Cornellians voiced shock and horror Tuesday night as Donald Trump was declared the United States' president elect.

Damon Winter / The New York Times

Cornellians voiced shock and horror Tuesday night as Donald Trump was declared the United States' president elect.

November 9, 2016

Trump Wins; Cornellians Aghast at Shocking Upset

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As midnight approached and a series of swing states turned red, disproving countless polls and shocking the nation, Cornellians expressed horror that Donald Trump could actually become president.

“How the fuck is he winning? What the fuck?” said a student early on in the night, at an election-watching gathering in Flora Rose House, as Trump took the state of Ohio.

Other students — such as Maria Chak ’18, who said Trump has inspired her to run for president “because if Trump can win, anyone can” — turned to morbid humor to interpret the results.

“We should’ve died in 2012 while we still had the chance,” added Mitch Laski ’17, echoing several students who said they fear a Trump presidency will be the end of equal rights for minorities and free speech in the United States.

Students reacted with shock after Donald Trump won several swing states to be elected president of the United States.

Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor

Students reacted with shock after Donald Trump won several swing states to be elected president of the United States.

Shayra Kamal ’17 said she is genuinely concerned about her future in the United States.

“I’m looking into flights back to Bangladesh right now, so I can remove myself before Trump repatriates me,” she said. “Liberty and freedom are dead.”

Other students said they were ashamed of voters in the United States and shocked that they would validate the policies Trump has promoted, many of which negatively target minority groups.

Roman Pidyk ’19 voiced concern about the future of a country that would, even narrowly, choose a candidate who has run on a platform of racism and misogyny.

“I’m concerned for the state of the country overall,” he said. “I don’t think there will ever be such a shitshow like this in our lifetime.”

Many students also said they felt genuine emotional distress “knowing that something like this [Trump’s presidency] could happen,” said Dejah Powell ’18.

Matan Presberg ’18 agreed, adding that “tears were shed on my walk home” after he watched the news.

“I’ve always believed in forward progress and that even if change happens too slowly, it happens in the right direction,” he said. “But this is a huge step back.”

An ‘Uprising’ Among Middle-Class White America

Olivia Corn ’19, the chair of Cornell Republicans, said she believes the election results reveal that “people don’t want the corrupt politician” to rule our country.

“I always expected he would do better than the polls suggested because many don’t want to admit they support Trump,” she said. “I also think that the country is incredibly dissatisfied with [Clinton] and it shows.”

Austin McLaughlin ’18, executive director of Cornell Republicans, called the surge of support for Trump, “a rejection of Washington, Wall Street, and the media.”

“Trump’s unexpected performance makes it clear that the polls failed to account for large swaths of the populace coming out for Donald Trump, particularly rural older whites,” he said. “It may be revealing that Hillary Clinton did not have the level of the support of Hispanics and blacks that she thought she did coming into Election Day.”

Prof. Elizabeth Sanders, government, called the results of the election “stunning.”

“How could this happen?” she asked. “Clinton outspent him two to one, had a united party and abundant help from the president, first lady, vice president, her former opponent Bernie Sanders and scores of political and cultural celebrities, in addition to the best ground game money could buy.”

Students console each other Tuesday night as election results come in. Several have said they worry a Trump presidency will lead to deportation and persecution of minorities.

Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor

Students console each other Tuesday night as election results come in. Several have said they worry a Trump presidency will lead to deportation and persecution of minorities.

Voters’ choices could be considered a protest against elite decision-making in electoral politics, according to Sanders.

“One could see this election as a massive democratic uprising against the elite project of globalization, open borders and the commodification of goods and people — the vision Clinton communicated in her handsomely compensated speeches to large banks in the U.S. and Canada,” she said.

Carolyn Spencer ’19, who said she voted for Clinton, was taken aback by the outpouring of support for Trump, especially because she said “around campus there’s been a lot of support” for Clinton.

