December 3, 2016

Congressman Reed Appointed Vice Chair of Trump Transition Team

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Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY), who represents New York’s 23rd district — including Ithaca — has joined the list of prominent Republicans on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

The Trump campaign announced Reed’s appointment to the position of vice chair on Nov. 29. The campaign currently has 13 vice chairs — including Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Ben Carson — according to Politico.

Reed, one of the first congressmen to publicly endorse Trump last spring, won a second term in the House of Representatives on Nov. 8, beating out Democratic candidate John Plumb.

After his reelection, Reed expressed enthusiasm about cooperating with the Trump White House, specifically mentioning his ambition to work with the president-elect to repeal Obamacare. In a release, Reed said he is “excited” to begin his work in the Trump transition as a vice chair.

“Our work is cut out for us, but we can make real progress on the issues that matter most, including creating jobs, revitalizing American manufacturing and reforming our tax code,” he said.

Reed added that he has been “encouraged” by the president-elect’s focus on improving U.S. manufacturing and reinvigorating the job market.

“Mr. Trump has been an advocate for the working men and women of our region, and brought the issues that mattered most to them to the national forefront during the campaign,” Reed said. “Together, we can make America great again.”

  • Jason

    OT: Where is any news or opinion about Trump receiving a phone call of congrats from Cornell Alum President of Taiwan Lee Tung Hui?

    You would think this is an important issue here at the Cornell Sun.

    For or against?

    The liberals all think this is bad that President Elect Trump dares talk to the President of Taiwan, who was both democratically elected and a graduate of Cornell of all places … without the permission of communist and corrupt China that has 3.2 million slaves and not one popular abolitionist I think of.

    My take: Sorry commies, there is a new sheriff in town : )

    God Bless America

    • Jason

      whoops.. wrong Cornell Grad name.. I meant the new president, Tsai Ing-wen.

  • Marilyn (Moriah) Tebor Shaw

    I deeply resent the insulting epithet of “Commie” applied with a broad brush presumably against people who do not share the writer’s point of view. I also believe that my classmate, Robert Harrison, Chair of the Board of Trustees, would find that kind off uncivil discourse troubling. I would suggest you spend some of your time at this fine institution developing a more respectful tone in your writing-particularly when trying to promote your own political viewpoint.

  • A grad student

    I would urge Congressman Reed to step down if he is not going to be our full-time representative.