Wolfgang Ballinger '17, a former student and fraternity president at Cornell, was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to a sex offense.

Wolfgang Ballinger '17, a former student and fraternity president at Cornell, was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to a sex offense.

September 21, 2016

Ballinger ’17 Enrolled at New York University Despite Sexual Abuse Charge

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Correction appended

Former Cornell student Wolfgang Ballinger ’17 is enrolled at New York University as a non-matriculated student for this semester, according to John Beckman, vice president for public affairs at NYU.

An anonymous source told NYU Local that Ballinger, 21, is currently taking online hospitality classes at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Beckman has confirmed that Ballinger is taking online-only classes and is not admitted to any formal program.

“I know for a fact he’s taking at least one online hotel management course at NYU and his email is in the NYU database,” the source told NYU Local in a message Tuesday.

Ballinger — who was previously the president of the Psi Upsilon fraternity and student in the School of Hotel Administration — was accused of sexually assaulting a female student at his fraternity house on Jan. 31, The Sun previously reported. He was indicted on a charge of first-degree sexual abuse on July 14.

In May, Ballinger sued Cornell, claiming the University’s methods of investigating sexual assault allegations violated the New York State Education law, The Sun reported.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Wolfgang Ballinger has been admitted to New York University. In fact, he is currently enrolled as a non-matriculated student and not admitted to a formal program. 

  • Andersen

    so what? Is he not allowed to continue his education?

  • Jane

    Totally agree with you Andersen

  • Andy K.

    What is the point of this article?? Is the Sun, by running this story, implying that he should not have the right to continue his education online while he awaits disposition of the charges? ( In fact, most people would say he should be able to take courses online even if he were to be convicted and incarcerated.) But what is even worse is the sensational headline, which seems intended to imply that Ballinger is prowling around the NYU campus like a typically enrolled student, when that is far from the situation. Once the “hook” in the original version of the story — that he was “admitted” to NYU — was found to be erroneous, any possible basis for keeping this story online went away, and it should have been taken down rather than simply corrected.

  • Jasper

    Less than five months ago Cornell students, including this paper, were actively discussing whether to “ban the box” on college admission applications so as not to discriminate against convicted criminals.

    Now, we have a student who has even been convicted and the Sun is writing an article implying it is somehow outrageous that someone charged–but not convicted–might be allowed to pursue his education?

    Make up your mind everyone.

  • Emily Kim

    Quit hounding this guy. He has not been convicted. Until he is convicted, he is not guilty. He has left the Cornell community, because he is accused of a crime. He has a right to continue his education in other communities. Even in prison, should he be convicted. Even after he is released — a policy Cornell just recently supported with the “ban the box” initiative. It is not the job of this paper to track down this man wherever he goes and pretend it’s a scandal that he is there. The danger in this situation does not originate with him; it originates with this thinly disguised act of cyberbullying.

  • Jane DOe

    This is a pointless article. The title in and of itself is shows bias and judgment. Unprofessional article.

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  • Ruben Romeo

    I agree…. should someone want a new start, how can he if media pesters about his past in another community. He has the right to an education. Unless he is repeating his same actions and patronizing other students, I don’t see the point of this article. It instills fear and division among people and seemingly keeps someone stuck to their past online. Not to mention it reflects upon the image of the University, making them look bad for providing an education to a student.

  • Ankit

    This guy’s an arrogant scumbag rapist. Hope he gets life.