“I thought that there would be more people voting for Hillary,” she said. “Especially right now with all of the allegations [of sexual assault] that have been coming out about Donald Trump, I thought that would really impact his chances.”

“Coming out of a prelim and hearing Trump is leading the polls is the worst feeling,” Priyanka Konan ’20 said of the night.

Trump Supporters Came ‘Out of the Woodwork’

Other students called the results “eye opening,” saying they revealed an entire demographic of American voters who “came out of the woodwork.” Kelly Riopelle ’20 said the closeness of the election was evidence of the bigotry prevalent in the United States.

“It’s definitely a lot closer than I could have ever imagined, and kind of horrifying to think that this larger percentage of the country can vote for someone who’s made such blatantly racist statements,” Riopelle said. “I think that regardless of the results, this election has been really illuminating in how backwards a lot of our country is.”

Kate Ryan ’20 said she was surprised that the Latino population in Florida failed to deliver a Clinton win.

“I’m definitely disappointed that the Latino surge didn’t happen in Florida,” said Ryan, who added that she is shocked by how inaccurate polling has been throughout the entire election.

As the night wound down, in Facebook posts and other social media, Cornellians began to share their condolences for female and minority friends, saying that Trump’s election to the presidency gives implicit permission for others to adopt “horrible” stances he has endorsed.

“I feel as if many of my peers are in shock — at a time that is so critical to our identity development, this invalidates who we are,” said Dustin Liu ’19. “Many feel this as a personal attack, and I can only think of how we can support one another in the days moving forward.”

Rachel Whalen ’19, Anna Delwiche ’19, So Hyung Kim ’19, Josephine Chu ’18 and Stephanie Yan ’18 contributed reporting to this article.

  • John Walsh ’18

    Such a terrible profane quote left unattributed? “A student” hiding behind anonymity, just as the “News Department” is hiding behind anonymity. Rachel Whalen ’19, Anna Delwiche ’19, So Hyung Kim ’19, Josephine Chu ’18 and Stephanie Yan ’18, this is some shameful “journalism”. Whether or not the majority of Cornell dislikes Trump, The Sun doesn’t have license to call this crap “news”. Let’s hope this doesn’t make the cut on the print version. Not worthy of the Sun’s otherwise fine reputation.

    • Alum86

      Agree with John Walsh. looks more like a text message written between teenagers rather than an Ivy League newspaper article . And by the way people why don’t you ask the middle-class that has been dying for the last eight years why they didn’t vote for Clinton . If you’re in college and are not out in the real world yet with a family living paycheck to paycheck you wouldn’t get it . Most students are still on their parents insurance so have no idea how bad it is out there . Try to be on an Obama care plan where your rates are through the roof and you can’t see any of the local doctors you’ve been seeing for years . I could go on and on .. the bottom line is that the average middle-class American was sick of the status quo and generally disliked Clinton and wanted a change …

      • Martine

        Exactly. Obamacare is what finally killed the Clinton/ Obama machine. People are not merely voting against Hilary because she is crooked. They are voting against the entire DMC because they are all crooked. I am more surprised that Obama was elected for second term, but then, after hearing Detroit had voted for Hilary six times with one ballot, I am less surprised. Truth is, Trump probably had the popular vote too. I think people genuinely like Trump.

  • Still Sanders ’16.

    The Democratic National Committee reaped what they have sewn.

    There was a Democratic candidate who, in all polls, trounced Trump in a national election. He campaigned on genuine, timely issues, rather than identity politics and cult-of-personality self-aggrandizement, like Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump did. He did not want to be elected on the basis of his gender, or on the basis of his hatred for minorities, as our two main candidates did. He wanted to solve the greatest problems of our time – wealth disparity, environmental havoc, and disharmony amongst our people. Neither Mrs. Clinton nor Mr. Trump campaigned on such a noble platform.

