Police searched the area near Cornell Laundry after four shots were fired, injuring one man on Sunday night.

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun Staff Writer

Police searched the area near Cornell Laundry after four shots were fired, injuring one man on Sunday night.

November 21, 2016

Police Say Shooting ‘Not Random,’ Suspect Fled in White BMW

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Ithaca Police are searching for a black male suspect who they say fled Sunday night’s downtown shooting in a white BMW.

The suspect shot an “associate” in the leg on the 100 block of S. Meadow St. at around 7:30  p.m. on Sunday, police said, after which witnesses saw him fleeing the scene as a passenger in the newer model sedan, which drove east on West State Street.

Moments later, authorities applied a tourniquet to the victim, who had been shot in the lower leg, before transporting him to a regional trauma center, where he was eventually released.

Police say they found “several bullet casings” at the snowy crime scene by the Cornell Laundry building, Officer Jamie Williamson said in a release.

Police requested video from Jade Gardens Chinese Restaurant across the street from the crime scene, where Wendy, an employee of the restaurant told The Sun she heard four shots before police arrived. IPD would not confirm on Monday whether they have received the surveillance tapes from the restaurant’s two cameras.

“Investigators have determined that this incident is not random in nature,” Williamson said.

Anyone with knowledge of the incident should contact the Ithaca Police Department, Williamson said.

  • Cu

    When is the wave of violence from Trump going to sweep over Ithaca. This violent incident is one of many lately but they do not seem related to Trump. Could it be that others are more violent than Trump and his supporters? Will there be a cry in due to strong empathy students have for the person who was shot?

    • Alumni

      What the actual fuck does this have to do with politics? Stop trying to politicize everything. You could turn a bowl of cereal into a partisan debate.

      • Cu

        There seems to be a significant increase in violent and even deadly incidents in Ithaca which no one seems especially alarmed about. Meanwhile there is an outpouring of outrage and upset over violence that is imagined to be forthcoming from the political right.

      • Cu

        Will Cornell hold cry in for four police officers shot within 24 hours yesterday? I imagine many students are very upset by this and that many professors will find it difficult to teach.