Two suspects in a string of campus thefts were arrested on Friday at The Hotel Ithaca, Cornell Police said.

Michelle Fraling / Sun Staff Photographer

Two suspects in a string of campus thefts were arrested on Friday at The Hotel Ithaca, Cornell Police said.

September 28, 2016

Cornell Police Report Stabbing on Stewart Ave Bridge

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Several local law enforcement agencies responded to a reported stabbing at 418 Stewart Avenue at approximately 7:43 p.m. Wednesday, according the Cornell University Police Department.

The victim — a 27 year old Dryden Resident unaffiliated with Cornell University — was visiting someone in the area when he noticed people removing contents from his vehicle, according to an Ithaca Police Department release. After an altercation, the victim suffered a knife wound to the leg.

The report says witnesses described the perpetrators as two black males. One was possibly wearing a red shirt and the other had a “man bun.” Both fled the scene toward the cemetery in the direction of West Campus and one may have been carrying a semi-automatic hand-gun.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for further treatment and is expected to recover.

CUPD Police Chief Kathy Zoner recommended that people avoid the area and instituted a “shelter in place” directive during the search for the suspect. The area was declared cleared at 9:27 p.m.

The suspects are reportedly still at large. Local police have increased patrols in the area and have increased the presence of blue light escorts, according to the report.

Interim President Hunter Rawlings called the incident “jolting” and “particularly troubling,” especially after the fatal stabbing of Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire in August, in an email sent out to the Cornell community.

“One act of violence near our campus is one too many,” he said. “I want to assure you that the safety of our campus community is our number one priority, and we are committed to doing all we can to assist the police in bringing those responsible for these crimes to justice, and to taking all available steps to promote the safety and security of our campus.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, police confirmed that there were no additional incidents on campus.

  • still concerned about Cornell leadership

    Is time for the board to get new campus leadership in the Provost and President spots yet? I don’ t think those two have what it takes anymore to run Cornell and communicate with faculty , staff, students and alumni and solve problems together.

    • Joey

      Provosts deal with academic affairs.

      • still concerned about cornell leadership

        You are right, one of the jobs of the provost is to deal with academic affairs. He is an abysmal failure as the chief operating officer of the University and should be replaced. Total lack of accountability and missing in action on campus safety issue. Fails to engage with faculty, students, alumni and parents. Needs to be replaced. Excuses like “deals with academic affairs” stink.

        • Joey

          THE job of a provost is academic supervision/oversight…Also, why must he engage with parents or even alumni?

          • scandalous lack of leadership

            From the office of the provost’s website: “The provost acts as the university’s chief academic officer and chief operations officer, and serves as the president’s first deputy officer. The provost oversees all academic programs and units of the university, other than those reporting to the provost for medical affairs.”

            He budgets security.

            Fine, don’t engage parents and alumni Joey, but expect tuition to go up when donations are cut off. I sure hope you aren’t a Cornell student who has to take out more loans. Perhaps your daddy will write a tuition check no matter how large.

  • Mary

    We need updates.
    Are the students safe? What is the school doing to keep the students safe???

    • CU2016

      Ask your child. Cornell isn’t your babysitter.

  • Cornell Parent

    Would it be too much trouble to post a description of the assailants?

    • 2017

      At 7:43 p.m. on Sept. 28, 2016, several local law enforcement agencies responded to a reported stabbing at ‪418 Stewart Ave. One victim was identified and transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

      Witnesses describe the perpetrators as two black males, one possibly wearing a red shirt and the other with a “man bun.” Police are continuing to interview witnesses for better descriptions. Both perpetrators were seen fleeing in the direction of cemetery on Stewart Ave. Additional information indicated that one of the men may be in possession of a semi-automatic hand gun.

      Police searched the area while a “shelter in place” caution was communicated through the Emergency Message Notification system to the Cornell campus community. The caution was lifted at 9:27 p.m. after police determined the perpetrators left the area.

      Cornell Police are adding extra patrols in the west campus area, and have increased the availability of Blue Light Escort Teams.

      The police investigation is ongoing. If you have any information that would aid this investigation, please contact the Ithaca Police Department at 607-272-3245.

      Any further information will be posted at

  • Cornell parent

    Again no communication from school to parents.


      Aren’t most students adults who can communicate with parents on their own?

      • laura

        this was an emergency and students were on lockdown. of course the university needs to inform parents. as well as begin a much more vigilant security plan now.

        • Ezra Tank

          So did the police cut off all communications from students? Come on Laura there is no reason students can’t call their parents or vice versa. So now the police are supposed to search an entire area, treat the victim, oh and make 20,000 phone calls?

