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October 5, 2016

Cornell Faces Fifth Title IX Investigation

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Even after the University updated its policy 6.4 — guidelines for handling issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and violence — the Department of Education announced that it has opened its fifth investigation of Cornell for possibly violating Title IX regulations.

The fourth investigation of Cornell’s sexual assault policy was launched in August and has yet to be resolved, in keeping with a national trend of proliferating Title IX cases.

These policy changes were designed to ensure a more balanced approach in how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct, The Sun previously reported. The policy amendment also follows two lawsuits in which students alleged that the sexual assault investigations leveled against them were mishandled by Cornell.

One of the suits was filed by former President of Psi Upsilon Wolfgang Ballinger ’17, who claimed that the University’s “flawed” investigation of his alleged sexual assault of a female student did not comply with state regulation.

Another student, using the name “John Doe,” filed a civil suit in May asserting that Cornell did not allow him a hearing before suspending him in a process he called “arbitrary and capricious.”

Both students referenced the now outdated policy 6.4 in their suits.

The new inquiry into Cornell coincides with investigations of Arizona State University and the College of Wooster by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights. At both colleges, open title IX investigations are ongoing.

  • Townie insider

    This is what happens when an organization goes too far to one side. Knowing something about what goes on at an administrative level, I am not at all surprised.

  • scandalous

    Missing in action chief operating officer of the University, the Provost. Missing in action Interim President. If found, please return to day hall.

  • Cornellian

    Josh, thank you for your article, but I was hoping you’d give us more facts. Could you update this? (1) Where are you getting information that the DoE has decided to investigate Cornell for a fifth time? (2) What is the stated purpose of this investigation? (3) Has Cornell responded to the DoE’s claims?

    Even if you can’t find this information, the least you could do is inform the reader that such information is not currently available. This article–particularly given the interest and frequency of investigation–could’ve been much, much stronger. Still, thank you for your work!

  • Borris Batanov

    Political correctness, which persecutes white (not black) males — remember the Duke lacrosse team and Tawana Brawley? — is hypocritical, self-righteous and narrow minded. To the extent that it is intolerant of dissent and abrogates the rights of those of those who do not conform to its ideology, it is fascist.

    Political correctness has created a climate of fear and loathing, especially on American campuses. We are about to elect a President on the basis of her avowed feminist political correctness, god help us, this after 8 years of a politically correct President, who has only fanned the flames of racial divisiveness in the US.

    As an alumnus, Cornell continues to embarrass me. It has sunk to 15th on the list of American universities: Mediocrity and political correctness go hand in hand, in as much as the latter requires subversion of intellectual freedom and reason.

    I logged in to check to see if the Willard Straight murderer has been arrested, which he hasn’t — go Ithaca police!

    • Alum

      Cornell Daily Sun is right to report on and comment on such issues as sexual assault policy, as it has done here, as well as potential micro-aggressions and how to define and avoid them. It is all well and good in times when less urgent matters are at hand.

      However, this paper loses all moral standing when it spends ink on such matters while expressing no opinion whatsoever on the MURDER of innocent fellow student Anthony Nazaire on the Cornell campus over one month ago and lack of apparent progress on any investigation that might or might not be continuing.

      The Sun should publish an editorial critiquing it own handling of this matter so that it can express outrage against itself.

  • Julia

    To Borris Batsnov…

    I have many thoughts regarding the Ballinger case and college culture and Emma Sulkowicz and the like, but none of them involve some desperate liberal desire for political-correctness.

    If after this election I never hear the phrase “politically correct,” nor any of its incantations, ever again, it’ll be too soon.

    It’s not PC culture that’s ruining our society… It’s lack of compassion, lack of nuance, and lack of original phraseology.

    • Julia Mekler

      I wanna say I feel like I wrote this myself, but that’d be boastful, ’cause it’s perfect.

      1000x Yes

      • Julia Mekler

        OMFG I did write this myself…!!!!

        No wonder I agreed so strongly.