U.S. News and World Report ranked Cornell the 15th best national university of 2017.

U.S. News and World Report ranked Cornell the 15th best national university of 2017.

September 14, 2016

Cornell Holds Steady in U.S. News University Rankings

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Earning a score of 85 out of 100, Cornell University was ranked the nation’s 15th best university on the U.S. News & World Report 2017 list — representing a standstill from last year’s rating.

The famous rankings focus on “academic excellence,” and incorporate factors including freshman retention rate and the rate at which students graduate within a six-year time span, according to U.S. News. Other important scoring criteria include ethnic and economic diversity, as well the number of international students in attendance at a given college.

The press release said that “overall, the rankings emphasize student outcomes — including graduation and retention rates — which carry the most weight at 30 percent.”

Cornell’s placement on the U.S. News rankings has been fairly consistent for the past few years, hovering around 15th or 16th place for the past four years, but has dropped several spots since 2008, when it was ranked at 12th.

This year, Cornell ranked last among the Ivies, one spot behind Brown University, and tied Rice University, University of Notre Dame and Vanderbilt University.

“Cornell University … has more than 1,000 student organizations on campus, which range from the Big Red Marching Band to the International Affairs Society,” U.S. News & World Report Cornell page says.

The report also touched on campus life, referencing Dragon Day and mentioning several famous Cornellians.
Cornell also ranked well in several other lists published by U.S. News this week. In categories “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs” and “Best Business Programs,” Cornell ranked 9th and under “Most Innovative Schools” Cornell was rated 14th.

  • D. Westoby

    The best quote from this ‘article’ is: “This year, Cornell ranked last among the Ivies*, one spot behind Brown University…”

    Now, when the Simpsons (and other TV shows) make fun of someone not getting into Haaaahvad but suggesting they should (instead) submit their application to ‘Brown’ (to which Lisa replies ‘On no, not…Brown’), they’ll have to re-write, and make the lowest of the low Cornell.

    Tell them Andy Bernard sent you….

    * so, the fact that the football is dead last in every ranking is in fact consistent with, and perhaps representative of, the same ranking at a meta-level. Proud to be Red. Keep all this in mind next time someone in admin wants more money. apparently, you don’t get what you pay for at Cornell.

  • Borris Batanov

    Am embarrassed that I graduated from CU (Cum Laude, A&S). Not only is Cornell mediocre academically, but diseased to the core with political correctness, a self-righteous, narrow-minded, hypocritical ideology. Then there’s the matter of unsolved death and murder. What’s going on up there in Ithaca? Is it the water, the air?

    • Jane

      Cornell is not high on moral ethics!
      Totally agree with you Boris Batanov.
      Witnesses and videos of a killer and murderer
      and no suspects -almost three weeks!!!
      Disgraceful .
      It’s not only where you go to college that will distinguish you
      as an adult !
      I look at the pictures of Anthony Nazaire and his family and I see my own mother and sister. They need to see closure ! We all do?

      • Debbie G

        As tragic as that is, how is that not the police? Surely the university isn;t really at fault here?

  • Terence (summa cum laude, ’15)

    So sad. Brown is the color of poop. :'(

  • Blackwidow

    Well, according to other rankings such as arwu,qs etc, cornell is placed above several other ivies. Not all is lost and we all know us news ranking doesnt really reflect relative merits of schools. It would be nice to see cornell break into top 10 on us news in the near future though.

  • Gary

    High on suicides that’s what it’s high on!

  • Gary

    Cornell is high on suicides!

  • Borris Batanov

    Humorless and without the least sense of irony, Cornell administration played right into the hands of Fox News’ Jessie Watters, who specifically came to Cornell to show the world how parochially politically correct the school was. So unhip.

    In my 4 years at CU, there was no violence or crime. None.

    Is black hostility to the police the reason no one is coming forth with info about the stabbings? Why hasn’t anyone even asked this question?

    And what’s a frat party doing at Willard Straight, which belongs to all students equally?

    • Borris Batanov

      Blacks occupied Willard Straight with guns, making the cover of Time. Do you remember?

      Now, one of this race gets stabbed in the heart and dies at Willard Straight many years later and not one, not a single black man or woman of the many who were there, comes forward to “testify” or bear witness. Such irony and disappointment, and this, on top of it all, with a vengeful black man in the White House. O, so much “progress” from the “progressive” Left. Go Hillary!! Black Lives Matter.

  • Frankie Leung

    My son graduated from cu. I think cu is a respectable academic institution.