Cornell Republicans announced Friday that they will endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

Kevin Clifford / The New York Times

Cornell Republicans announced Friday that they will endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

September 2, 2016

Cornell Republicans Break Party Lines, Endorse Johnson for President

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Cornell University College Republicans announced this afternoon that they will endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president, in a statement that acknowledged the wide spectrum of conservative beliefs that compose the club.

“Our organization does not solely represent the Republican Party,” the statement said, “Our first responsibility is to our members.”

Club leadership stressed that Cornell Republicans are “libertarians, moderates, neoconservatives and everyone in between.” In an “unprecedented” election year, campus Republicans say they could not tolerate Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.

“Mr. Trump should not be the face of American conservatism,” the club’s statement reads, proceeding to call Johnson a “true conservative.”

Thus, rather than endorsing their party’s nominee, Cornell Republicans say they are committed to helping Johnson reach the 15 percent threshold required to appear on the debate stage this fall.

The Republicans’ statement compared Johnson with both Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, pointing to Johnson’s decent rhetoric as a contrast to the Republican nominee’s “visceral … and angry demeanor.” They also denigrated Trump for “insult[ing] our war heroes,” and Clinton for a refusal to “meet the press.”

In contrast, Cornell Republicans lauded Johnson for his success in governing a blue state and demonstrated fidelity to limited government, low taxes, a balanced budget and public accountability.

“Joined by Bill Weld … the Libertarian ticket offers experienced, conservative solutions based on the ideas of free market and limited government,” the statement says.

Praising their club’s diversity and differences of opinion, Cornell Republicans expressed a desire to stand “on the right side of history” this election cycle.

“No one wants to vote for the lesser of two evils,” the statement says.

A day after the endorsement, the New York Federation of College Republicans revoked the Cornell Republicans’ recognition, calling it “unacceptable.”

  • This is a responsible stance to take. Donald Trump endangers our nation both from enemies within and enemies without (and he could antagonize those who are currently our friends into becoming neutral or becoming enemies.) By refusing to endorse Trump you refuse to join the likes of former KKK leader David Duke and current American Nazi party leader Rocky Suhayda. By refusing to endorse Trump you refused to endorse someone who former Acting Director of the CIA called “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

    Putting Trump in charge of nuclear weapons poses an existential danger to much of the world. Tony Schwartz spent 18 months working very closely with Donald Trump as his ghostwriter for “Art of the Deal”. Here is what Jane Mayer wrote about Schwartz in the New Yorker:

    —————-Begin Mayer quote———————-

    . . . the prospect of President Trump terrified him. It wasn’t because of Trump’s ideology—Schwartz doubted that he had one. The problem was Trump’s personality, which he considered pathologically impulsive and self-centered. . . .

    “I put lipstick on a pig,” he said. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.” He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

    If he were writing “The Art of the Deal” today, Schwartz said, it would be a very different book with a very different title. Asked what he would call it, he answered, “The Sociopath.”

    ————-End Mayer quote——————-

    This was echoed by Jack O’Donnell, a senior executive at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino who worked with Trump for three years.

    —————Begin O’Donnell quote—————————–

    I will be upfront and begin this column by stating that I am not a Donald Trump fan. When I go the polls this November, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

    But unlike many pundits and average citizens , I have made my decision based on actually knowing Trump. I worked for him for three years in Atlantic City. From 1987 to 1990, I was senior executive at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. The last half of my time with Donald, I was the president and chief operating officer of the business. . . .

    I am horrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency. I know first-hand that he lacks the intelligence, nor does he have the attention span to process the complexities of running our great country. The vision of him sitting in the War Room during a national crisis should frighten every American. Sitting with the Joint Chiefs, secretary of defense, secretary of state and others, he would be forced to do something he is not capable of doing: listening to others.

    ———–End O’Donnell quote———————————-

    It is especially alarming, in light of these claims, that Joe Scarborough told a story about a national foreign policy expert who went to advise Donald Trump. Trump asked the expert three times during a one-hour briefing about nuclear weapons. One of those times, according to Scarborough, Trump asked, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?” Watch this video to see Scarborough and former CIA Director Michael Hayden talk about Trump and nukes

    For those who are interested, I have compiled an annotated list of articles that provide more evidence why electing Donald Trump would endanger our nation.

    I congratulate the Cornell Republicans for putting our nation’s security above party loyalty.

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  • BigRedLovesTrump


    We are here, and we know the Cornell Republicans are on the wrong side of history.

    Weak, wannabe College Republics are just trying to gain social acceptance from the obnoxious and pretentious progressives who run and populate Cornell. The Cornell Republicans think the world will continously move the left. How much further can we go? We literally have to announce our sexual orientations and pronouns in half our freaking classes.

    The future is to the right. The leftist freak show is over. The return of American pride and dignity is on the horizon.


