Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire, 19, was fatally stabbed on Cornell's campus the morning of Aug. 28.

Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire, 19, was fatally stabbed on Cornell's campus the morning of Aug. 28.

August 31, 2016

Investigation of Nazaire Murder Proceeds Without Suspects

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The investigation into the death of Anthony Nazaire is moving “steadily and methodically” according to an Ithaca Police Department press release.

Over 20 investigators from Ithaca, Cornell, Ithaca College and Tompkins County law enforcement groups are working together to determine what occurred before, during and after the fatal stabbing, the release said.

“Unfortunately it takes time to sort through all the information and all the evidence … I’m confident that when our investigation is complete we’ll bring justice to whoever did this,” said Deputy Chief Vince Monticello.

Yet his promise of justice did little to console those who lost a friend.

Learning of Anthony Nazaire’s untimely death, Joseph Fenning — a junior at Ithaca College — said he was shocked to hear that “this gentleman is dead.”

Fenning said after meeting Nazaire through Ithaca College’s chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, he felt the positive energy Nazaire brought to campus.

“He was a kid who was always smiling at you in the hallway if you’re having a bad day,” he said.
Fenning said he admired Nazaire’s diligence as a student as well.

“[Nazaire] was the kind of student every parent wants their kid to be, and every professor and any teacher would actually advise a student to be like,” he said.

He added that Nazaire’s presence will be missed by all who knew him.

“Everybody who knows him knows he was a guy with a big smile,” Fenning said. “That’s how I knew Anthony.”

A Gofundme account was set up by Nazaire’s family on Tuesday to raise money for his funeral. The account aims to raise $12,000, and as of Wednesday, it has raised $9,000.

Police have not yet identified any suspects and are renewing their requests for anyone who witnessed the event or has cell phone footage to come forward.

Maddy Cohen ’18 contributed reporting this story.

  • Freaking disgusted

    Come on!! This is ridiculous!! All the people videoing the incident supposedly and All the people around as they left this party???? What a disgusting joke- if Ithaca and NY STATE law enforcement need halp, get FBI involved! The slain student and his family deserve answers, as well as the college students and their families. There is obviously a murderer on the loose who was carrying a knife and ready to kill- what will stop him from doing this again when provoked?? This is unsettling for everyone and more than a few people know something/someone they saw- this did not occur in the middle of the woods with no witnesses.

    • Agreed 100%! I’ve offered to help and posted on the mayors Fb page expressing my outrage and disgust…was met with hostility, suspicion and harsh criticism from locals and mayor. My daughter was so worried for my safety she begged me to delete my posts.. I did for her sake.

  • Kim

    Absolutely someone knows who did this. They should come forward immediately or be labelled an accomplice to homicide.

  • Sam

    What is so hard??

    Take every person who is on video, put them in separate rooms…and wait until somebody starts talking!!!!!! Probably can tell who the killer is just by looking at them…

  • Rick-Class of ’76

    I totally agree with all three folks above. From what I am able to read about the incident from the web, there were many people present (students from Cornell and maybe Ithaca College) who probably witnessed the unfolding events. I can’t believe no one has enough backbone to come forward to identify the perpetrator ! Has the Cornell student body become like sheep? What ever happened to honor and character? I have five children and three have been through college. I can’t begin to know the pain and loss Anthony Nazaire’s parents and family are suffering through at this time. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

  • Old Alum

    The University should explain to students the legal ramifications of withholding evidence. The longer this drags on, the more risk of penalty to people who know. Also, the greater the likelihood of a more severe penalty for the person with the knife. By showing “loyalty” to the knife holder, students may be endangering their futures more than they know. Also, perhaps a declaration of “amnesty” and “confidentiality” given to witnesses by the Cornell PD and Ithaca PD would help. It is possible that willing witnesses are going through quite an emotional and ethical struggle at this point.

  • Reality Check

    Note to Sun headline writers: A homicide isn’t a murder until there’s a trial and a conviction.

  • Fed up

    It has been almost a week since this tragedy occurred..I understand investigations take time, but for every parent that has a student at Cornell or Ithaca, and for the family of the student killed, this investigation needs outside assistance as said above . I am nervous and anxious since this happened awaiting news of some sort( can’t imagine how the family of the victim feels) Dopping your child off at college for the first time away from home and a homocifs on campus a week later..MY GOD!! .. Find the bastard/bastards and get them out of there.If not, other knife wielding thugs will realize that one can get away with this crap (carrying and then using weapons on vampuses if someone looks at them the wrong way!) Cornell Sun- please let the university and law enforcement know the damage this has done to a family and friends of the victim, as well as the worry now for every parent of students, and the reputation now of Cornell at this moment for allowing this party to take place in the first place until 2am, fraternity party, in a campus building with obviously little security inside and outside the building when it ended and people from EVERYWHERE spilled out onto the campus to get home at 2Am!! What the hell are repaying 68,000 dollars for – please protect our students and make smart choices about events on campus!!!! And while I’m sorry to be rambling, authorities- PLEASE FIND THE SCUM THAT DID THIS. To put the family somewhat at peace, as well as the students and the parents. My heart goes out to the family of this young man.

  • Fed up

    Excuse above typos-did not proofread

  • Anonymous.

