Police Chief John Barber and Mayor Svante Myrick '09 announced Monday that an arrest was made in a stabbing on Cornell's campus.

Michaela Brew / Sun Senior Editor

Police Chief John Barber and Mayor Svante Myrick '09 announced Monday that an arrest was made in a stabbing on Cornell's campus.

November 7, 2016

Ithaca Man Charged With Murder of Anthony Nazaire

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Ithaca resident Nagee Green has been arrested and charged with the second-degree murder of Ithaca College student, Anthony Nazaire, the Ithaca Police Department announced at a press conference Monday night.

Nazaire was fatally stabbed in a large fight outside Olin Hall on Aug. 28, after leaving a party held by Omega Psi Phi in Willard Straight Hall. Green was also charged with second-degree assault of a second victim who was also stabbed on the scene, but has recovered. The name of the second victim was not released.



Green pled not guilty to all charges. Police said it does not appear that Green knew either of the two victims and confirmed that he was not enrolled at any local university.

Green, 23, was detained while boarding a transit bus in Freeville, N.Y., where he also sometimes resides, at 1:30 p.m. today. The case is expected to proceed to a grand jury on Nov. 10, and no evidence will be presented until that date, the acting District Attorney Andrew Bonavia said.

When asked why it took the Ithaca police over two months to publicly charge a suspect, officers said they spent the time sifting through “hundreds” of leads, reiterating their belief that no time is too long to deliver justice to the community.

“This isn’t like TV where you can watch an episode and you see the crime and the conclusion all within a one hour period,” Barber said. “It takes time to gather the evidence and put together a good solid case that you can bring to court. So that’s what we’ve done here.”

Chief John Barber discusses the details of the arrest and incident at Monday evening's press conference.

Michaela Brew / Sun Photography Senior Editor

Chief John Barber discusses the details of the arrest and incident at Monday evening’s press conference.

When Chief John Barber was asked why a murder witnessed by hundreds required such a lengthy investigation, the officer replied, “That’s a good question.”

“While we may not have any solace, tonight we can be assured that we will have justice,” Mayor Svante Myrick ’09 said.

Although Barber refused to comment on whether Green had a police record, in April, Green’s car, which did not have a license plate, was detained at a traffic stop and contained marijuana and cocaine, according to The Ithaca Voice.

After hearing of the arrest, Katia Toussaint, Nazaire’s mother, said the family will push for Green to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“I still haven’t made it to my son’s grave yet,” she said. “That’s to show you. Now that I have heard that [Green] got arrested tomorrow morning I’m going to visit my son’s grave for the first time.”

Barber also called the murder an act of “unspeakable violence that has no place in Ithaca,” seeking to reassure Ithacans that the city “is in a safer place right now with the person taken off the street.”

“This is overall a very safe community,” he said. “Several years ago we were voted the most safe city in America with a population of less than 150,000 people and that’s something that we here at the Ithaca Police Department take pride in.”

In a statement, Joel M. Malina, Cornell’s vice president for University relations expressed the University’s relief that the case has been resolved.

“We are pleased that the Ithaca Police Department investigation has led to an arrest in this case, and are grateful for the ongoing efforts by IPD, Cornell University Police and other area law enforcement agencies to protect the safety and security of our campus and the surrounding communities,” he said.

President Hunter Rawlings, in a statement, said the University will maintain an increased level of blue light escorts and police patrols “at least through the end of the semester as we continue to evaluate improvements to campus safety and emergency preparedness.”

Tom Rochon, the president of Ithaca College, also said in a statement, “I wish to express my gratitude to the many officers and investigators from local law enforcement agencies who have spent countless hours investigating this case.”

Josh Girsky ’19 and Josephine Chu ’18 contributed reporting to this story.

  • Alum

    “That’s a good question.” is a non-answer. Is Chief Barber implying that witnesses did not adequately assist the investigation? What in the world is going on here? Would the Sun please investigate.? Thank goodness no one else was harmed in the meantime (as far as we know). Thanks to IPD for (hopefully) solving this crime. RIP Anthony Nazaire.

