April 18, 2016


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To the Editor:

We are voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Secretary Clinton’s extensive background in civil service and political involvement is unparalleled and makes her the most qualified candidate to serve as our president. She has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of all Americans. As a result of her experience as Secretary of State under President Obama, she has exceptional knowledge, understanding and wisdom in working with foreign leaders. Senator Bernie Sanders has no experience in foreign policy, and has failed to put forth a rational plan for improving the posture of the U.S.overseas. Although Senator Sanders has been involved in politics for nearly as many years as Secretary Clinton, Clinton has extensive experience in multiple roles across different branches of government. Clinton’s background, coupled with her deep intelligence, makes her the most capable candidate to serve as the leader of our country.

Secretary Clinton’s stance on family issues distinguishes her from the other candidates. Beginning with her service as First Lady of Arkansas, she has focused on early childhood education. Since then, she has repeatedly called for higher quality pre-kindergarten programs, focusing on the right of every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, to have the benefit of access to early education. Standing by her belief that everyone deserves a good childhood, Clinton’s support of Planned Parenthood exemplifies her concern for safe and healthy families. Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton in its first ever primary election endorsement. The Human Rights Campaign also backed her candidacy because of her strong stance that families come in all shapes and sizes. Clinton further promotes family values by encouraging increased gun control to protect innocent lives; no other candidate stands up to the NRA like Clinton does. Hillary Clinton is the candidate to choose to improve the lives of American families.

Clinton advocates for equal opportunities for all Americans despite race and economic background. She calls for an end to mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline; too many minority students end up in the criminal justice system. Also, she believes that everyone is entitled to a living wage and paid family and medical leave. With Clinton as President all sectors of society, from poor to middle class, from white to black, from farms to cities, will have an opportunity to lead better lives.

Lastly, Clinton is a champion for women’s rights. As strong women and proud feminists, we are thrilled to support a candidate who breaks glass ceilings and blazes new trails for all women and girls in our country. It will be an honor to give our votes to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the upcoming primary election.

Rebecca Saber ’18 and Hannah Fuller ’19

Co-Heads of Hillary for America at Cornell University

2 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Why We’re With Her

  1. You are more than entitled to vote the way you desire but I suggest you look at the entire Hillary, from Whitewater to the e-mails issues. No other candidate has been the subject of such major investigations over a period of time. The list is very long. Just remember, when you vote, I hope you will be able to sleep at night when the lies and betrayals of the Clinton history becomes news on the television……..and then remember the poor operatives that lost their life in Benghazi because Hillary was unable to answer the 3AM phone call. Besides, think about everyone you know that has gotten into trouble. Many paid the price and moved on in life and maybe some became repeat offenders….Hillary is one of the latter group.

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