          These students are adults now.

          • laura

            not at all what i meant

      • Flamethrower

        ==> “Aren’t most students adults who can communicate with parents on their own?”

        No they aren’t. They’re precious snowflakes who stay on their parents’ health insurance until 26.

        They need to be pampered and provided safe spaces, because that’s what colleges these days are supposed to do.

        • What

          I’m confused. You’re criticizing universities for “pampering” students and creating safe spaces, but also criticizing universities for giving students the independence to make their own decisions and be responsible for themselves. What exactly do you want? Is it possible for you to be satisfied with higher education and Cornell? Why are you here?

    • CU2016

      Isn’t this article literally a form of communication from the school to the parents? You, yourself, are a Cornell parent, and you’re responding to this article about the situation. What more do you want? A personalized email and phone call too?

      • Stop the nonsense

        No, it’s not. not every parent is signed up to this read this newspaper. Also, even if they were, they may not check their emails until the next day. Be a parent one day and see how you then feel about all this, including a murder on campus after you drop your kid off.

    • Cornell student

      I would honestly hate it if the school reached out to my parents about everything. We’re considered adults now, and there’s no need for the school to have direct contact with my family unless I want them to. Also, we weren’t on lockdown. The email we got told us to stay inside, but it’s not like any formal protocol went into place.

      • CU2016

        Thank you for being reasonable and logical about this. I’m very happy the university considers us to be independent adults and doesn’t require our parents to know what we’re up to. It’s an effective way of preparing us to live as adults in large cities and contribute to society.

  • Kenny

    Apathy needs to violence

  • Sickened

    WTF IS GOING ON THERE??? Can we get some help from outside sources??? 2 stabbings in 5 weeks?? One suspect may have handgun??? Where is the alert from school to parents?? This is sickening!!

    • Concerned

      There have been 3 stabbings since the beginning of August, not 2. The first one was August 7th on Eddy street.

      • Ezra Tank

        Welcome to the new world. Where police are called racists if they try to do their job or investigate. Can’t profile, that’s illegal. Can’t stop and frisk, that’s illegal. You can only wait until after the crime to help.

        • Joey

          When was stop and frisk ever something Ithaca police did? Irrelevant point.

      • who is counting stabbings anyway

        As reported by the Cornell Daily Sun, 4 people have been stabbed since the beginning of August in three discrete events on or immediately adjacent to the Cornell Campus


      • Insanity

        Agree,Laura.I have made phone calls this morning, emails etc. regarding above and so should everyone who reads this article. IF CHANGES ARENT MADE ASAP, then PARENTS should form a protest on parents weekend. this is insanity already!!!

        • worried mom


        • CU2016

          What exactly do you think your emails and calls are going to accomplish? Do you think they’re going to end crime in Ithaca? Criminals exist; Ithaca exists. Ithaca is not immune to crime. This particular stabbing wasn’t even on campus. If your children went to school in NYC or LA or Chicago would you be mad at their university every time someone was assaulted or murdered? Think about what you’re saying.

          • Stop the nonsense

            No one said anything about ending crime in Ithaca-that’s a silly statement. By putting pressure on admin. , the hope would be to at least increase security on campus given the recent incidents On or very near campus which affect out students. Maybe you need to think about what your saying

          • Not OK

            its called SECURITY. LAW ENFORCEMENT. Protection. Ie the reason government was formed in the first place. Cornell needs a plan. Not vacant emails saying how sorry they are. And they need to inform parents of their new plan of action on parents weekend. Everyone please call admins to organize.

          • member of the community

            The purpose of calls and emails is to ensure that Cornell improves it’s communication and emergency response protocol. It was reported that the crime occurred at approximately 7:41, but an alert was not sent to students until 8:20. That is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately!

            Suspects were reported to be heading to West Campus, yet no description of the suspects whatsoever was provided at the time the alert was issued. That is unacceptable! Once a description was issued it was too vague; there was no mention of height, build, age of suspects. That is unacceptable!

            Students were told to avoid the area OR shelter in place. Sheltering in place should not have been an option, students should have been told to avoid the area AND shelter in place. The communication was unacceptable!

            It was subsequently reported that the victim knew the suspects, but no additional information about the suspects was issued – names, description. This is unacceptable! Presumably others in and around Ithaca also know these suspects and may be a risk, shouldn’t all of those in the area know who is thought to have committed this crime, or at least be given what information is known and can be shared without compromising the investigation?

            In response to your question CU2016, I don’t think the above posters expect Cornell and or Ithaca Police to stop all crime in and around Ithaca, but they sure as heck can take steps to improve their communication, and security measures to make the community safer. Voicing concern and compelling change is what I assume calls and emails are meant to accomplish.

