• Travis Cuvelier

    Maybe the Sun should consider not running the guy’s mugshot after the charges were dismissed.

    • Mark SC

      If there is one positive thing that came out of this whole affair, it is that millions of us got to know about Charlie Tan. His selflessness, and his supportive, loving, and absolute commitment to others has inspired a lot of people. NON SIBI.

  • Journalist Integrity

    Why didn’t he return to Cornell? Was it because the Cornell Daily Sun doesn’t understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty and destroyed his reputation and ability to function on campus? Just a question…

  • The guy

    They wouldn’t let him back. Let’s face it who do you really think pulled the trigger??????? Let’s be realistic

    • Mark

      I didn’t see the NBC program so I don’t know how they played it. But the vast majority of people who followed the case every day agreed that the prosecution never got over the hump of reasonable doubt. And Charlie comes across as an especially loving person who not only would be willing to take the fall for his mother to keep her from going to prison but would absolutely insist on it, even over her strenuous objections.

      o The prosecution could not even establish when the killing took place. It might well have happened before he left Ithaca to go to Rochester.

      o Charlie’s demeanor, including his tearful conversation with his Cornell coach and his desperate urgency to get a particular type of shotgun and get to Rochester, were the behavior of somebody who was trying to take the blame for a crime that had already occurred (whether committed by his mother or by somebody engaged by her).

      Which is not to say that Charlie’s mother — or somebody else — did commit the murder, only that the prosecution was never able to overcome reasonable doubt, nor could it have.