFESSIONS WERE CONFIRMED BY THE POLICE. THAT IS THE ONLY GUARANTEE. None of this victim blaming. So get the fuck off and grow a brain and heart.

    • Stephen Schmitt

      her involvement with him – zero relevance
      allowing him in- zero relevance
      history – zero relevance

      they could be married and could have just had consensual sex hours before the event. zero relevance

      allegedly, she said no, he forced himself on her , he raped her.

  • Newark Filmmaker

    I’m glad a poster below confirmed the background of the accuser, because I was doing my own research through social networks and the 2 were trading loving comments up to a week ago. So i’m unclear how she was brutally raped on February 15 and then be flirting with each other on social networks weeks afterward.

    • Nicholas G.

      No one confirmed the victim’s background. For all we know, he could have cheated on his girlfriend. Abusive relationships are not a joke and you have no idea what the fuck the story is. Don’t you dare, ever, to justify or excuse rape. He could have threatened her. He likely did.

      • John Rockefeller

        This is all too perfect. Her facebook should be investigated.

      • Newark Filmmaker

        Based on comments from his friends and their social media accounts, its apparent who the alleged victim is and they were on great friendly and loving terms up to a little over a week ago. Something here is not right. How does one get brutally raped and still be expressing their fondness for that person on the internet weeks after? Nobody is justifying rape moron, we are questioning whether rape took place as anybody should before condemning a person.

    • person who tells it like it is

      Exactly….. All I had to do is look at their social media accounts and they were all fine and dandy a week ago. I believe something is fishy with this story. But hey while we are investigating lets ruin this young mans life.

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  • John Rockefeller

    This is all very suspicious. Innocent until proven guilty. Fake cornell police probably didn’t even read him his rights.

    • Charlie

      Well if the Cornell police are “fake” as you say and just glorified security guards, they didn’t have to read him his rights. I believe that at least some of the Cornell public safety officers are deputized with the Ithaca police force and are very “real” police. What do I know though.

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