    But the DNC chose to espouse a ruthless, corrupt, duplicitous candidate. They chose to tarnish Mr. Sanders’ campaign; Mrs. Clinton chose to link his policies on firearm waiting periods to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. They chose to nominate a candidate who would undoubtedly provide our beaten, divided citizenry with 4 more years of corporate domination and overseas intervention in horrific conflicts.

    So the Trump victory lies at your feet, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It belongs to the Orwellian Correct The Record operation; it belongs to the hopelessly corrupt DNC.

    We now have a Republican President-Elect, a Republican Senate, and a Republican House. Not to mention what this means for the SCOTUS.

    Perhaps next time, the DNC should nominate the candidate that the people want – rather than the one that The Huffington Post and Goldman Sachs do.

    • Dr. Necessitor

      Nailed it! The vote for Trump was, among many things, a vote against the systemic corruption of our political parties, especially the DNC.

    • Sue

      AND? Why didn’t ALL Sanders’ supporters vote for Hillary Clinton? You don’t fight fire with a squirt gun and look the other way . If HE could have beat Trump than SHE should have! To not realize that Trump was a true threat was naive in the extreme!!

      • Martine

        Sanders? He would be worse then anyone. People actually like to keep the money they earn.

        • Ezra Tank

          LOL @ people thinking Sanders would have won the red States Trump did.

          You are out of touch with reality and still do not see why the Democrats lost. They lost because as John Walsh pointed out in his comment that the real middle class was/is getting killed by the last 8 years of Obama. Sanders magical everything is free approach would have NEVER resonated in the red states.

          Americans DO NOT WANT socialism. One only need to look at Brazil or Venezuela to see what years of unchecked socialism can do to a country.

          My parents taught me at an early age that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. Sorry Bernie supporters but that is a fact.

          Yes the liberal progressive states would have voted for Sanders but the rest of the states would have never voted for his socialist views. Had Trump (a master brander) faced Bernie then the campaign would have pointed out all that I mentioned above.

    • JM Law

      I agree. This can be set at the feet of the DNC.

      • sue

        Right. So, we don’t have ANY of Bernie Sanders’ ideas even POSSIBLE now! You dislike Hilary… you have TRUMP!!

        • Jeff

          IT”s Cornell Not special ED Grow Up no such thing as free lunch Sanders Sucked ! Also Look up city of Evil on the Net Ithaca is What You Get !

          • sue

            Oh, thank you for that very thoughtful and meaningful remark.

        • Nonpartisan

          I was a Sanders supporter. Trump is an asshole, a sleazy businessman, and generally not somebody I’d like to see in power. But, I’d rather him than Hillary. Honestly, nobody knows what Trump actually intends to do. But, we know Hillary is to the right of half the Republicans and is the last person to improve any of the things I care about. Trump won’t make anything right, but I’m extremely confident he’ll fuck it up less than Hillary would have. And the idea that Trump is comparable to Hitler is so absurd that I feel that crowd owes a big apology to those who actually suffered in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

          • sue

            Of course. Trump is WAYYYY better than someone that has worked tirelessly for the common man for 30 years plus. There is a BIG difference between a flawed person and a corrupt one. You liked Sanders’ ideas? Well, I doubt very much that those have ANY chance of being implemented under Trump’s watch. If you think so then I have a real estate course to sell you.

  • A Deplorable

    Hooray for WikiLeaks!

  • After a few years at Cornell the intrusion of reality must indeed be shocking.

    Instead of one of academia’s cherished “teaching moments” it has the opportunity to avail itself of a learning moment. But if no lessons were learned from the fall of Communism, from Brexit, from China’s escape from the commune, from all the world beyond Ithaca, it is probably too much to hope that anything will be learned from Trump’s victory.

  • Ezra Tank

    It’s amazing to see this young minds poisoned by such liberal lies. It’s sad but in 20 years when all of these students have a job, children and are paying taxes they will suddenly realize how wrong they were.

    Hillary Clinton stood for open borders and globalism. That is why she lost. The rest of the country was sick of being talked down to. The elites just didn’t see that.