    The failure of witnesses to come forward and cooperate is outrageous and frustrating, but the police are constrained by the constitution and laws. They can’t just round up all the witnesses and hold them in a room until they talk. We don’t live in a police state. The police appear to be conducting a methodical investigation and I hope will ultimately identify the person or persons responsible for this stabbing death, but they can’t be held responsible for the lack of integrity of the people with pertinent information who don’t come forward.

    • Belizeit

      Should we name the instances where a round up of such has happened? This sounds like some type of coverup in my opinion. We need action & action IMMEDIATELY! NO child is safe at Cornell in my opinion with such a killer on the loose. Also, why hasn’t the female who started it all been apprehended? I am quite sure they at least know who she is… I am thoroughly disgusted by NO new developments!!!!

  • worried Dad

    Don’t the School Administrations have some part to play in enforcing this investigation? Could they not suspend every student from their school until the Police have a resolution to this heinous crime? I worry that this will foster conflict between the two schools if no arrests occur soon. Or that it will feed into racial tensions at the schools. How can a black man be killed with 200 witnesses and there be no arrests? I am the father of a freshman woman who is a minority and I am fearful for my daughter’s safety. I am also concerned that she be influenced by the very negative relationships between the students, faculty and the President of IC. Which with hindsight we were not adequately informed of by IC prior to our admissions decisions, Did we make a huge mistake in choosing IC for our daughter? We are watching carefully and will take action to withdraw her if there is not a adequate resolution to this matter.

  • Worried Dad

    I meant to add, “suspend every student from their school present in the group of 200plus, as witnessed by cell vids..”

  • Frustrated Alum

    Cornell has access to all electronic communications made through the Cornell “Red Rover” WiFi system and through email accounts. I assume that Ithaca College has similar access. Somebody must have said something by now that would provide leads to the killer. (1) As the highest priority, we need to bring the killer to justice. (2) Cornell should re-think the format of Orientation Week events. When I was a freshman all events were Cornell-only and served to build bonds and friendships among Cornell students. There was no reason to have a joint event with IC, and there were no events lasting until 2 a.m. For many students, this is their first time living away from home, and perhaps they need at least a week to learn how to pace themselves or learn what is safe. (3) The Sun should continue to dig into this story so that we can learn more about the nature of the event and what steps Omega Psi Phi, the campus police, the WSH staff and the Orientation Committee took to prevent things from getting out of control (e.g., breaking into a fatal knife-fight.)

    • Current Student_1

      The party isn’t an official Cornell Orientation Event, its thrown by an African American fraternity that doesn’t own a house and relies on Cornell buildings and other off campus houses to throw its parties– which means they typcially have to follow the rules to stay in the administration’s good side or risk loosing their presence on campus.
      It’s good that they throw the party, as people (especially racial minorities) who don’t feel safe at the (typically white dominated) ‘unofficial’ O-Week social events off-campus have somewhere they can feel safe. The first time I ended up at the door of a (IFC) frat party, my friends and I were basically told white people (preferably white girls) only and turned away (Note: we were a group of racially, ethnically and gender/sexuality diverse group of freshman).
      Side note: the majority of attendees at the party wouldnt’ve been freshmen, but rather returning students at Cornell and IC who already knew about the fraternity and its parties.
      With respect to community development, the Orientation Committee focuses on programs where freshman can stay on North Campus or in settings where they can meet and socialize with each other. In most aspects, orientation has likely not changed since you were here. But we try to engage the freshmen in more discussions on identity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Belizeit

    This is BEYOND ridiculous! Parents from both schools should be DEMANDING justice immediately & start placing pressure on the administration. I can not imagine what this family must be going through at this point!!! How can they have closure! As. Parent you would hope that your child is safe going away to college, yes things happen, but MURDER? The bigger question is why hasn’t Cornell offered up any reward money??? Hello, they have a large endowment!!! I hate to go here but I will, I have this funny feeling had this been a blonde hair blue eyed female, this investigation would have already been a wrap! We would hear about updates DAILY on the news. We would hear about just like that female white jogger killed in Brooklyn, the one with a deserving $300k reward money!!! SMDH

  • AR


    • Belize girl

      They can’t & wont figure this out because this student and his family is well connected!

  • Ar

    Ok my son goes to Cornell and last night another stabbing in collegetown and then perpetrators run to west campus with a gun. What is going on in Ithaca. They need to send in more police because 2 stabbings in one month and no one mentioned a stabbing in collegetown on August 8. So 3 stabbings in 2 months. I though my son was safe in Ithaca. My son wanted to go to school in NYC and we thought he would be saferer in Ithaca. I know things happen everywhere but man was stabbed at 7:30 pm in collegetown. This is ridiculous how these students are in danger. And as far as the girl who provoked the stabbing of Anthony Nazaire I think she is an idiot and I hope she can’t live with herself. Lock her up too.

  • AAR

    It has been over a month since the August 30th murder and i can’t get this story off my mind. I just did a search to see if anyone had been caught and i dont see any new developments. Is this a cover up? Why aren’t people demanding answers?

    • Belizegal

      It is a coverup! The fact that a reader wrote something on the Mayors Facebook page & it was met with hostility & the like tells you something. If I was Anthony’s parents I would be up there & creating a protest EVERWHERE! It’s beyond time to start placing heavy pressure… Again, if this was a white girl, this would have been solved within hours…