Pg 1 Protest by Michael Wenye Li Sun staff

Michael Li / Sun Staff Photographer

February 7, 2017

‘No Ban, No Wall on Stolen Land’ Protest Fills Ho Plaza

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Nearly 100 demonstrators held up signs reading “No Ban, No Wall on Stolen Land” as they listened to speakers condemn President Donald Trump’s America on Ho Plaza Tuesday, adding Cornell to the list of campuses nationwide that have been erupting in similar protests.

At the beginning, three of the organizers of the protest Skye Hart ’18, Emily Dong ’18 and Arwa Awan ’17, read a statement. The statement specifically denounced a recent executive order signed by Trump known as the “Muslim Ban.”

The executive order, which was signed on Friday, Jan. 27, banned entry from seven majority-Muslim countries. It has caused distress and confusion at airports as well as lawsuits filed from five different states, all of which challenge the legality of the president’s order.

“Since Trump has claimed that American shores are still open to Christian refugees from these countries, the ban rests on the presumption that Muslims from these countries are terrorists and that Islam is an inherently violent religion,” Awan read to the crowd.

The protest, however, went beyond criticizing American immigration policies under Trump.

“Our current grim reality is not merely because of Trump,” Dong read. “This has been the trajectory of American power since its inception, and therefore his actions simply continue America’s legacy as a racist, imperialist, patriarchal, white-supremacist, capitalist, settler-colonialist project.”

The statement also lambasted the founding of America on indigenous land, saying that “we resist Trump as fervently as we resist what the American state has inflicted on its oppressed people since it established itself as a power.”

“We need to question the American narrative itself,” read Dong.

The statement addressed policy brutality, rape among indigenous women and deportation rates among immigrants under Obama, insisting that the “stains” in America’s past are not new.

After the statement was read, protesters began to chant “No Ban, No Wall, No Fascist U.S. for All” and were invited to speak. The organizers also passed around a donation box for four different charities: Desis Rising Up and Moving, New York Taxi Workers Alliance, the Yemeni bodegas that closed down in solidarity and protest, and Casa Ruby.

Beth Harris, an activist in Jewish Voice for Peace-Ithaca and former Ithaca College professor, also spoke at the protest about U.S. support for Israel’s increased settlement efforts in the West Bank. Since Trump’s inauguration, 6,000 new housing units in Jewish-only settlements have been approved, according to Harris.

When asked why she came, Harris explained that she thinks it is critical to have unity in “connecting the issues around people who are targeted by Trump’s policies.”

“The protest creates a solidarity which we want to happen, and you can meet people who are doing different kinds of work, which strengthens our relationships,” she said. “I think it’s important for the students, the faculty and the administration on campus to know that the community is concerned about discriminatory and repressive policies and is going to stand up for justice.”

  • Nuha

    The full name of this protest is “No Ban, No Wall ON STOLEN LAND.” It is imperative to have the title in full to acknowledge that we are occupying indigenous lands. Please correct this and report on events properly in the future.

    • Slick Willy

      If you feel the land was stolen, what the FUCK are you doing here you twit? That makes you an accomplice, it makes you complicit!

    • Just Another Russian Hacker

      HAHAHA Poor widdle Indians. Bunch of broken down alcoholics now hahaha.

      Might makes right. We took this land from the Indians.

      Israel took Palestine and kicked out the backward Arabs.

    • Basket of Cute Puppies

      If Whites are occupying indigenous Americans’ lands then all those Muslim refugees in Germany are occupying indigenous European lands. Get the nasty occupiers back to their homes in Africa and the Middle East.

      America for Indians
      Asia for Asians
      Africa for Africans
      Europe for Everyone ???


    • Pete

      Nuha- it is imperative that you fuck off.

  • Basket of Cute Puppies

    World Trade Center bombing (1993)
    9-11 (2001)
    San Bernardino Shooting (2015)
    Paris Bataclan Attack (2015)
    Orlando Nightclub Attack (2016)
    Nice, France Truck Attack (2016)
    Germany Xmas Market Attack (2016)

    Yeah … Islam is the religion of peace HAHAHA
    … wake up

  • Sad

    The quote about “American power” you highlighted on Facebook is precisely why this movement against Trump will crash and burn.

  • LOL

    “his actions simply continue America’s legacy as a racist, imperialist, patriarchal, white-supremacist, capitalist, settler-colonialist project.”

    Keep up the good work. You’re helping Trump get reelected!

    • Pete

      And a proud legacy it is!

  • Ezra Tank

    And the left wonders why people say Ithaca is 10 square miles surrounded by reality.

    Liberalism is a mental disease, it really is.

    I’m so sick of the people of Ithaca (and I live here) and their CNN/MSNBC talking points based on some alternate reality.

    Trump is NOT against immigration. He’s against ILLEGAL immigration. Why is that so hard to understand? This country was built by immigrants, but immigrants that came in the FRONT door and became Americans legally. Go to Ellis Island and look at all the ship registers with names and country of origin on them. THAT is how you emigrate somewhere, not by jumping a fence, climbing a wall, over staying a VISA or clinging to a raft/boat. Trump wanted to stop people from 7 countries. Countries that if you as an American walked down any street you would be kidnapped, tortured, and then beheaded. Yet the left loves to play the identity politics card over and over. Yawn. Do you know if any member of the LGBTQ community even stepped foot in one of the 7 countries they would be murdered for their beliefs?

    For these snowflakes to sit there with signs saying no borders this land was stolen … please. Humans have been hiding behind walls and borders since they first came down from the trees. Humans learned early on that if you built a community you’d better darn well build walls (castles) or borders to protect it.

    If you want to use the argument that whites stole this land from Indians then basically all whites should go back to Europe, the Arabs in Europe need to return to the Middle East, blacks back to Africa and the Indians should cross back over the Bering Strait and give the Americas back to the animals. This argument is so ridiculous and hollow.

    The mayor of this loony town has no clue he’s violating federal law. I’m really hoping that the Federal Government starts imprisoning these mayors that want to give Sanctuary to criminals. Shielding people that have come here illegally from the Federal authorities is no different than me taking a known bank robber into my house.

    Sorry but the rest of the world has woken up, despite how the media wants to portray it.