  • David Moriah ’72

    Journalism 101. The case has not “been resolved”. An arrest was made. Is he the right person? Was anyone else involved? An arrest is simply the next step in the process, and we may be a long way from resolution. I understand that writing for the Sun is “entry level journalism”, but you’re writing about a very serious situation here and basic journalistic standards should apply.

    • Alum

      Come on Sun. Do your job. Turns out IPD did theirs although you would have not known that from reading the Sun over the past 2 plus months. It would be very interesting to know the real reasons why this has been treated like a minor story when it’s the biggest story in years. The Sun should explain itself. While the Sun busies itself with faux issues like weighing in on how to form a committee to set criteria for how to recommend comments on draft guidelines for how not to offend with a Halloween costume A STUDENT IS MURDERED ON CAMPUS!!! and Sun is too stunned to react. Moral failure.

  • U. Parent

    It sure took long enough to get this far in the Nazaire murder investigation.
    Now just don’t let him out on bail like they did with Khalig Gale (also local resident) who stabbed another man on Stewart Ave. in Sept. and fled on campus over a drug deal gone wrong. This was preceded in August by another stabbing in the collegetown area.
    Ithaca is not really the peaceful place the news conference tried to portray. Please don’t forget that on Thanksgiving day 2014, Shannon Jones, a promising Cornell engineering coed was killed by her boyfriend (also a local resident) one step off campus, technically in Cayuga Heights, so Ithaca likes to forget her murder.

  • Old Alum

    RIP Anthony Nazaire. Thoughts are with his family.

  • You’re a Townie

    Hey U. Parent, the outside world must look really scary from your chateau in Greenwich. Good thing you have “people” to take care of you — don’t choke on your foie gras!

    • U. Parent

      Not every student is rich at Cornell, believe it or not. Scholarships and fin aid allow poor kids to attend. We happen to live in the state with the 3rd highest poverty rate and first in the nation for murder rate per capita. So no foie gras, chateaus or ‘people’ for us.

  • scandalous lack of leadership

    Thanks for the timely update. Not the time to let up the pressure for answers though. So of the four people stabbed on or adjacent to campus over a period of two months, three of these stabbings have people charged. What about the fourth stabbing?

    Please investigate and report on the stabbing in August , 2016 in collegetown. Any relation to the other two stabbings?

    In addition, with all the eye witnesses, still no detailed report of what happened leading up to Anthony’s stabbing and why was there a brawl involving multiple people ? Are any of the brawlers Cornell students? IC students other than the two victims? Brawling is not acceptable behavior either.

    • Alum

      Absolutely. The Sun is way too passive and not much more than a echo chamber for liberal concepts derived from others. How about thinking for yourself and doing what’s right? A student was murdered on on campus. Reaction from the Sun? Crickets. That’s a moral failure. I thought to be progressive meant doing what’s right by other people consequences be damned. Guess not.

  • Hotelie Alum

    Let’s all hope for the full functioning of our judicial system in this case–it is owed to Mr. Nazaire. Let’s also all hope that Omega Psi Phi’s brothers become the vanguard for upstanding, respectable conduct on a college campus–they owe it to Mr. Nazaire AND to the Cornell Community.

    • Alum

      Could not be more true.

  • borris batanov

    So why were these African-Americans stabbed? Bad drug deal? Murderer was driving car without license plate, with coke and grass inside. Was he a dealer?

    Neither the murderer not the victim were CU students. Murder occurred on Ho Plaza @ Olin Hall 2 AM after fight (Ithaca.com). Fight over what?

    Was the Omega Psi Phi party non-white? Is Omega Psi Phi non-white? Isn’t it racist to exclude whites or anyone else on the basis of skin color?

