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March 11, 2016

Cornell to Hold Memorial Gathering for President Elizabeth Garrett Next Thursday

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A memorial gathering for President Elizabeth Garrett will be held on March 17 at 3 p.m. in Bailey Hall, Chairman Robert Harrison ’76 announced in an email to the Cornell community Thursday. The event is open to the public.

Members of the Cornell community are expected to speak, and the Cornell University Chorus and Glee Club will perform. The event will be live-streamed on CornellCast.

President Elizabeth Garrett died of colon cancer at her home in New York City Sunday. The memorial follows a candlelight vigil event and a moment of silence earlier this week.

Cornell administrators also launched a memorial website Thursday that honors President Garrett’s career and contributions to Cornell. The site includes articles and an opportunity for visitors to leave personal remembrances.

The Marmor and Garrett families ask that memorial gifts be directed to either Student Scholarships, in memory of President Elizabeth Garrett, in support of students with need on the Ithaca campus or to the President Elizabeth Garrett Fund for Colon Cancer Research at Weill Cornell Medicine, which was established this week the email said.

  • W. Nevis

    While I feel sadness for any family that loses a member, especially at a relatively young age, I can’t help but be puzzled by all the statements about Garrett’s ‘vision’ and ‘contributions’. Quite frankly, and as the risk of callousness, she simply wasn’t here long enough to have accomplished much of anything. Not to say she wouldn’t have in the future, but all the various overtures of sadness and condolence are a bit over the top. In any given year, any number of our (mostly) senior faculty, who have in most instances directly influenced the mission of the University at several levels, pass away. There is the occasional mention of them in the Chronicle, if they were a ‘big name’, but otherwise — nothing approaching the extent of what is going on for Garrett. Yes, she was the President of the University. Meaning, some rich folks on the Board of Trustees thought she’d do a good job.

  • Leetch

    This isn’t anything against Garrett; but you’re basically describing what I like to call the “Kennedy effect”, evidently named after the assassinated US president.