    It’s crazy to see how bad the media has brain washed a LOT of people in this area.

    Trump isn’t going to do any of the fears these children are talking about. If you cut through the media feed and actually listen to people that really know Trump you’ll see a completely different person. If you’re in this country legally you have nothing to fear. If you cut in line and thought that’s okay and screw all the people that have been waiting to legally immigrate then yes you should be concerned.

    For the kids that want safe places, and segregation on campuses … THAT IS GOING backwards. Open your minds to thoughts outside of what your professors are telling you.

    • Jason

      Amen Mr. Tank.

      • Alum86

        Double amen mr.Tank

    • Alumnus

      How can you say that legal residents have nothing to fear when a man who is one step away from the presidency actively opposes LGBT rights, women’s rights, and would probably establish a national religion given the chance? Oh, and this president might have the opportunity to appoint 4 SCOTUS justices. As a gay man I’m more scared of Pence than I am of Trump. And now all branches of government in the world’s largest superpower actively deny man-made climate change. But I have nothing to fear because some guy on a news article told me I have nothing to fear.

      • U have to be kidding

        Please cite the passages. He openly said he had no problems with gay marriage and how has he threatened women’s rights, by hiring woman? National religion? how did you pull that ine out of your ass? As for man-made climate you are really talking out of your ass. It is far from settled science but it one gets their sicence from the msm then you’d believe th emoon is made of swiss cheese. if they said so.

        • sue

          You know……just watch the videos of the ice melting at an unbelievable rate and see how much damage is being done on the coasts from weak storms. This is not “science” this is reality. There is a lot of dung coming from the elephant in the room. Don’t step in it!

          • Ezra Tank

            Did Bill Nye the “Science guy” tell you this?

            By the way Bill Nye has a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell, so please explain to me how he is an “expert” in Climate Science?

            FROM WIKIPEDIA:
            In May 2011, Nye received an honorary doctor of science degree from Willamette University. In May 2015, Rutgers University awarded him an honorary doctor of science degree and paid him a $35,000 speaker’s fee for his participation as the keynote speaker at the ceremony.

            LOL, I have a Masters in Computer Science but I lack his “honorary” degrees. Which of us is more qualified to speak on Climate change?

        • Alumnus

          Mike Pence publicly and openly supports gay conversion therapy. He clearly wants to remove all rights and protections for the LGBT community. He supports open and legalized, institutional discrimination against the gay community. He opposes sex education and supports abstinence only education. All of his policies are guided by his devout Christianity, which is shameful and should be illegal. He called for “an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus” and instead advocated for resources to be directed toward conversion therapy programs, “[for] those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” These words are disgusting. They’re dangerous. He’s now the second most powerful man in our country and is a heartbeat away from holding presidency. If you don’t see the clear problems with these ideas, then there’s something deeply wrong with you. And I can’t even begin to describe how uninformed and wrong you are about climate change. I suppose you think evolution is “just a theory” and that we were designed in god’s image, too. I’ve never felt more betrayed, disgusted, and ashamed.

      • Kevin

        Trump stands by the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. Trump has said that marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman are “a done deal.” He’s said that it’s been decided and he stands by that decision.

    • Sue

      Well. Is your house worth more and your stocks worth more than they were at the end of Bush’s administration? Interest rates are low. The dollar is strong. The deficit is eroding. So wait and see what the GOP do now? If you think you are being talked down to then get yourself some KNOWLEDGE! Stop being scared of every thing and one that is different. Stop being afraid of SMART people. We have a lot of high tech toys but our brains and psyche have not gotten past the dark ages. IF you think democracy is safe from morons you should read Socrates. He basically said that a democracy cannot thrive with an ignorant populace. He was killed…oh yes, and the Greek democracy failed and was defeated too.

      • Franie Leung

        It shows how out of touch the intellectuals and elite in USA are out of touch with the common folks.

