Allison Wild / Sun Staff Writer

Allison Wild / Sun Staff Writer

October 15, 2016

Prepare Yourselves, Smart Yogurt Is Closing

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Much to the despair of many a Cornellian, on September 29th, Smart Yogurt announced that it will close its doors on December 15, 2016, after five years of business. Although Yogurtland is just down the street, the closure is a devastating blow to froyo lovers all around Ithaca. It is widely accepted that Yogurtland’s yogurt is inferior to the frozen ambrosia that fills the ice cream machines at Smart Yogurt. A possible explanation for the noticeable quality difference is the fact that Smart Yogurt uses Chobani in making their icy treats, which is not something done by Yogurtland.

According to their Facebook page, “[They’ve had five] amazing years of lessons and memories, but [their] lease is expiring and [they]’ve decided not to renew.” You will be able to get some memorabilia though. On their Facebook, page Smart Yogurt also says to “look out for upcoming specials, product and equipment sales.”

Sarah Walder ’19 “is devastated” and feels “sorry for future Cornellians who do not get to experience Smart Yogurt’s chocolate chip cookie froyo.” Another dismayed froyo enthusiast, Julie Green ’19, says, “Smart Yo is not yogurt to me — it’s a lifestyle. I’m not sure where it goes from here.” Many feel that they will be lost without Smart Yo as a reward after a long night of studying at Mann or as a place to go to bond with friends.

2 thoughts on “Prepare Yourselves, Smart Yogurt Is Closing

  1. One interesting feature of American society is that it is a social laboratory for Darwinism. Americans don’t have much nostalgia for historical institutions which can’t survive.

  2. I don’t agree with your ‘inferior’ comment. Hearing this news I recently started going to Yogurtland for my froyo cravings. I think I should have done that sooner! I actually prefer Yogurtland and the flavors are fantastic. Large, clean space for my friends and I to hang out in. Bigger selection and I think the yogurt quality is actually better.

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