October 3, 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | 1967 Redux: The Murder of Anthony Nazaire

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To the Editor:

The fatal attack on Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire and the futile police hunt for his killer bring to mind the still unsolved murders of nine Cornellians ― eight students and one faculty member ― who perished in the April 1967 fire at the Cornell Heights Residential Club (now Hurlburt or Ecology House). Survivors were relocated to other campus and Collegetown lodging; two of these residences suffered fires, Watermargin on May 23 and 211 Eddy Street on May 31. All three fires were confirmed to be arson attacks when evidence of fluid accelerants was found.

Classes ended, the summer break came and when the fall 1967 term began the incendiary attacks were all but forgotten. The Cornell Board of Trustees had imposed a policy of official silence. Neither The Cornell Daily Sun nor the Ithaca Journal made any effort to question officials or report on progress of the criminal investigation: nine cruel homicides, the second greatest loss of life incident in the history of the University.

Now a month has passed since Nazaire was stabbed to death on the Cornell campus. Are we seeing a repeat of the 1967 dereliction by the press? Has any Sun reporter asked the police to produce a timeline? Has the medical examiner’s report been released? Has a weapon been identified? Are there any signs of witness non-cooperation or evasion? What questions have been asked of the authorities? What answers have been rendered? Where is The Cornell Daily Sun?

H. William Fogle, Jr. ’70

9 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR | 1967 Redux: The Murder of Anthony Nazaire

  1. Dear Mr Human (H William Fogell, Jr)
    I totally agree 100%.
    It is a disgrace that there were witnesses and videos and
    the police still cannot piece this together and solve it once and for all😳

  2. THANK YOU! Why is there not an outpouring of responses to this letter? This situation is an outrage! Life goes on – BUT NOT FOR ANTHONY NAZAIRE. Someone KILLED this innocent person for essentially NO REASON. Who cares about anything else this newspaper prints? Football team 3-0. Who cares? Thouless wins Nobel Prize. We can read about that elsewhere. Anthony Nazaire murdered on campus? CDS SHOULD BE ALL OVER IT EVERY DAY FROM NOW UNTIL DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!!

  3. As a survivor of the 1967 fire, I along with my classmates would be very grateful if the Sun could investigate our “cold” but by no means dead case as the 50th anniversary of the fire approaches. H. William Fogle has collected a great deal of information; why not interview him, and the survivors of the fire, for a serious story?

    Margaret Ferguson
    Cornell 1969

  4. As Professor Ferguson’s classmate, I would like to support her call to the Sun to revisit this 1967 tragedy. The University needs, a half century gone by, to open its archives and, importantly, properly memorialize the dead.

  5. I completely agree with Mr. Fogle. His questions deserve answers. Any update from the Cornell Daily Sun, the Cornell police, or from the Cornell administration?

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