The public hearing in front of the University Hearing Board will take place in 163 Day Hall at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday

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The public hearing in front of the University Hearing Board will take place in 163 Day Hall at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday

January 29, 2017

Rawlings Rebukes Trump’s Executive Order, Commits to Assisting Affected Cornellians

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Following the aftermath of Donald Trump’s executive order barring immigration from seven countries, Interim President Hunter Rawlings issued a statement to the Cornell community, calling the order “deeply troubling” and “fundamentally antithetical to Cornell University’s principles.”

In Cornell’s alignment with its founding principle of “any person any student,” Rawlings emphasized the University’s commitment to creating a “diverse and global university,” noting that more than 20 percent of Cornell students come from outside the U.S.

“Cornell will not compromise its admissions and hiring standards of excellence and will continue to solicit, accept and process applications from international students from around the world, including from the impacted countries,” Rawlings said.

As a response to the uncertainty surrounding the executive order, Rawlings ensured that the University will maintain commitments regarding federal immigration policy made in a December statement in response to a campus petition.

These commitments include free legal assistance provided to students by the Law School as well as legal representation for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals undergraduate and graduate students.

Rawlings also maintained that the Cornell University Police Department will not seek immigration status information on students, as “it is neither the university’s practice nor expectation to function as an agent of the federal government regarding enforcement of federal immigration laws.”

Rawlings noted the Association of American Universities statement published Saturday saying that the order is “causing damage and should end as quickly as possible.”

“We also urge the Administration, as soon as possible, to make clear to the world that the United States continues to welcome the most talented individuals from all countries to study, teach and carry out research and scholarship at our universities,” AAU’s statement read.

Rawlings’ message to the Cornell community comes in light of other universities such as the University of Michigan and Harvard University, issuing similar statements to their students.

In its statement, the University of Michigan explicitly stated that while the university complies with federal requirements in its international programs, it will continue to maintain the privacy of its students and will not reveal sensitive information such as immigration status.

The statement additionally warned students from other countries to be cautious in making travel plans outside the country.

“During this challenging and uncertain time, please take care of yourself and continue to focus on the positive reasons you came to UM. We are glad that you are here,” University of Michigan’s statement read.

  • D. Westoby

    Yawn, predictable, and…is he still here? Didn’t we just hire a new President? Oh wait, thats right — they wait until spring to do some showy ‘inauguration’ (wonder if anyone will compare size of the crowd versus previous presidents? I digress…).

    As if Trump cares. he knows that noone associated at a University, living on either coast, or most big cities voted for him. And as such, what they say or do means squat (rebuke? Wow, I’d be cowering if I got ‘rebuked’ by a poncy Ivy League guy named ‘Hunter’).

    Seriously, the only time things are going to get very ‘real’ at Cornell is when Trump (or one of his Politburo) connects the dots, and cuts federal grant dollars to Universities who house ‘undesirable types’. If he is already chopping Federal dollars to ‘sanctuary cities’, colleges and universities are next. And bonus, he’ll get to piss off those bastions of leftist thought into the bargain. And trust me, if NSF (or NIH, etc) funding gets chopped, Cornell and other similar enterprises are doomed (without the 50-60% overhead Cornell skims off the top of sponsored external grants, Cornell would go broke in weeks…). You watch — NSF/NIH and the like are next on the hit list.

    • Uncle ezra

      Why are the Sun’s comment sections (including on social media) breeding grounds for hive-minded ultra rightwingers?

      • Michael Watberg

        There is nothing remotely right-wing about the initial comment, as far as I can tell. It makes several basic points, which are actually probably correct:

        1] what the President of Cornell (or any other college) says matters not a white to Trump.

        2] the administration of Cornell will make all sorts of statements ‘rejecting’ Trump’s polemics (fair enough).


        3] In the end, they’ll not take so strong a stand if (when?) the actions of Trump directly affect Cornell’s finances (let’s not forget, Cornell chose note to divest investments in big oil, despite overwhelming campus support for such a move. Because, they were more worried about $$$ than doing the right thing). If Trump does (as suggested) go after NSF and NIH or USDA funding, then Cornell will comply, because that financial risk would be huge. I know the PI of the lab I work in is already planning for this, and is not taking on new students until things ‘settle down’.

        • Cornell Grad Student

          Hey Rawlings: how about you express the same amount of concern for students who are citizens? Huh? Poor American students who are deep in debt?

          Fucking insanity that this POS has more concern for people who aren’t even citizens.

          Sir Baron Rawlings III – how much do you get paid per year? Like $800k? What a fucking joke

          • Connie Ferris Meyer Class of 1970

            Have you ever spoken to President Rawlings about this issue… student debt upon graduation? He is a good and decent person….. and one who will listen to you….. make an appointment and go talk to him….. and others in the Cornell administration. You have a valid concern, but what is going on now is another situation entirely and of grave concern to the University and to our wonderful and fair country, the United States of America! Please remember that ‘they’ and all of us are human beings AND citizens of the world…. Please consider being more kind and concerned about your fellow men and WOMEN!! Let the University know what would be helpful to you!! Connie Ferris Meyer ’70

        • Cornell Grad Student

          I hope Trump cuts the NIH and NSF. No more juicy grants for international students. Oh no!

          • Lara

            Why would you want this? How does that help America?

      • Cornell Grad Student

        why do people on the Left all look sickly, like they’re dying of AIDS? It’s weird …

        • Lara

          it makes me sad that even in 2017 people are still full of hate simply about the concept of being LGBTQIA+ that comments like this are considered ok

      • Lara

        I don’t know but it’s something that gives me headaches every day….

        • hey arnold

          want me to massage you temples???

      • Lara

        Related: why do I continue reading the comment sections when I know they will be this way?

        • Cookie Monster

          because those limp leftist noodles leave you questioning your heterosexuality? you know you need Trump’s 12 inch golden horn 😉

    • Cornell Grad Student


    • Cornell Dorm Daddy

      How about we replace Sir Hunter Rawlings III (His Majesty) with some H1B visa holder? I bet we could find someone from India to issue insipid anti-American statements at a fraction of the price.

  • Jane-Marie Law

    Thank you Interim President Rawlings for making this statement. It matters to many people around the world.

    • Cornell Grad Student

      How about Sir Rawlings III show some concern for American students who either can’t afford $50k a tuition or are deep in debt? But no, this piece of shit cares more about students from other countries.

  • Cornell Grad Student

    20% too much if you ask me.

    What happened to the idea that American universities should be for American students? Why is that such a crazy idea? Pretty sure ol Ezra didn’t envision Cornell becoming 25% Chinese smh

    • Alumnus

      “Any person, any study.” That has been Cornell from day one and it always will be. Unfortunately that also includes you.

    • Connie Ferris Meyer Class of 1970

      Actually one of the very early graduates of Cornell University was in fact from China… you are SO angry and I find that disturbing and hope that you get in contact with someone at the University who will be happy to lisen to your concerns .

  • Cornell Dorm Daddy

    All these cornell daily sun writers and reporters thinking they’re the next woodward and bernstein when all they do is echo the same insipid platitudes as the 60 yo administrators ahahahaha