  • Laurie Birch

    I’ve lost all faith in Cornell University’s and Ithaca’s police forces’ ability to handle this. Get help now. No excuses.

    • Andy

      I have been screaming this from the last on campus stabbing which is still unsolved..GET HELP!! CORNELL SUN- let the administration know what these stabbings on campus, and specifically the post fraternity stabbing of that poor Ithaca student are doing for the schools reputation?? I for one would like to pull my freshman out of there. How about prospective students seeing all this crap? They are going to think its the Wild West up there!! If I had seen this last year I would not allowed my daughter to apply there and would have thought that security sucks and the local police are unable to handle this!!- think about it!! A witnessed and videoed murder scene and no updates or suspects and it’s been over a month? What kind of shitty security, policing, and detective work is this?? PLEASE all patents and alum raise your voices to the administration!!!! The family of victims deserve answers and the reputation of the school is at stake!

      • laura

        exactly. this is unacceptable and must be changed today

      • CU2016

        What exactly do you propose is done? The victim wasn’t at all associated with the university, and there’s no indication that the two suspects were associated with the university either. If a couple people with knives want to wander around Ithaca, and end up on Cornell’s campus, what is CUPD supposed to do about it? Stop and frisk EVERY person walking around campus? Ban EVERYONE who isn’t associated with Cornell from entering the campus? That’s literally impossible considering you could enter from anywhere in Ithaca. What if your daughter went to Columbia, or U-Chicago, Fordham, or UCLA, or anywhere in a large city? All of those cities have violent assaults and murders at very high rates. Would you pull your daughter out of school then? This is just something that happened to occur on campus and has nothing to do with the aptitude, or lack of it, of CUPD. Cars get broken into. Assaults happen. Ithaca isn’t immune to crime, and Cornell happens to lie inside of Ithaca. Comments like this and all the fearmongering on this article are only making things worse. You’re all acting like Cornell is in Detroit and is being overtaken by criminals and violence. Just chill out and let the people who are trained and hired to take care of this actually take care of it.

  • Vote for the Donald

    We all know what this means peoples. There is simply no excuse for this type of savagery near our centers of academic excellence. Clearly we have allowed refugees too much leeway in bringing over their violent lifestyles from 3rd world battlefields.
    But there is an answer, as one candidate has been courageous enough to suggest: “Law and Order”

    • Kim

      No this is probably local savagery.

  • A parent

    OK, everyone calm down. Let’s just see how this all falls out. But yes, I too, am all for our Law and Order candidate!

  • a student

    Hello All while I can’t confirm anything as it is only messages I have received as a student from other students, there have been reports of a guy attempting to run over students with a truck as well as another stabbing. Again I can’t confirm this and as the police have not released anything on this I am not sure exactly what is going on.

    • Andy

      WTF?? Run over students?omg you students need to have a rally for safety on campus!!!!!

      • A student

        Hey so there’s conflicting reports of whether this happened or not. By now most people agree it was a road rage against a pedestrian and only a potential threat of a stabbing on north(the one on the bridge happened though, as confirmed by police); however, you can never really rule anything out. But for the most part everything is fine and there are police around.

      • CU2016

        This was confirmed false.

    • CU2016

      This has been confirmed as false. Stop spreading bull shit and causing more people to be unnecessarily stressed. Let people do their jobs.

  • Patent of Cornell stident

    It’s time to “build a wall” around the school to keep the kids safe.

  • Wow

    Get the hell off of our campus. I’m so sick of this. It’ll be interesting to see if this is connected to the last stabbing.

    • No

      That’s what I wondered
      Same date too isn’t it? 28th

  • Current student

    To all the “parents of cornell students”…why has there been no direct communication to the parents? Because your kids are supposed to be adults. LEOs are trying to handle multi agency communication and updates, as well as communicate with those who may or may not be in immediate danger, aka the students, as well as progress with clearing areas and searching for thee suspect. You have no direct involvement, and therefore need no direct communication within minutes. Besides, really, there will bee no real effect other than to panic people and cliff communication lines, like email servers, which that are using for alerts to students. Do you think someone will contact you everything’s something happens at, or within a few blocks of your child’s job when they are in the workforce? No, you are only connected if you are on their ICE sheet and something happens directly to them. If you want to know what’s going on, have your student tell you, because we are big kids now.

