September 12, 2016

Ithaca Police Department Renews Call For Video Evidence in Homicide Case

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Ithaca Police Department Deputy Chief Vince Monticello confirmed in an email Monday that police are still accepting videos that could illuminate the details of the fatal stabbing of Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire on Cornell’s campus on Aug. 28.

“Crucial video evidence has been submitted to IPD already, and investigators are confident that more videos exist but have not been submitted as of yet,” Monticello said in an IPD statement.

However, despite the IPD’s acknowledgement that they have received “crucial evidence,” the department has yet to name a suspect or release any new information about the incident to the public.

Monticello added that all types of videos — including Snapchat and iPhone videos — could help close the investigation and stressed that any individual who submits evidence about the crime may remain anonymous.

Police Chief John Barber also called on people to contact IPD if they were in the area on the night of the stabbing, even if they do not believe they were in any way related to the incident.

“Perhaps you saw something trivial or inconsequential, but to our investigators it might just be that one piece of key evidence that helps to sort out just exactly what happened,” Barber said in the release.

Many Cornellians and parents have expressed frustration with the investigation’s lack of public progress in recent weeks.

  • Frustrated

    Still accepting video etc 3 weeks later = no progress in solving this. No indication that they are close to naming a suspect ,especially by saying things like they need to sort out what happened ?? It’s been three weeks and there were witnesses and they still haven’t sorted out what happened? OFFEE A REWARD!!

  • ithaca college lives matter

    Stop asking for help and start demanding it! IPD is too nice! You know the identities of every cell phone that pinged off the towers in that area that night. They are all suspects, bring each and everyone of them in and question them! Get subpoenas for their phones. Apply some pressure to them to break this cover up and obstruction of justice. I will bet the stabber was carrying more than a knife, he or she likely had a cell phone too….BTW, can you please comment if there is any relation between this stabbing and the one that occurred on Eddy Street a month earlier? Was that suspect ever apprehended or is this a second unsolved stabbing only a few hundred feet from this one? Speaks to campus / collegetown safety and risk of a third stabbing. Any cell phone pings in common between those two stabbings? Round up the suspects and apply pressure to solve the case. The stabber left the scene and was either conveyed away in vehicle likely with other people, or the stabber lives in the area. If he /she lives with other people, they likely suspect who did it. If he or she left in a vehicle with other people, they need to be arrested too for obstruction of justice. Hard to believe none of them had cell phones. Sorry, this was a party and people usually go to these in groups. Let’s see several arrests soon!

    • Concerned Alumnus

      Could not agree more. This paper should publish a daily front page update on this case. Why is my fellow reader asking more interesting questions than The Cornell Dail Sun?

  • Dumbfounded

    Agree with all of above. Stop with the fluffy news stories and attempt to placate all of us . I’m sorry but it’s not working and if needed get some high-power detectives who specialize in technology/phone record investigations for homicides. Please keep the parents students and community informed as much as possible on updates in these crimes. This is extremely unsettling. Alumni please raise your voices.

  • Sam

    I am pissed as well!!! As a Cornell Alum… this is just a total disaster in so many ways (not to mention a life lost of a great student!-no matter what school). People need to start getting expelled/any scholarships and/or grants taken away-and I mean of all the people who were there and did not speak to police yet/provide evidence. Cornell needs to hire private detectives, go into that “black fraternity” and figure out what happened-they know.

  • Concerned parent

    Agree 100%. As a concerned parent I am shocked that there hasn’t been more progress. People at that party know who did it and they are likely protecting someone. Time to dial up the pressure for the protection of all students, now and in the future. Not a time for political correctness.

  • Concerned Alumnus

    Unbelievable lack of outrage. Remember this the next time there is faux outrage over any issue not related to a student being murdered in campus.

  • So mad

    WAKE UP STUDENTS, PARENTS PAYING TUITIONS, AND ALUMNI !!!! Use whatever it takes-emails, voicemails, letters, to show your anger/disgust/outrage. Even if it takes a demonstration by ALL during the upcoming homecoming weekends on both campuses.this needs to be done for the family of the slain young man as well as everyone else this tragedy has touched!! We need some information/answers/ updates. There were tons of people around when this murder occurred!! THIS IS MADNESS!!!!

    • Concerned Alum

      What is CDS’ opinion regarding any, including Cornell students, who might be withholding evidence? Why no investigative journalism?

  • John

    Cornell University can do MORE!
    Consequences should follow in the near future!
    Going on FOUR weeks!
    Witnesses speak out !
    We will identify you!

  • Gary

    Why is it the New York police can get results with the events on Saturday evening and Ithaca police can not after three weeks!

  • Stand up

    Bunch of yahoos all taking pictures and videos of the fight, but now nothing?! What happened to BLM?? What a joke.

  • Sandra

    Yes whatever happened to BLM????
    Cornell is a disgrace to the human race!

  • Cornell Alumnus ’02

    Despite the police not having anything new to add, could the Cornell Sun have a daily update? I want to know the truth and seek justice for the young man and his family.

  • So dumb

    BLM only if white kills black. This is most likely a black on black crime so I guess it doesn’t ” matter”. This whole investigation seems to be going nowhere!! CALL IN OUTSIDE HELP IF NEEDED!!!!!