        • Franie Leung

          My argument is that the pre-election polls showing Clinton would win only addressed the elite and it was not a poll showing the thinking of the masses. Of course, I admit that mine is hind sight. However, we should have learnt from the UK Brexit polls.

          • sue

            YES!! Brexit showed that the people DID NOT VOTE!! They let others do the deciding for them Now they howl.
            The “masses” are the very ones that suffer the most under poor leadership.

    • Mike

      Perfectly stated. Other than possibly the hard sciences, I have to wonder if the return on investment of a college education is worth it anymore. Unfortunately, colleges and universities long ago stopped teaching HOW to think, and instead took it upon themselves to teach impressionable kids WHAT to think. Garbage in – garbage out.

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  • Franie Leung

    Harold Wilson said: a week is a long time in politics. Accept the verdict and move on, young people.

  • Franie Leung

    Go out of your ivory tower and talk to the masses more often. You will have a better idea of how the ordinary folks feel. They matter in an election.

    • sue

      No need to talk to ordinary folk. Fox “news” tells them what to think and feel. Just watch it for a while and you will understand the election. Now, they will reap what has been sown.

      • Jeff

        I’m A original Townie Telling it like it is We as a nation of other Townies did What Oblamless Suggested Win A election so we Did so thee collage oh so smart basket weavers don’t like the results TOUGH

        • sue

          Dear sir, just because a person calls themselves a “townie” does not mean they are bereft of brains and common sense. There are plenty of great people that never went to college or even finished high school.

      • Ezra Tank

        As opposed to the elite news of CNN or MSNBC? Please.

  • JR Brown ’17
  • George

    My fondest hope was that Trump would win and liberal heads would explode. My wish has come true.

    • Sue

      Be careful of what you wish for. A country with no intelligent people is not a good place to live.

      • George

        Your liberal elitism is what cost you the election. Some people never learn.

        • sue

          Oh, sorry. I like education and HATE threats to people just because they are smart. I guess I am a liberal elite. Thank you for the complement.

          • Nonpartisan

            Hey dipshit, it’s probably safe to assume that the vast majority of the commenters here are Cornell students and alumni. Claiming anybody that disagrees with you must be stupid or uneducated is a pathetic argument in this context.

          • sue

            I NEVER said that did I? I said I don’t like the right wing telling smart people that it is WRONG and evil to be smart!! Hope this smart bashing ends. Facts are facts.

          • Jim

            If you like education, you ought to learn the difference between complement and compliment.

          • sue

            Thank you. I guess I am not SUCH A LIBERAL after all.

          • Mike

            Pretentious leftists love to indiscriminately throw around the term “education”, but that word is meaningless unless the person using it defines what the “educated” person was taught in the course of their “education.” Judging by the incredible cluelessness of the “students” marching in the streets, I wouldn’t be too proud about touting your “education.” The objective truth is that most leftists claiming to be educated are actually just deeply indoctrinated in Marxist thought. That’s no education.

            The proof is the abject idiocy of the average university student. Crying because your candidate lost, and demanding to be excused from classes as a result? Just laughably immature.

            And now throwing a temper tantrum in the streets because you didn’t get your way? I refuse to be lectured to by stunningly immature children who are so immature they can’t even accept a political loss without crumbling into an emotional heap and running for their “safe space.”

            GROW UP!

          • sue

            Oh stop. You sound like an old shoe.

        • sue

          Yep. Some people never learn. They keep voting in unqualified people and rich ones that pay no taxes at all! Wow. I wonder why the rest of us have to pay higher taxes then the very wealthy? I KNOW, let’s vote more rich people into office and see what they do to their own hefty bank accounts and those of their business cronies? I bet the richer they are the more they will understand the plight of the poorer ones. Yep. some people never learn.

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  • FredAG

    What privileged douches.

    These students receive the best education and opportunities in the world, -and yet they’re mad because the Amish and poor rural whites came out of the political wilderness to exercise their franchise?