    • No

      ?? I contacted mine
      He updated me.
      You are 99% correct. (Some students might be minors)

      • provost and interim president are pathetic

        Many other schools allow anyone to sign up for their alert system. The concept is pretty simple, parents do visit campus from time to time, so for their own safety it might be a good idea for them to be alerted. They are also concerned about their progeny. Just provide parents information on how to sign up for the red alert system and the problem is solved. This is the standard practice at numerous other campuses across the country. Cornell needs leaders who engage the problem, study best security practices at other Universities (Johns Hopkins for one), and step up security on campus NOW.

    • Insanity

      To current student- we are aware that you are “big kids now”. HOWEVER, for one thing , most of us are paying $68,000 a year of our hard earned money , in part for campus security, to at least be given the courtesy to know asap when something like this is happening on campus. Secondly, reread your comments when you yourself have a child in college . thirdly, some of us are still disgusted and shocked that we dropped our sons and daughters off for the first time weeks ago as a murder occurred on campus during their orientation week, and still no suspect??? Can you maybe understand now why we are making these comments?? By the way, the morning after, it would have been nice to get an update about how they’re ramping up security going forward and formulating some kind of new security measures.

      • Scandalous administration reaction

        Faculty and students need to take a vote of no confidence in the Provost and Interim President. Board needs to step in and put leadership in place worthy of Cornell.

        This is one of the greatest Universities in the world. We cannot let a washed up Interim President and non-communicative provost let stabbings be a monthly occurrence for the last three months with no change in security or communication. How long will the board allow this to go on without stepping in and appointing new leadership?

        • CU2016

          How does this have anything to do with leadership? All of these incidents could have and probably would have happened in exactly the same manner no matter who was leading our university. And I’m fairly certain the response efforts would have been nearly identical under Hunter Rawlings, Beth Garrett (RIP), David Skorton, or even Ezra Cornell if he were alive today. Let the people with decades of experience do their jobs.

          • scandalous lack of leadership

            You need to get out a bit more and see security at other Universities , and then look at what is done at Cornell. You are right, security at Cornell is pretty similar to when Ezra Cornell founded it. That is a big problem. Things change. Security needs to change. Leaders are supposed to be change agents and engage the Cornell community in implementing change and discussing the need for change. The current provost and interim president are doing neither.

          • CU2016

            I’ve been to at least a dozen universities if not more. All of them except one had an open campus that anyone could walk on to, including universities with more than 40,000 students. The only campus I’ve seen that was closed from the city was Fordham University in the Bronx, and being in the Bronx is an obvious reason to have a closed campus. Ithaca is not the Bronx.

      • CU2016

        Actually, more than 50% of students receive some form of financial aid, so that’s just not true.
        Also, if your child went to school at NYU or Columbia, would you expect a personal email from the university every time someone was assaulted or murdered in NYC? That’s just ridiculous expectations. Your child will likely soon graduate and move to a large city and be completely independent. I seriously doubt they’re going to contact you every time something bad in their community happens.

        • Ugh

          CU2016- of course we wouldn’t expect an alert every time a murder occurred in NYC or any other campus which is in a large city. We are not morons to think that. BUT, when a still unsolved murder occurs ON CAMPUS one week into orientation and now another stabbing occurs at the border of the campus in which 2 suspects are fleeing at night God knows where, and possibly on or near campus, causing a take shelter alert, we do deserve to be informed of the potential danger to our kids. by the way, good that 50% receive financial aid- has nothing to do with parents being alerted. AT Least during these 4 years we have the right to know when something is going down on or close to campus which may impact our kids. you are smart enough to know I’m not talking about other crimes that occur in Ithaca that have no connection to the school and our students.

          • CU2016

            Cornell isn’t your babysitter. Yes, the police are obligated to maintaining safety and order on campus. But if your student feels unsafe it’s their responsibility to communicate that to you, not the university’s. As for the stabbing on campus during 0-week, that’s tragic, and is actually tied to the Cornell community, despite it involving an IC student. This stabbing likely has absolutely no connection to Cornell. And I don’t really understand what communication you feel needed to happen. Anyone who read this article is notified. You received notification. You’re reading and responding to this right now and already know what is happening. Do you want a live feed of updates as the CUPD finds them out? That seriously seems like a waste of resources and time. If you’re interested, they publish their actual crime history log online for anyone to see.

  • Elle

    the communications are all way too vague ! what I want to know is what protocols have been taught campus-wide to keep students safe? There has been too much violence already for there not to be emergency preparedness that the students are aware of too. .The notification need to include information on what to do if you are on Central Campus and how to get home safely etc!. I was very upset that I couldn’t find much info at all once my child notified me of the alert – this needs to be a priority

  • Steven Johnson

    Maybe Cornell and Ithaca police departments need to implement a “stop and frisk” policy on campus. And some profiling needs to be implemented. Clearly there are some non-students roaming the campus that are creating a risk for everyone who should be there. I always thought that the campus was a safe space, not from microaggressions, but simply for physical safety. Apparently that is not the case. I am glad my son is a senior. Sad to see how things have degenerated over the past decades from what Cornell was like when I was there in the early ’70’s.

