trustees meeting
March 25, 2016

Board of Trustees Resolution Mourns Garrett’s Death

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Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs John Siliciano has been named Deputy Provost, Acting President  and Provost Michael Kotlikoff announced at the Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday morning.

“This is in recognition of John’s terrific oversight of the Provost Office and his involvement in every initiative in the Provost Office,” Kotlikoff said.

The trustee meeting began with the board’s adoption of a resolution mourning President Elizabeth Garrett’s death.

“She set in motion a process that had long been regarded by university leaders as important but daunting … establishing a College of Business,” Acting Chairman Jan Rock Zubrow said.

Following the successfu adoption of this resolution, Zubrow also read the unanimous resolution passed by the University Assembly, expressing condolences and appreciation for President Elizabeth Garrett.

“Whereas, in this time, the University Community has come together to mourn her passing and celebrate her life,” the resolution said. “Therefore, be it resolved, the members of the University Assembly express their genuine appreciation for the service, vision, and leadership Elizabeth Garrett brought to Cornell during her time as President.”

The board also held a moment of silence for Garrett before proceeding with the usual business of the meeting.

The Board of Trustees heard reports from the Student Assembly, Graduate-Professional Assembly and the University Assembly.

Juliana Batista ’16, reported about the recent initiatives on the Student Assembly to allow freshmen to attend Greek events in the first two quarters of the current Quarter System.

“I would prefer the freshman to be in that sort of [monitored] environment rather than in an unregulated environment off campus,” Batista stated.

The president of the GPSA, Richard Walroth grad also reported  a crisis international students are currently facing on campus regarding tax return issues to the board.

“International students affected by this are feeling scared, angry, abandoned,” Walroth said.

International students are currently unable to receive their tax returns from the IRS, contributing to financial hardships, according to Walroth.

“No one has gotten their money back and there is no clear timeline about when the IRS will issues these funds,” he said.

In the final report in the open session, University Assembly chair Matthew Battaglia ’16 explained the importance of the U.A. on campus in the shared governance system.

“The U.A. is unique that it brings together stakeholders from all of Cornell’s four constituencies,” Battaglia said.

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