September 27, 2016

Cornell Republicans Discuss Endorsement Decision and Reinstatement

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Following the group’s endorsement of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, the Cornell Republicans faced a series of legal repercussions and finally have been reinstated in the New York Federation of College Republicans. Members of the Cornell Republicans remark on the organization’s endorsement decision and reinstatement process.

  • CornellStudent

    I hope the Cornell Republicans know they are more qualified to be President than Gary Johnson as they’ve (likely) heard of “Aleppo” before September 2016.

  • Karen

    How stupid are the Cornell Republicans? Do they know a foreign leader? Or what to do about Aleppo? Their names are forever tied to stupidity. They tried to be “different”, but it ended badly. I question their judgment.

  • Bill

    Trump still cannot name a foreign leader or locate Aleppo on a map. Too busy with Rosie O”Donnell….