    • Townee

      As it seems there are some out-of-towners commenting here, it seems important to restate this incident did not take place on campus and didn’t appear to involve any Cornell students or staff members. As President Rawlings said, it took place “near” campus, and students received timely alerts and updates about the particular area in which a crime had taken place. This is crime in a small city. And as an Ithaca resident for decades I can tell you that crime in Ithaca is not new. But an alert system on campus is relatively new, as technology has allowed.

      Moreover, Cornell is not a gated community, and Ithaca is not a gated community. What major universities are?

      You can find online statistics about crime in Ithaca here. NOTE: there were 21 cases of aggravated assault in Ithaca in 2015, over 16 in 2014. “However, 21 aggravated assaults is still the second least amount in the past six years.” Your son or daughter is attending school in a relatively safe community, however, he or she should exercise the same caution as you presumably taught them when going to the mall close to home.

    • Cornell student

      You really think stop and frisk is the solution? That is completely ridiculous.

    • CU2016

      What is wrong with you that makes you believe stop and frisk is a reasonable solution to anything? How are you supposed to determine who is a non-student? Anyone above the age of 22? What about grad students, professors, administrators, campus employees, janitorial staff, bus drivers, LITERALLY anyone? Think about what you’re implying and how illegal and immoral implementing stop and frisk on a college campus is. If you want people to view Cornell in a negative light, implementing stop and frisk will certainly accomplish that, much more than a stabbing on campus and a stabbing off campus.

  • provost and interim president are pathetic

    Time for a faculty vote of no confidence in the provost and interim president. The board needs to step in and appoint new leaders.

    • Joey

      Appoint new leaders due to a few security incidents that are likely more indicative of the Ithaca community/lack of policing versus issues the Cornell administration have direct oversight on? And again, provosts deal with academic affairs.

      • scandalous lack of leadership

        “The provost acts as the university’s chief academic officer and chief operations officer, and serves as the president’s first deputy officer. The provost oversees all academic programs and units of the university, other than those reporting to the provost for medical affairs.”

        So security is directly in his lap Joey! Provost sets budgets for security and oversees security. He cannot cowardly blame his lack of communication and performance on a dead President any more. The fact that the provost deals with academic affairs does not absolve him of the other responsibilities of his position.

  • amw

    My daughter texted me last night and said there was a Shelter-in-Place alert. I would not have known this if she hadn’t texted me. However, what is disturbing to me is that they lifted it after a very short time, thinking they suspects fled the area. Really? Seriously? How do they know that? How do they know the alleged suspects didn’t run into a dorm on West Campus and hide there? It took a little bit before my daughter’s dorm on West was under lockdown. This would be enough time IMO for a suspect to enter a yet unlocked building. The dorms should have been searched IMO. What is Cornell’s problem? No info on earlier stabbing and killing, and I’m afraid this will go unresolved. So now what? Kids walking to campus for classes in the daylight–and it’s perfectly safe? What? Does crime just happen at night? I told my daughter no more early morning runs by herself, no walking alone at night without an escort. We live far away and as a parent, this is very unsettling.

  • Alum

    Parents need to calm down. Your children are presumably over 18 and attending college to become self sufficient individuals that can stand on their own two feet. Frenzy and fear from you is not going to help them develop. As for those Trump supporters advocating for racial profiling and “law & order”, as you call it: I find your words appalling. Cornell has long prided itself on being an inclusive, respectful and thoughtful place. It’s never been perfect but works toward that goal every year. I understand the frustration that many have voiced about the length of the first stabbing investigation but I will also say that the members of the Cornell police are some of the most thoughtful and diligent people I’ve met. If you don’t want your sons and daughters at a place that avoids jumping to fast conclusions, shows respect and asks for citizen cooperation before throwing accusations, you should encourage them to transfer elsewhere. I will also say a positive word about the interim president: within hours of the event, his reassuring voice came through in an email addressed to the Cornell community. His concern was apparent, as was the degree to which we was seriously considering this event and how to respond. You calling for a vote of no confidence have unrealistic expectations of what a presidents job entails.

    • BS call down. Cornell police and Cornell Admin are way over their heads with this.

    • A concerned parent

      No one used the term “racial” when describing profiling – that was your word. There are other forms of profiling, such as behavioral and psychological, which could be employed.

