March 16, 2016

Ithaca Police Respond to Shooting

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Ithaca police responded to reports of a gunshot near the 100 block of Cleveland Avenue this afternoon.

Officers spoke to several witnesses, who reported that there was an argument between two individuals — during which one of them discharged a round from a handgun — according to an Ithaca police report.

One of the individuals fled in a gray Honda minivan with aftermarket rims, while the other fled on foot, the report said.

Police have not recovered the weapon at this time. Although neither suspect was identified, the two people involved were described as black males, according to the report.

Anyone who has information that could aid in this investigation is asked to contact the Ithaca Police Department.

One thought on “Ithaca Police Respond to Shooting

  1. Well then based on that so very helpful description from the Ithaca police we’d all better run for our lives if we see two “black males”! Not sure what advice to provide to any “black males”–beware of people screaming and running from you?

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