March 25, 2016

Cornell Sophomore Indicted on Multiple Drug Charges

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Lehman Schwab ’18, was indicted on multiple drug charges Thursday after he was reportedly found with nearly 20 grams of cocaine in his suite at a Cornell residence hall.

Schwab, 19, was taken into custody on Dec. 4, 2015 after police searched his suite in Hans Bethe House, a west campus residence hall, according to a University release.

Records show that police found nearly 20 grams of cocaine in Schwab’s room along with small ziplock bags and a digital scale that officers believe were used in the process of selling the drug, according to the Ithaca Voice.

Schwab — a student at the time — was charged with two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance for allegedly having cocaine with intent to sell. He also reportedly had “compounds, mixtures or substances” with at least half an ounce of cocaine, according to The Voice.

It is currently unclear whether Schwab is still a Cornell student or permitted on campus. A University spokesperson said more information may be released Friday, according to The Voice.

Schwab is scheduled to be arraigned at the Tompkins County Courthouse on April 6. He is being represented by Norma Schwab, and the case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Eliza Filipowski, The Voice reported.

  • Lisa

    What ever happened with Wolfgang Ballinger the alleged rapist? Did the DA drop the charges?

  • Annoyed Reader

    Next time report about his family.
    His dad is the dean of the law school and his mom is an attorney for Cornell, in addition they have a lawn named after them right outside of anabel taylor.


    • Big Daddy Mommy

      Yeah, another Caucasian kid from a “broken” dysfunctional home. Thanks “Annoyed Reader” for flagging the fact that young Lehman “The Pharmacist” Schwab’s Daddy is the outgoing Dean of Cornell Law School, and his Mommy is Associate University Counsel. How embarrassing!!!!!

      I hope his two parents are not Republicans. I mean (sarcastically) this wouldn’t be another blotch on the party of “family values”.

      Questions for Dean Schwab: What values did you impart to your son at home — respect and the rule of law? What kind of upbringing and values did you impart to your child? Should the full weight of the law come crushing down on your son like it does on teenagers of color who get caught up in the same situation? Should Cornell throw your son’s a$$ out of school, and at a minimum out the Residence Hall? Should the media label your pasty face son a loser, and vilify him ? Should future President Donald J. Trump throw your over the wall?

      • Tskak

        You are mean

  • J R

    Dear Annoyed Reader (I am annoyed too, but likely for different reasons):

    This kid got caught selling drugs. The other kid got caught committing a violent felony, including threatening to use a knife in the commission of said crime. Guess which crime is worse?

    Judging from your EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPS LOCK and your first-name basis with that violent, felonious piece-of-trash “KELSEY,” I can only conclude that you must be cut from the same cloth as our dear KELSEY. Oh, the outrage!

    If you, dear reader, have plans to attend Olin library in the near future, clutch your laptops tightly as Annoyed Reader is next on the loser list of those considering committing crimes on campus!

    PS: A quick search of public records reveals that our esteemed and noble KELSEY committed another violent felony with a knife in 2013! After considerable pondering, I have a pressing question for you: was it the same knife?

  • JNH5

    Inclusion of familial information in one instance and not in the other does suggest a bias in that we don’t have the whole of the story. It’s helpful to know overall. Don’t you think?

    So far as I’m concerned, with the rise of opiate addiction and other addictions on student campuses this should invite significant concern. Its a well documented fact that most felonies and/or related violent crimes are often tied to substance abuse, addiction, and/or pursuits to acquire drugs to satiate such addictions.

    To that end, this deserves the same rigor and analysis as the previous crimes that are alleged to have occurred on campus. And a truly independent journalist would be allowed to report that.

    Finally, drugs hurt the entire community and violent acts hurt targeted individuals in a community. Both are crimes. Both are important. Both need to be reported on fairly.

    Situational ethics mustn’t be what defines today’s journalism.

  • 99%-er

    This guy’s name sounds like it could be too big to fail. I’m sure mommy and daddy will take good care of him and get him a ‘bail-out’. Why can’t these kids be normal and just go to thumpty for their drugs?

  • Mark Cook

    JR, if an African American or Latino student were arrested for allegedly selling drugs on the Cornell campus, there would be absolute outrage. There would be nudge-nudge hints, without actually saying it in so many words, that “that’s what you get when you let those people into distinguished universities. Look what they’re bringing onto campus.”

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