      I doubt at this point the CPD and IPD will ever solve the tragic stabbing of a month ago. I do believe that some of the blame has to fall to the administration, specifically Rawlings (whose better days seem to be behind him) and Lombardi. Their “concern” and “reassuring voice” falls flat when they are ineffective at their jobs. Why haven’t they done something simple like offering a reward for information and videos (which presumably are out there).

      • CU2016

        How exactly would you profile someone on their behavior and psyche? I’m genuinely curious. What would you take into consideration when deciding to stop and frisk someone? Their clothes? Height, weight, age? The way they walk? How would you identify someone who is more likely to be carrying a weapon than the person next to him or her?

        • A concerned parent

          So you would do nothing to improve security? Nothing more than has been done (which clearly hasn’t worked) to solve a murder in the heart of campus? No results, yet the administration is blameless?

          Maybe we specifically sent our sons and daughters to Cornell because we didn’t want them at Columbia or NYU because of the crime in NYC?

          • CU2016

            I know that I personally have no idea how to maintain campus safety and respond to threats of violence. I know that people with decades of experience are leading Cornell and doing the best they can to keep students safe and happy. I know that a bunch of emotional parents commenting on a news article likely have no experience or knowledge in this at all. And I know that stop and frisk is exceptionally illegal, leads to racial profiling, and isn’t effective at reducing crime. Stop and frisk is the last thing that anyone should be thinking about right now. I’m honestly disgusted.

          • First of all, I never mentioned stop and frisk. But since you bring it up know your facts – it is NOT illegal or unconstitutional (even Hillary got that wrong at the debate). It also worked extremely well in bringing down crime and murders in NYC. Murders are up (for the full year, 352 in 2015 vs. 333 in 2014).

            Second, from your pseudonym, it appears that you are a 22 (?) year old recent graduate. I am personally offended by your characterization of us parents as “emotional”. Until you have a kid someday, you have no right to belittle us and treat our valid concerns with such contempt. You are the one who clearly lacks the experience to comment.

          • alum

            check your facts. stop & frisk did not effectively lower NYC crime rates. people are hounding Trump for misleading everyone with that statement along with his other false assertions.

          • CU2008

            Stop and frisk wasn’t ruled unconstitutional?! At Cornell, we were taught to do our own investigative research before believing the uninformed remarks of blowhards like your boy trump. See:

          • A concerned parent

            First of all, you continue to make accusations that have no basis in fact – I have never declared myself a supporter of Trump.

            Second, your research on the subject of the constitutionality of stop and frisk must have stopped in 2013:

            Basically, the practice of stop and frisk was never ruled unconstitutional, just the was NYC was conducting it. And the judge who did so was removed from the case reprimanded for speaking with the media during the case. In fact, stop and frisk (a “Terry stop”) is being used by police across the country today.

            For all your pontification about inclusion and tolerance and your overall righteous indignation, you should certainly be more careful and civil in your language in these posts.

          • Whatever

            Lol don’t act like they got into Columbia.

      • CU2016

        People are throwing around stop and frisk all over these comments, I’m merely bringing it up because you mentioned profiling people who apparently pose a threat, and mitigating that threat. You never said the words stop and frisk, but that essentially sounds like stop and frisk to me.

        Stop and frisk itself is not unconstitutional. Profiling someone because of their demographic background and your preconceived notions about that background is very much illegal. Stop and frisk was most common in disproportionately minority and low income areas in NYC. That is why it is illegal. And yes, while stop and frisk was implemented, crime decreased. Also at the same time, the popularity of Internet Explorer decreased. No one claims that Internet Explorer caused high crime rates though. It’s simply a correlation that may or may not have affected the crime rate. There are hundreds of other factors that affect the crime rate in various ways. To attribute the crime rate to the presence or lack of stop and frisk is shortsighted.

