September 5, 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | True Conservatism for Cornell Republicans

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Re: “Cornell Republicans Break Party Lines, Endorse Gary Johnson,” News, Sept. 2

To the Editor:

After having heard about the Cornell Republicans decision to endorse Gov. Gary Johnson for President, I felt the need to write a letter regarding this decision.  First and foremost, I am appalled by the words with which the CRs used to endorse Governor Johnson, going on to claim that he is a “true conservative.” Not only is this an insult to conservatives, but also an affirmation of ignorance as to what conservatism actually is. All it takes to observe this is a brief trip to Gov. Johnson’s website to realize that this man is surely no conservative!  Surely, there are some Republicans that may be at odds with the GOP on social issues among others, but to endorse the Johnson-Weld ticket and claim that it is a “truly conservative” ticket is outright deception!  The kicker to all of this now is that the organization seeks to call themselves the “Cornell Conservatives.” Calling themselves this after a Johnson endorsement is an additional insult to conservatism in and of itself.

If the CRs were interested in true conservatism, they would have backed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from the very start of the campaign.  Instead, the organization decided to frantically endorse Johnson at the last minute to try and halt Trump.  True conservatives are men and women built in the molds of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork, William F. Buckley, Jr. and a variety of others.  To claim that Gary Johnson is a “true conservative” is an insult to the work and lives of these remarkable symbols and hallmarks of American conservatism!

If the Cornell Republicans have an issue with a Trump endorsement, then perhaps simply advising to “vote your conscience” is a better suggestion, rather than deception and falsely branding Governor Johnson. Lastly, the statement issued by the CRs fails to mention the record of Governor Bill Weld, Governor Johnson’s running mate, who is steadfast in his opposition to the Second Amendment. By no means am I a Trump supporter, but with the institutional vandalism that is currently being undertaken to gut the American republic, can we truly depend on Governor Johnson to appoint conservative justices and preserve what is left of this great nation? I think not.

Anthony Gullo ’18

  • AH

    This letter couldn’t have been any more precise. Nicely done.

  • Dave J.

    YES YES YES! What did they think would happen?? I’m glad someone actually said this!

  • True Republican


    • AH

      You’re a nut.

  • RS

    He’s no true Scotsman either. If you are going to argue that Johnson is not conservative and that Trump is, first define what it means to be “conservative.”

    • Connor G

      The word “conservative” isn’t uncommon; the average person should understand… Why don’t you wake up and look at the differences between the two candidates and you will clearly see.

  • David

    Okay, you say Gary Johnson is not a true conservative…but HOW is he not? You can’t make a claim like that and then not back it up. Define “conservative” for us, and then demonstrate how he fails to meet that definition.

    • Connor G

      Like I stated to the poor soul above… it’s a common word. Take 30 seconds out of your busy day and educate yourself about the word “conservatism” and you will quickly see Johnson’s leftward stance on social and fiscal policies.

  • Travis Cuvelier

    Gary Johnson is cut a lot closer to Barry Goldwater then Ted Cruz is.

    • Travis Cuvelier

      *than. Wish you could edit posts.

  • Victor Odouard

    There is no one definition of what it means to be conservative. Gary Johnson fits some and not others, but to say outright that he is “not a conservative” without defining what that means is a crude oversimplification of the term.

    What if we defined a conservative as an advocate of government as our founders intended it, that is, a government whose stated purpose is the protection of our individual liberties? Seems logical enough. Under this definition, Gary Johnson, as a libertarian, is more of a conservative than many so-called “social conservatives” who really began cropping up in the second half of the 20th century.

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