    To hell with the lot of them.

    • sue

      Yep…..”to hell” with the best and brightest and our future. Why would ” Amish and poor rural whites” want a free democracy run by well educated people with experience? Heck, everyone knows if the woman is strong and made mistakes she is a b***h. If a man is a brute and made tons of mistakes he is the savior! One thing any country does not want is an educated, thoughtful populace. More Games and beer!!

      • FredAG

        To paraphrase -I’d rather be governed by the first 50 names in the Boston Phone Directory than the faculty of Harvard.
        Just my opinion -not yours obviously.

        • sue

          Yes? And I would rather have the first name in the Boston directory be President. Remember history? When the writers and the “intelligentsia” were rounded up and jailed or executed? Remember your history when the “liberal elite” were vilified as the enemy? It wasn’t that long ago. Be very, very careful that you don’t spit on the graves of those that have died keeping this country free. Free to think and learn. Our Forefathers were the most educated men of their time. They were the writers and thinkers and believers in the good of democracy. We are on the precipice of becoming the enemy that we have so diligently fought against. It is one thing to be disgruntled about leadership; another to be hateful and destructive. One does not have to go back in history too far to see what hate, divisiveness, corruption, and uncontrolled greed does to a country and their people.

      • Ezra Tank

        Best of brightest? Really Sue? These young students have accomplished NOTHING in life yet to assert that title.

  • Scott

    Dustin Liu, you poor little snowflake!! I should think your identity had been developed long before you reached college. We have 18 year olds in the military facing life and death, with nary a whimper. You face the discomfort of a political setback and act as though you’re on the verge of PTSD.

    Fear not, for I cast my very first Presidential ballot for Ronald Reagan and our Republic survived, though for all the left-wing hyperbole that gushed forth at the time, you’d have sworn we were facing nuclear war every day of the week. You youngsters wouldn’t know a tense world if it slapped you in the face. Hillary obviously did a great job ratcheting up the nuclear boogeyman. It’s as though she was trying to transform Trump into Barry Goldwater.

    To better understand how Rust Belt Amercans think/feel, do a YouTube search for an old Reagan speech called “A Time For Choosing “. It’ll be the best 20-minute education you’ll ever get on the man who created the voters that became known as Reagan Democrats. These folks went into hibernation, but they emerged last night and gave Hillary a beating she’ll never forget.

    • sue

      Ronald Reagan wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s politics. Ronald Reagan would be shocked that Trump was even on the GOP ticket! He was a gentleman and old school republican that held office before the presidency. I dare you to find ONE time that he said disgusting and racist and mean remarks! I dare you. AND if you don’t think nukes are an issue…. N. Korea anyone?

      • Jeff

        Ron Reagan Was my most Favorite of Presidents when he Was Governor of California You might have thought of him as mean to unruly Collage students who protested over property! He also brought the military back as a fighting force via The aircraft Components that THERM Inc built during his Tenure as President !

        • sue

          And??? How does he compare to TRUMP?? I repeat….Reagan would NEVER have supported a man like TRUMP! Just because Reagan lived does not mean that every GOP candidate is Reagan’s choice. On the contrary, Reagan never cheated or used vulgar, bigoted and inflammatory language. He did lie: weapons for hostages deal. BUT he was so far removed from Trump that it is astonishing that the GOP have fallen so far. Aren’t there ANY honest, good men that could be the GOP president?

  • Mike Constitution

    The common, and hilarious, theme of these Trump-bashing opinion pieces is they exhibit a complete lack of self-awareness.

    Their accusations of racism and sexism by Trump and his supporters are psychological projection by these privileged, coddled, and isolated snowflakes.

    It is they that embody the ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, elitism, and, of course, racism and sexism that harm real people.