        I am very sorry that I personally offended you. That is not my intention. I didn’t mean to be condescending when I referred to the people writing these comments as emotional parents. It would have been more appropriate to say concerned or frustrated or confused, etc. I simply used the term emotional as a blanket statement because all of the people here are very emotional, and deservedly so. This is something scary. I didn’t mean any condescension or contempt toward your feelings. And you’re right, I don’t have the experiences that come with being a parent. I do, however, have a very recent experience as a Cornell student, and I think that counts for something. There are other students commenting here and they honestly seem less concerned and worried than the parents, yet they’re living on campus experiencing all of these things first hand. And if you’ll read the comments, there’s an extreme amount of condescension being thrown at the students and younger alums from the older people commenting. Just because I’m not a parent doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to voice my valid concerns about the most important community in my life. It just so happens that my perspective and opinions are different than yours. And eventually your sons/daughters are going to graduate and likely move to large cities that have crime rates much higher than Ithaca, such as NYC. It’s going to happen. So many people harass college students and look down on them for not “living in the real world.” This is the real world, and Cornell is preparing them to be more effective in the real world. They’re going to experience crime and violence and sadness to some degree, and their parents aren’t going to be involved every step of the way. Teaching us to be independent and autonomous from our families is one of my greatest and most valuable experiences at Cornell, and I don’t think that lining our campus with police officers and singling out “behavioral” individuals is going to improve that experience. My life at Cornell would have been severely tainted if everywhere I went I saw a police officer standing on the corner or shaking down some kid or some older person just because the officer thought the individual “looked out of place” based on some behavioral characteristic. I don’t mean to belittle your experience and knowledge. Parents are crucial to the Cornell community, but students are the true members of the Cornell community who have to live and breathe on campus. Their experiences ultimately matter the most.

  • Carol

    Really! We humans should ignore violent crimes!
    Build some gates with security -similar to other major universities!

    • CU2016

      The only university I’ve ever seen that was fenced off from the surrounding city AND had a closed campus with security was Fordham University, in the Bronx, which experiences a fair amount of crime. To compare the Bronx to Ithaca is just ridiculous.

  • Ugh

    By the way, keep free tampons in all bathrooms a priority- petitions etc. instead of focusing on better security measures and putting pressure on authorities to solve a murder on campus- witnesses, videos, and still nothing. Wake up people!!

    • CU2016

      This couldn’t be more unrelated. That’s like saying we need to stop playing ALL sports right now because all of that energy could be focused on crime mitigation. Student health services/residential living and CUPD are not at all relevant to each other, other than CUPD and emergency responders assisting health emergencies, but that’s mostly CU-EMS.No one in CUPD is thinking about free tampons, I assure you of that.

      • Helper

        The person did not imply the two topics were related to CUPD. They attempt both related to on campus issues, and seems to believe, like many others, that campus security needs to be a priority now more than ever.

  • Elle

    Let’s direct these very valid concerns in a way where we effect a solution, not place blame or single out anyone in an (understandable) moment of fear or frustration . I want the Cornell University Police to have every resource available to them: manpower, technology, canines, vehicles,/bicycles/atvs– I am sure Chief Zoner and her department heads have a list of what they see as important right now. They should be supported by the Administration and The Board of Trustees to be on the forefront of safety and the reality is they are functioning among and alongside communities and perils and political decisions that challenge the concept of open campus and introduce too much risk that can no longer be ignored. Cornell must honor its promise to provide a safe environment for students who choose to be educated there and there is a lot more that it should be doing. Let’s not insult parents either by suggesting that they let their kids grow up. Great ideas and progress are made by listening, contributing, and working together towards a common good-if excellent security and communication-which MUST include improving services for students displaced into Collegetown and other adjacent neighbirhoods for lack of enough housing on campus. President Rawlings needs our support and input not finger pointing , I don’t doubt his commitment for a minute but this is a community issue, let’s act like one and make things better

  • Concerned

    After reading all these posts it has come to my attention that as our focus tends to be on security on the campus, what is being done to protect the enormous amounts of students like my daughter who live in college town and the surrounding areas in houses and apartments. There seems to be some lack of concern about their safety, especially as days will soon be shorter and a lot darker. This incident happened in close approximation to where she is renting. It also ridiculous that with many witnesses at the fatal stabbing a month ago that no leads appear to have come from this. I find this extremely troubling and I feel horrible for the family who sent their promising young son to the Ithaca college community thinking it was a safe and protected area. I am glad she is a senior ano look forward to a safe conclusion to her final year at Cornell-

    • Worried where r the police

      This is a new era in the sleepy safe college town that Ithaca was, and the university must address this actively and immediately. No more vacant emails from the administration saying that they are saddened. Tell us what you are going to do and change, and make these changes today. We all need to be able to sleep at night. This is a wealthy smart university and they must act to protect, as their current plan does not work. Upcoming parents weekend should include a meeting regarding new safety policies. How can we make this meeting happen?

  • Kenny

    Fordham University, Rockefeller University, many others.
    I will explore and get back to you!
    Any crazy, hostile crazy can go into Cornell and any mentally ill
    person as well!

