April 12, 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Bernie can make college affordable again!

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To the Editor:

Both private and public college tuition costs have increased exponentially since I attended Cornell in the early ’70s. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) thinks it’s outrageous that today’s students will be saddled with huge student loan debts, sometimes as high as $100,000. He advocates a tax on Wall Street speculation that will enable public colleges and universities to offer tuition-free education, and he’s fighting to significantly reduce student loan interest rates.

In addition, Bernie has consistently voted to raise funding for public schools and to reduce class sizes. Bernie’s proposals show ingenuity and a concern for the ability of working class students to obtain a good education.

Joel Rabinowitz ’71

  • Lebron James

    Or his proposals show how out of touch he is with basic facts concerning how the economy operates. Where’s all this money coming from to finance free college? Do we really need more inflation when it comes to educational accolades? The same people are competing for jobs, so there will just be higher standards for getting the same job. Sanders wants banks to give out affordable loans. Is he senile? Does he not remember the subprime mortgage crisis and why it occurred? People are lobotomizing themselves to the facts in order to buy into his fairytale worldview.

  • gary2278

    One of the reasons I support both Trump and Sanders is in the hopes that Americans become more privy to the corruption we have. When party activists in Colorado can choose delegates without any input from the voters, and those activists are establishment supporters, there is nothing that will persuade those activists to pick any delegates who support an insurgent candidate. The entire process is designed to stop insurgent candidates (which is what Trump is).

    Of course, the exploiter-funded pundits who call Trump a “whiner” and a “loser” because he didn’t get any of the Colorado delegates fail to mention that Trump never had a chance to get any of them in the first place as an insurgent. The rigged process was put in place to help ensure America’s exploiters maintain power. The exploiter-funded media puppets are saying that what happened was perfectly fine because the committee rules enabled them to cancel their election from the outset and then give the delegates to whomever they wanted (RIP democracy).

    If Kasich were the current viable anti-insurgent candidate rather than Cruz, they would have given Kasich all of the Colorado delegates instead of Cruz. Despite that, Cruz is trying to convince people that it was his “superior organization” that deprived Trump and Kasich of getting even a single delegate…LOL. Three cheers for America, our exploiter-controlled media, our rigged election process, our two-faced politicians, and the ignorant people who don’t question any of it!

    Here’s a video from a Colorado Trump delegate ejected from the process…

    • JSJ

      What if it was a winner take all state with a primary? Cruz would have won. Your response is literally the epitome of whining.

    • Man with the Axe

      Almost everything you said about the Colorado process is incorrect, and sounds like it was cut and pasted from Trump campaign tweets.

      The voters did get to participate in the precinct-level caucuses in neighborhoods around the state, which were held on Super Tuesday. Then locally selected delegates went to county conventions, then some were selected to go to congressional district conventions, at which polls were taken to send delegates for each presidential candidate on to the state and national conventions. Trump’s campaign did not understand or participate in this process. It was not rigged, which is strange claim to make regarding rules that have been in place for years. Trump had every chance to win by doing what Cruz did. He was too ignorant to do so.

      What was cancelled was just a straw poll that would not have had an effect on the delegate selection There was no “primary” to be cancelled. So, just like the false claims of massive voter fraud in the states Cruz won, here we have Trump complaining that he was cheated, when he is simply incompetent and ignorant.