    Here is short list of the destructive things they support unquestioningly even as they smear their political opponents:

    Female candidate clung to and protected her rapist husband because he was her path to power
    Obamacare is expensive and unusable for most of the people it is supposed to cover
    Increased regulations are stifling economic growth costing jobs
    Debt-fueled market bubbles and more stifled growth
    Cronies get rich while middle class suffers
    Obama politics of race, group identity, division, and resentment most evident on college campuses
    Enabled the rise of Black Lives Matter that is based on lies and smears of police
    Continued slander and suppression along with actual attacks on police that are often the only force for good in many areas
    Suppressing the police resulted in a huge jump in violent crime in Democrat-run cities, impacting mostly minorities
    The general climate of lawlessness encouraged by Obama/Clinton with compromised national security, rising illegal immigration, and rising violence resulting in hundreds of unnecessary murders
    NFL millionaires protesting non-existent “oppression” but doing nothing to help the people being attacked and killed by the lack of policing
    College protests that are really leftist bullying, intolerance, and attacks on free speech such as we see in this article
    White privilege/safe spaces/resegregation/virulent racism by leftist groups and more demands that their political beliefs be imposed by force on everyone else
    All of this is owned by the Democrat/media/academia/union cabal of authoritarian leftists

    The election of Donald Trump was an equal and opposite reaction to Barack Obama by people that go to work, raise families, follow the law, and pay the taxes.

    They are tired of being slandered as “bitter clingers”, “deplorables”, and “rascists” by clueless, “educated”, elitists like the ones depicted in this article.

    Obama and Clinton and their divisive racial politics of group identity/regressive tribalism made Trump.

    You made Trump so dry your tears and get over yourselves.

    • sue

      “Female candidate clung to and protected her rapist husband because he was her path to power” You mean the one that kept her marriage vows? and have worked tirelessly for the poor and middle class for 30 years?
      “Obamacare is expensive and unusable for most of the people it is supposed to cover” Because the states run by the GOP opted out of it so it would fail. WHO do you think pays for your healthcare that costs thousands if you get in a car accident? YOU?
      ‘ Increased regulations are stifling economic growth costing jobss'” Oh like you can’t put poison in the earth and food and water? Have asthma yet? Seen the China water and air? We will have it soon when the regulations are gone.
      “Debt-fueled market bubbles and more stifled growth” Oh like the housing bubble that was caused by the GOP’s deregulation?
      “Obama politics of race, group identity, division, and resentment most evident on college campuses Enabled the rise of Black Lives Matter that is based on lies and smears of police” You should be a black american and driving in a nice car in your own neighborhood before you talk.
      And all the rest is the regurgitation of the right wing propaganda machine that has been in place for the past 8 years. YOU need to get over the fact that the world is interconnected, we all come from the same planet and if one group suffers we all suffer. Trump caused Trump. Like Howard Stern said…he’s been that way for years. You knew what you had and it was no secret. Oh yes…we will all pay more taxes cause the BILLIONAIRE does not! We will all have less so the Billionaires have more. Happy now?

      • Jeff

        Lefty Talking points same as climate Change the new ponzi scheme! Reason a lot of Townies Left Cause a lot of The Students would go after Graduation Just because You’re Ivy League doesn’t mean You have Common sense !!!

        • sue

          PLEASE please have some self preservation built into your psyche! The proof is there. Do you and your loved ones have another earth to live on? We already have flooding where it has never happened in 200 years. Why are you afraid of the preservation of the earth and its inhabitants? Why is it a partisan idea to preserve our land and water and air?? Why should the very wealthy, that can move away from the damage, have free rein over destruction of the earth’s resources? You talk about common sense….yes!!! It is common sense not to poop in your bath water or pollute your air and land and oceans!

          • Jeff

            I’ve lived and been peaceful man all my long life Climate Change is just That ! Being from Ithaca originally Growing up Winter was Snow and cold and sleds in some cases food delivered by snowmobile . Fall was wonderful for its color NY upstate is some of the best ! Some things happen not because of climate its because of people example not clearing off dead fall so fires start which of course can be prevented but certain organizations don’t want that I’m referring to greeners crap talkers who can’t even plant a tree on Arbor Day !

