After Dunbars closed for business in December, a new bar, Hideaway, will open its doors in the same spot.

Photo courtesy of Zachary Meyers '18

After Dunbars closed for business in December, a new bar, Hideaway, will open its doors in the same spot.

August 6, 2016

New Bar ‘Hideaway’ to Replace Dunbar’s in Collegetown

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Sofia Hu / Sun Editor in Chief

A sign posted on the 409 Eddy St. storefront

This article has been updated with additional information from a Hideaway representative. 

After several Collegetown bars have made their final last calls and shut their doors for good, soon there will be a new place at 409 Eddy Street for Cornellians to enjoy a drink.

Hideaway will open in the building formerly owned by Dunbar’s, and has posted a sign at its Eddy Street location seeking both doormen and bartenders. Dunbar’s closed for business in December of 2015, after more than 36 years of business in the Ithaca community.

The bar will open before fall semester and aim to revive Ithaca’s slowly fading nightlife, according to a Hideaway management representative.

“Hideaway’s goal is to serve mainly Cornell’s students so at the end of a hectic day they can enjoy the evening to unwind and relax a bit with their friends,” the representative said in a statement.

The sign marking the new bar spells Hideaway entirely with Greek letters, a decision Kevin Kee ’18 called “a good marketing move.”


“The sign is a good idea,” he said. “It’s always better having more choices than just Moonies or Loco. Cornellians are pretty desperate for some new bars in the area.”

Will Donnelly ’18, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, said he thinks members of Greek organizations will frequent the bar if it offers good deals, but not only because of the Greek letters in the name.

“It’s pretty clear [Hideaway] is trying hard for the Greek Market,” he added.

This opening counters a downward trend in the number of Ithaca bars, with closures including Dunbar’s, the Chapter House — which burned down in a fire in 2014 — Pixel Lounge and Stella’s Restaurant, Bar and Cafe.

  • Bad name

    The sign is absolutely awful and is a joke

    • Ivy Privy

      Yes, but it’s a true joke.

    • Thoughtful thinker

      What so funny about it?

  • Avino

    is this serious

  • seriously

    “We need a sign for a bar we’re opening that will alienate nearly 70% of the student body, but we only have a budget of $5”

    “I got just the thing”

  • Can’t wait to party with Zeus

    the sign needs to go. Whoever came up with this clearly didn’t think it through at all and simply just doesn’t get it

    • It gets together all the bros in one place? Yeah sounds great…

      This is so out of touch. They alienate so many more people than they attract with this. Treating normal students like second class customers seems like a bad call.

      • Thoughtful thinker

        I don’t think the intention is to aliniate any group … It was just a marketing move

      • Thoughtful thinker

        “Treating normal students like second class customers seems like a bad call.” How do you know…it’s not even open yet! Did you even go in there and brought a drink…were you treated differently?

  • Loco Managment


  • Duh

    The sign makes sense because all of the coolest kids on campus are Greek

    • Not greek

      Maybe try finding real friends before considering yourself cool.

  • Joey Joe Joe shabadoo

    Its owned by LevelB so they don’t care which side of the street you go to.

  • Cornell Victims

    Why would you interview an 18 year old? How old do you have to be to get into a bar again? Well at least we know he can get into Loco and Moonies. I doubt he will be able to get into this place. Who cares about a sign? Perhaps they just came up with a name that had something to do with college. No wonder all the bars leave. Everybody is a victim.