    • 16alum

      Omega Psi Phi is a historically black organization and was the first Greek black organization to be founded at a historically black university – Howard University. It served to present Greek life to the few black students receiving a college education at the time. If you look at fraternities up until the 70’s and 80’s, they were almost 100% white. There was no diversity. Omega Psi Phi served to bridge the gap between blacks and whites when it came to Greek life. However, they do accept white students. There is nothing preventing them from doing so. It is inherently not a racist organization, and your labeling it as such is quite ignorant. There are a number of multicultural Greek and non-Greek organizations on campus – Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Singaporean Students of America, Asian Business Society, etc. All of these organizations are fundamentally multicultural and cater to a specific group of people and cultural tradition/history. NONE of them prevent white students from being admitted.

      I’m curious – what is your relation to the Cornell community? I see you posting daily on articles and your comments border between provocative and downright disgusting.

    • Alum

      I think you are being very unfair. Yes, black on black crime is a huge problem across the country and this turns out to be an instance of it. But you are too focused on the racial element. This is a tragedy of immense proportions for Anthony Nazaire, his family and friends and should be a tragedy for IC and Cornell. However, Sun does not seem to care (or maybe they are scared of losing “liberal credentials” whatever the #%*?! That means due to the racial angle. If so, shane on them

    • Independent

      Problem isIthaca is filled with too many bleeding-heart liberals, and that’s their choice I respect it but then there are outraged when a crime takes place but probably by drugs from the same guy that did it in the two college students that were stabbed are not druggies I can tell you that for a fact

  • Sam

    Agree with Borris 100% here. And I will paraphrase: wtf happened here??!!!!!

  • borris batanov

    O, everybody assumes Nazaire was the innocent lamb, but nobody knows the specifics. He’s been portrayed by the CDS with black and white simplicity, which, frankly, I am skeptical about. Nothing is that simple.

    I want to know what these guys were fighting about at 2 AM. I want to know were they drunk or on drugs. Who started the fight and why?

    Could it be even possible that Green was defending himself? Gee, could it even be possible that Green is innocent? Funny how he’s been convicted here without even a trial. So much for the open mindedness of libs.

    How come no one, not a single person, is asking these questions? I guess if your skin is black, you must be a saint.

    BTW, 16alum, your attempt to smear me is typical political correct intolerance. I am an alum. Graduated CU Cum Laude. Did a residency serving one of the largest, if not the largest, black population in the US.

    You people have been brainwashed. Apparently a college education has been wasted on you. You don’t even know how to think objectively. You’re so scared of being politically incorrect, you’re shut out the truth.

    • Independent

      Those two people were stabbed bumped into one of his friends or a girl he was with that’s all they did they were exceptional students and I knew them both exceptional students of course I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure but I seriously doubt they would have attacked this green guy very highly unlikely

      • A

        I totally agree. They bumped into that stupid girl.

  • a

    Really?? This guy had a record and Anthony Naziare did not and wheres the bitch that started the whole thing. It does not appear that Anthony Nazaire instigated this fight. You are such an idiot for saying that. He was a kid that with a bright furture with a full scholarship to college and the other was a drug dealer and this was not the first time hes been in trouble so STFU!!!!!!

  • John Glauber

    I checked back time to time for news on Anthony Nazaire. I am happy to see as I checked today that an arrest was made. I hope that with the long delay that there is a preponderance of evidence, as they say, so that there is a conviction and that justice is done.

    Also Borris Batanov, there’s no need to attack the deceased. He can’t defend himself. Yes, the scales of justice have two sides. Lots of good questions are out there to be asked, in trial. So take your politically emboldened bravado elsewhere.

  • Mary A

    Thank you IPD and all involved in the investigation. While it was unnerving to know that a murderer was on the loose for the past few months, I commend you for not jumping to conclusions until you had solid enough evidence to build a case and arrest someone. I can imagine that with a large number of people involved in a fight, it was difficult to discern who the murderer was, particularly if few or quite possibly none of the students knew him. Thank you for doing a thorough job!