  • Joe Texan

    Who changes those students’ Pampers?

    • sue

      “WE” have elected a man that has shown himself to be immoral, greedy, philandering, unread, unprepared, lying, dishonest, cheating, egocentric loose cannon to be the next President of the USA. HOW does being a republican absolve a candidate from any moral rectitude? What if he had been a democrat?? The GOP would be apoplectic!!!! The religious right would be fainting.

      • Jeff

        Hey we gave O the chance why such blow back on a Candidate That got fairly Elected perhaps its time for a non politician. Yet places like Portland are tearing up ! Because Clinton lost and its Backer George Soros lost yet again this year 1st it was brexit now it was This election so via and other Rabble rousing types in the name of social justice Protests that go to full riot < proves the point why Trump Got elected in the first place Hard working people Are tired of the nonsense !

      • Catweazle

        Sad little snowflake, it really doesn’t occur to you that you pseudo-intellectual self-elected “elite” lot living in your little bubble that is protected and financed by the efforts of the very people you despise and with your adherence to the lifestyle and politics of La-La Land are entirely responsible for the election of Trump.

        With your wittering about how persecuted you are by “old white men” (you didn’t mention “straight” but I’m sure it is implied), it is you that are the ageist, racist, genderist bigots.

        Now you’re going to have to rejoin reality and get a life.

        You lost, and about time too. Live with it.

        • sue


          Police declined to give further information until Thursday, but a Texas State student and a Texas State employee said several of the fliers have been found around campus.

          “Now that our man Trump is elected and Republicans own both the Senate and the House — time to organize tar & feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage,” at least one of the fliers reads, according to a photo that the university community is sharing.
          How is this good for any country?

          • Catweazle

            Meanwhile, your little paid-to-riot agitator friends are smashing shop windows, setting light to cars, blocking highways and dragging truckers out of their cabs and beating them for trying to do their jobs delivering their loads. I suppose you think that sort of conduct is good for the country, right? The end always justifies the means when you “Liberals” don’t get your own way, doesn’t it?

            So don’t come the aggrieved little snowdrop with me sue, I know your sort, I first met them way back in the 1960s.

            When it comes to violence and thuggery in support of your anti-establishment idiocy, you “Liberal” Lefties are the culprits, always were and always will be.

            As to the alleged flyers, I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if you or one of your anti-democratic cronies weren’t responsible for creating them and handing them out. It’s just the sort of filthy trick I’d expect of you lot, and it wouldn’t be the first time by any stretch of imagination.

            There were no riots by right-wingers when Obama won, remember.

            You call us deplorables, we know you are the despicables.

        • Pete

          They lost. Perhaps they expect to get a trophy just for participating…

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  • Pete

    “they fear a Trump presidency will be the end of equal rights for minorities and free speech in the United States.” Fear based on what?
    “the policies Trump has promoted, many of which negatively target minority groups.” The only minority group I can think of is criminals.
    ” a candidate who has run on a platform of racism and misogyny.” Neither of those are in his platform.
    “the allegations [of sexual assault] that have been coming out about Donald Trump” Those are false allegations from the Hillary campaign.
    ” someone who’s made such blatantly racist statements” None that I know of. Funny they can’t name one either. Not one.
    “Trump’s election to the presidency gives implicit permission for others to adopt “horrible” stances he has endorsed” What “horrible stances”?

    Enough. The fear mongering by the Hillary activists has been effective. I wonder if Obama’s “dream team” of behavioral scientists have been working overtime. The fear mongering by the Hillary activists has been effective.

  • Ezra Tank

    To all the spoiled college brats that commented about freedom and what they could lose because Trump was elected …

    They need to watch and remember this:

    • Ezra Tank

      Soldiers, mostly younger than them, fought and died for their very freedom.

      • Catweazle

        Well said, Ezra!