Stewart Ave Bridge

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Stewart Ave Bridge

September 29, 2016

IPD: Stewart Avenue Stabbing ‘Not a Random Act of Violence’

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The Ithaca Police Department says it has determined that the stabbing incident on Wednesday night was “not a random act of violence,” and the victim and suspects knew each other.

So far, IPD says no evidence suggests that this stabbing was related to the homicide that resulted in the death of Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire, who was killed in front of Olin Hall exactly a month ago, on Aug. 28.

“The two incidents genuinely appear to be unrelated to each other,” Chief of Police John R. Barber in an IPD press release. Although it has been a month, police have not released the names of any suspects or made any additional information public in the Nazaire case.

Last night’s altercation occurred at at approximately 7:41 p.m. at 418 Stewart Avenue when the victim — a 27 year old Dryden Resident unaffiliated with Cornell University — noticed people removing contents from his vehicle. When he attempted to intervene, the victim suffered a knife wound to the leg and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Witnesses described the perpetrators as two black males — one possibly wearing a red shirt and the other with a “man bun.” The subjects fled the scene toward the cemetery in the direction of West Campus, and one may have been carrying a semi-automatic handgun.

The Ithaca Police Department say “at this very moment” they are “tracking down leads in the pursuit of justice.”

  • hadenough

    So, since “…the victim and suspects knew each other”, we can expect the announcement of an arrest soon?

  • ithaca college lives matter

    What about Anthony? Did he know his murderer? Was it a Cornell student? Was it a stranger? Are they sitting next to you now? Why was a description of these two pugalists released right away but no description of Anthony’s attacker in a month despite surveillance video and cell phone video as well as numerous witnesses? Release the pictures and someone may identify the attacker.

  • Ar

    Totally agree. With all those witnesses they have nothing. Doesn’t make sense.

  • member of the community

    Some questions I have for the CUPD:

    Why did it take 40 minutes to alert students that a stabbing had occurred and suspects were last seen fleeing towards West Campus?

    How was it determined that the suspects fled the area and were not hiding in any university buildings, before the all clear signal was given?

    What directives were provided to students regarding “shelter in place?” Were they advised to lock and stay away from windows, close shades?

    Does Cornell have an emergency management plan that has been shared with members of the community?

    Why was the only their only a limited description of the suspects provided, hours after the incident? What were their approximate ages, heights?

    If it is reported that the victim knew the suspects, why are no names or better descriptions given at this point to assist in the apprehension?

    Why have there been no descriptions or updates about suspects in the August 28th stabbing/murder?

    Why hasn’t Cornell offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect(s)?

    What sanctions or discipline has been imposed for those students who were brawling outside the Straight?

    What changes to security procedures have been taken in light of a murder on campus?

    Why have there been no descriptions or updates about the suspect(s) in the August stabbing on Eddy Street?

    Is there a suspected connection between the stabbing on Eddy St. and the other two stabbings on or near campus?

    • So sick of the apathy

      Great questions that all parents, alumni, and students should be asking.. and maybe these questions should be answered at the upcoming parents weekend in October. In fact. And assembly of some sort should be set up that weekend to address all of these excellent questions which we all have . Maybe the Cornell sun or author of these questions can send a copy to multiple Administrators . The reason I mention parents weekend is because I believe that is the next time that a large group of parents will be at the school -we already missed homecoming . Everyone get your head out of the sand and demand that these questions be answered !!!!

    • we need new leaders at Cornell

      All points are excellent, but one outrageous point deserves emphasis. Many knew about the large gathering of emergency responders to a stabbing on Stewart Avenue half an hour before the red alert was sent! For shame Cornell. There would be significant liability issues if a Cornell student, faculty or staff had been injured because of tardy red alert. Not the first time this has happened either. There was a white van approaching co eds on North Campus offering rides, and this information was known and ignored for days before Cornell issued an alert.

      Clearly a problem that cannot wait the board’s action to fix the leadership problem are the delays in activating the red alert system.

      Perhaps one of the board of trustees can look into this issue today? We all know the Interim President and Provost are not listenting!

  • scandalous lack of leadership

    These are great questions, but I think rather than just addressing them to the CUPD, they should be addressed to Cornell’s board asking for leadership that has the qualities we need to address these issues. Cornell deservers a provost and President that engage the Cornell community in confronting and solving campus issues. The current provost treats the Cornell community like we are all sick donkeys, and he is a superior species so he does not need to involve us in decision making but rather he can dictate what he will and won’t do. The interim President issued a moral imperative to release cell phone video, but has otherwise been missing in action. In fact, as a former President of Cornell , he had many years to improve security already and has not.

    Some qualities we need in a new provost and President are people who engage and communicate with stake holders, manage a crisis and plan to prevent future problems. The board has a decision to make in hiring a new President soon, and they should choose wisely. Let your voice be heard.