November 17, 2016

Indictment Shows Green Charged With Murder, Manslaughter

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Correction appended

An indictment has officially been filed against Nagee Green, after he was arrested for the murder of Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire on Aug. 28.

Green was charged with second degree murder and first degree manslaughter in the death of Nazaire. He was also charged with second degree assault for stabbing another 19 year old male after a party in Willard Straight Hall, on Cornell’s campus.

After an investigation that lasted nearly 10 weeks, Green was taken into custody a little after 1:30 p.m. last Monday while waiting for a bus in Freeville, N.Y., where he sometimes resides.

Nazaire’s family has said that they feel Green should receive a life sentence and his sister has described Green as “an animal” that “needs to be caged up like an animal.”

“[Green] is not an innocent person,” said Kiara Nazaire after Green’s arrest. “I feel like it was something that he had in his heart to just do. He is a murderer.”

Although Green has no previous convictions, he was arrested twice — once for the possession of unlawful firearms and the other for the criminal possession of marijuana and a controlled substance, The Sun previously reported.

He is currently being held in Tompkins County Jail without bail.

A previous version of this story misidentified Kiara Nazaire’s quote, saying she made the comment after Green was tried. In fact, she spoke after he was arrested. 

  • Cu

    Green is being singled out for disproportionate punishment due to inherent racism of American society. Where is the corresponding punishment for members of other ethnic groups? The real threat to young African Americans in Ithaca is not Green. It’s the Ithaca Police Department.

    • Andy K.

      Disproportionate punishment??? He hasn’t even been convicted and sentenced yet, but you content that if the police arrest someone for murder of another human, based on probable cause, that is somehow tantamount to being “singled out for disproportionate punishment”? Gimme a break. Oh, and by the way, the person he allegedly murdered happened to be black, so this is not some sort of racial vendetta against Green. So please spare us your knee jerk cries of racism. You lose all credibility when you make such nonsensical claims.

      • So sick of it

        Agree with Andy K. How the hell is he being “singled out” because he’s African American? He is a suspect in a murder case- plain and simple. So because a suspect is of a certain race, the reporting should end bc we are being racists? So so sick of the Political correctness which is so over the top- it’s sickening.

      • Cu

        Could not agree more. I was being sarcastic in the extreme.

    • Lara

      Is there something about the story that has not been released?

  • Hotelie Alum

    A good next step. Let’s hope this person receives a fail trial, represented by competent legal counsel, and that the prosecution’s case results in a conviction.

  • borris batanov

    I object to the hateful comments from Nazaire’s family consistently quoted in the CDS. From the first, the CDS has displayed a lynch-mob mentality in reporting this crime. Along with its election coverage, the CDS has shown extremely poor journalistic standards. Who are you people? You make the NY Times look good.

    • John Randall

      Oh come on. The Sun has reported the facts of the suspect’s arrest and indictment. The Sun has also reported some of the reactions by the victim’s family to the arrest. The Sun has not taken a position on the guilt or innocence of the suspect or stated that it agrees or disagrees with sentiments expressed by the victim’s family. Where do you see a lynch-mob mentality?

      • Cu

        True. But what the Sun did not do was cover the story for what it was – THE BIGGEST CORNELL STORY IN DECADES. Why? My guess is fear of losing “liberal credentials” often noted and seemingly prized by Sun editorial writers. Total moral failure by this paper.


        BS. CDS did not cover Green’s family’s reaction.

        Basic journalism requires that both sides of every story get covered. No more. Today’s “journalism” is infotainment, more heat than light. Credit the “schools” of journalism and industry standards.

        Cornell idiots don’t know how to think for themselves. Credit tenured, spineless, conformist, ideological teaching staff. God help anyone who questions global warming or homosexual marriage, for example. Heil!

        • Map for Territory

          I’m confused by your comment, how would you have liked The Sun to have done this story?

  • SJW

    He didn’t do it. And if he did do it, society made him do it. He’s the victim.