    • CU2016

      Any “crazy and mentally ill” person can go just about anywhere. Those are two universities in very populated areas of NYC with a lot of crime, especially Fordham, which I previously mentioned. To compare the Bronx and Fordham to Ithaca and Cornell is absurd. I’ve walked through the Bronx and Manhattan before and seen SWAT teams with massive weapons, K-9 units, bomb squad, etc. Should all of those things be present on Cornell’s campus? Cornell is a beautiful place and, about 7 months out of the year, is a borderline tourist attraction. Thousands of people come to Cornell to explore and enjoy its beauty and wonder. It brings a lot to the university, and not just monetarily. This compels thousands of people to apply to Cornell every year. To take that away would be tragic.

      • security conscious

        There is a spectrum of campus safety measures which can be taken ranging from a walled citadel such as you describe at Fordham to an open campus with scant security as we see at Cornell now. Security is not a binary function, but rather there are a range of options. What is needed is a dialogue about how Cornell can improve security along with implementation of changes. Changes could include more and better quality security cameras, more peer security, more patrols and/or CUPD officers, and perhaps more oversight of events sponsored on campus. The real issue is who will lead this dialogue since it does not appear that the Cornell employees are doing their job after four people stabbed in three months. Perhaps the board can convene a special meeting to appoint a leader who will get the job done. What will the board say or do after the fifth stabbing? What if it is you or someone you love?

        • let’s push for SECURITY AT CORNELL

          So well said. How do we start this change with an administration that is not (very strangely) not offering it up?

  • A very Concerned Parent

    My 19 year old daughter attends Ithaca college & lives off campus. Way to close to where this last stabbing occurred. We have also had a incident last week were a friend of hers arrived home to her off campus house early Sunday morning. To find a unkept man eating food from her refrigerator. The young female was obviously scared/ concerned & exited the house. She called the police & the man had left on foot by that point , her 2 roommates were asleep unharmed in the house. There is a big problem w/ local transient people roaming the streets. Ithaca police needs to get control of this before it gets out of hand. We don’t know if the man was armed or just hungry but who knows. What if was a guys house? Would there have been a fight? Someone get hurt & charged w/ assault/murder? What if he had attacked one of the young girls. These are college kids that are out late at night sometimes under the influence of alcohol. Which means they are not as observant as they could be. They want to enjoy there college years while getting a education. Worrying about whether they are going to get assaulted /robbed/ stabbed/ murdered was not what they signed up for. Another reason for a sleepless nights!!!!!

  • Pissed

    Agree with all of above- call and demand meeting with local police, campus police , and administration on parents weekend since This is the next event which will happen with a large number of parents in town( should have done in during homecoming since there was already a murder and several stabbings)!Agree with the parent regarding security in college town- even if it doesn’t directly affect freshman now, it soon will!! Start sending emails and making calls people regarding all this for parents weekend! This is bullshit and what are we waiting for? (Had to take ambien last night bc I was so wired- this is not how it should be!! Awaiting the next stabbing on or bordering campus and a killer still at large?? What the living hell is this?

  • member of the community

    The purpose of calls and emails is to ensure that Cornell improves it’s communication and emergency response protocol. It was reported that the crime occurred at approximately 7:41, but an alert was not sent to students until 8:20. That is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately!

    Suspects were reported to be heading to West Campus, yet no description of the suspects whatsoever was provided at the time the alert was issued. That is unacceptable! Once a description was issued it was too vague; there was no mention of height, build, age of suspects. That is unacceptable!

    Students were told to avoid the area OR shelter in place. Sheltering in place should not have been an option, students should have been told to avoid the area AND shelter in place. The communication was unacceptable!

    It was subsequently reported that the victim knew the suspects, but no additional information about the suspects was issued – names, description. This is unacceptable! Presumably others in and around Ithaca also know these suspects and may be a risk, shouldn’t all of those in the area know who is thought to have committed this crime, or at least be given what information is known and can be shared without compromising the investigation?

    In response to your question CU2016, I don’t think the above posters expect Cornell and or Ithaca Police to stop all crime in and around Ithaca, but they sure as heck can take steps to improve their communication, and security measures to make the community safer. Voicing concern and compelling change is what I assume calls and emails are meant to accomplish.

    • Pissed

      EXACTLY “member of the community” – thank you for clarifying to those that weren’t “getting it”

  • Kenny

    To CU216
    Fordham University (NYC) location) is not in a dangerous
    area-one block from Lincoln Center (which also has
    security) . You can not enter the college without the security
    checking your ID .
    Also, For your information , Rockefeller University
    is near the highway an all the way east in 65th street.
    Both of these are in safe areas of Manhattan.
    Do you think because you are entering a concert and enjoying the beauty of Lincoln Center there should be NO security ?
    I, personally don’t agree!
    Times have changed and places that secure our best of the best
    should be extra, extra, protected.