    • bunnie wirsing


    • Realist

      There is definitely no class where you’ve “literally” had to announce such things. This shows you either don’t go to Cornell or are just trying to play the victim on a leftist campus.

      • BigRedLovesTrump

        I do go to Cornell, and I am no victim. I don’t let the backwards professors spew their BS without rebuke. Should’ve prefaced that it’s half of my arts classes. I’m not in a STEM major where I hope this craziness isn’t becoming so pervasive

        • BigRedLovesTrump, you wrote: ” We literally have to announce our sexual orientations and pronouns in half our freaking classes.”

          If this is happening it is wrong. Provide some EVIDENCE.

          Or are we simply supposed to believe someone who won’t even use his or her real name while making this inflammatory claim? And other than the fact that you claim to go to Cornell, you provide no evidence to back it up. Why should anyone believe you?

    • David Wilcox

      Stay your course and don’t become a spineless victim of compromise.

    • 45 for real

      Obviously another uneducated REDNECK! Grow up and have some class… Gary Johnson is the right choice. Bring back “by the people , for the people”. Trump has no idea what it takes to actually work he was given everything & B.S. the rest. Not getting my vote. He deserves to lose. He needs knocked off his high horse..

    • Sam

      Gary Johnson is a global crony capitalist shill. He approves of unconstitutional executive orders, allowing all undocumented foreigners from around the globe into our country, as if we have no borders, he’s for unconstitutional gun control & unconstitutional trade disasters. He’s an insider, and voting for him is consciously voting for Hillary. Trump is an outsider, an economic genius, who put’s America first, and believes in preserving every word of the constitution. He funded his own primary campaign and speaks for the American citizens. He is the best candidate America has seen in decades. TRUMP 2016

  • AFH

    It seems easy to tell from the comments which side is thinking and making rational decisions, and which side is engaging in ad hominem, shaming and other autocratic tactics. Stay strong Cornell Republicans, you are in the right and apparently the only conservatives on campus that understand ethics.

  • ok

    Good, we all agree Trump is bad. Now let’s see the campus Democrats denounce Hillary.

  • If Mr. Johnson was so concerned about America, why didn’t he run for president when the process started. He may have won the Republican nomination. It is just wrong and dangerous for him to run against the Republican candidate. It is taking away votes and you might as well vote for Hillary. Johnson will never win and he knows it. He is getting his 15 minutes of fame and possibly bringing down America by his ill timed run at the Presidential office.

    • darren

      ‘why didn’t he run for president when the process started’ He did, the Libertarians had their convention well before both the dems and reps. I fear that America as we know it is done if either HIllary or Donald win. Gary Johnson may not be the perfect president, but he is the one we need to save us from the mess the 2 party system put us in this year.

    • John

      Yeah….Johnson isn’t running against anyone. He’s running FOR himself. Want some proof? He actually joined the race well before either Trump or Clinton. Using your logic, perhaps both of them only joined the race to run spoiler for Johnson? This also ignores the fact that Johnson ran for president in 2012 AND first entered politics 20 years ago.

      The real truth is that the rise of Trump marked the end of small-government fiscal conservatism in the Republican Party. The support you see for Johnson is in part caused by the bad candidates, but it’s also a reflection of the fundamental split in the conservative camp. Unless Republicans can stop beating dead horses in gay rights, marijuana legalization, electoral reform etc., we risk a Great Schism of such bitterness, excommunication would start to seem tame.

  • Gary Johnson ran for the Republican Nomination in 2012, and, after being excluded from most of the debates, he went to the Libertarian Party where he was embraced with, generally speaking, open arms. Only the most ideological libertarians weren’t happy to have him on board.

    In short, he did seek to get the Republican Nomination and they rigged it. And on top of that he is currently “pulling away” more votes from Clinton than Trump, but in reality, that’s not even true. I’m a conservative leaning libertarian and if the Libertarians didn’t nominate anybody I’d either abstain from voting for President or pick another candidate like the Constitution Party’s candidate (I’d have to look them up, since IDK who it is this year.) That reflects how a lot of people feel right now. The votes don’t belong to Trump and he’s already lost millions of conservative votes, because he is NOT a conservative, he’s a dangerous liberal who used racial language to get a minority to vote within the US to get him the Republican Nomination.

    And seriously, starting your argument with “If X really cared about America…”? Do you really think he isn’t concerned about America (especially since, you know, the argument you made was demonstrably false?)

  • David

    As a leftist myself, I applaud the Cornell Republicans for taking this bold stance. Donald Trump has been nothing but a joke since the moment his campaign started. While I disagree with Libertarian ideology on several counts, I agree on others, and most importantly their stance actually makes sense! Once again, I have to say I appreciate your bold stance against Trump and the horrid ideals he stands for, and your promotion of values that display reasoned argument.

  • Kimber Barkdoll

    Stand for your conscience!!! Excellent choice, there are many Republicans (Mitt, Arnold, etc) that are backing him!

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