David J. Breazzano MBA ’80

David J. Breazzano MBA ’80

June 1, 2016

Cornell Board of Trustees Elects Four New Members

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The Cornell University Board of Trustees elected four new trustees —  David J. Breazzano MBA ’80, Jonathan Jia Zhu J.D. ’92, Girish V. Reddy, M. Eng. ’78, MBA ’80 and Alexander D. Hanson ’87 —  at its meeting, Saturday. The trustees’ four-year terms will begin July 1.

The trustees also re-elected six members — Barton J. Winokur ’61, Barbara G. Novick ’82, Lowell C. McAdam ’76, Peggy J. Koenig ’78, Gary S. Davis ’76 and Mario Cilento, President of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization — to an additional four years on the board.

Breazzano earned an MBA from the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management in 1980 andis currently the chair of the Johnson Advisory Council, according to the University. He is co-founder, chief investment officer and president of DDJ Capital Management. DDJ manages approximately 7.4 billion for insurance companies, corporate and public retirement funds, endowments and foundations.


Jonathan Jia Zhu J.D. ’92

Zhu serves on Cornell Law School’s advisory council, according to the University. Zhu attended to Cornell to obtain a Ph.D. in English literature but switched into the Law School. He is the managing director of Bain Capital Asia and co-head of Bain Capital Private Equity Asia.


Girish V. Reddy, M. Eng. ’78, MBA ’80

Reddy, who serves on the Board of Trustees Investment Committee, received a Master of Engineering degree and MBA from Cornell. He is a member of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts — an American multinational private equity firm — and was formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs, according to the University.

Hanson is a member of the Arts and Sciences Advisory council and has led the college’s Major Gift Committee.

 Alexander D. Hanson ’87

Alexander D. Hanson ’87

He studied economics in the College of Arts and Sciences and is a Senior officer of TGS Management Co. — a financial investment firm — where he has worked since 1991, according to the University.

  • D. Westoby

    Every one of them a ‘banker’. Welcome to ‘Cornell, Inc’. Imagine having the Board of Trustees dominated by ‘academics’, with real teaching and research credentials, and not ‘deep-pocketed business’ people?

    Nah, never happen. The whole thing is a joke. The Board of Trustees run the school – anyone who thinks otherwise is beyond naive. The rest of the University administration is a bunch of show ponies who bend over and grease up whenever one of the Trustees feels an itch (which they invariably refer to as ‘showing leadership”).

  • Disgusted in Ithaca

    Seriously, what kind of ethical message are we sending by having employees of Bain Capital and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts on the board? The guy from KKR will probably try to extract all the value he can out of AAP and then sell off the assets. Better yet, why not sell of the real estate and make AAP rent it back? Oh right, let’s not forget firing all the faculty and replacing them with low-cost, on-line replacements.