Ƚukasz Pawłowski, managing editor at the Polish magazine Kultura Liberalna, discussed similarities between the re-emergence of right wing nationalism in Poland and USA.

Willy Yang / Sun Staff Photographer

Ƚukasz Pawłowski, managing editor at the Polish magazine Kultura Liberalna, discussed similarities between the re-emergence of right wing nationalism in Poland and USA.

March 2, 2017

Polish Sociologist Explains Rise of Anti-Refugee Attitudes in Poland, Asserts Vital Role of Right-Wing Media

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Only a few hours after students protested the University’s reluctance to grant undocumented students sanctuary status, Ƚukasz Pawłowski, managing editor at the Polish magazine Kultura Liberalna, described a similarly contentious split on immigration in Polish politics.

Pawłowski discussed the rise of populist anti-immigrant and anti-refugee attitudes in Poland despite the country’s uninterrupted economic growth and relatively homogenous population.

While explaining the sharp rise in disapproval of Arabs among Poles, Pawłowski asked, “Why? Because, obviously, of the refugee crisis … you can see how [the number of refugees] was growing, especially during the warmer months of the year when the refugees from Syria, from Libya, from Iraq were pouring in, and were migrating to Europe”.

He went on to explain how the “masses of people from different cultural backgrounds” led to political and social distress, due to the seemingly unmanageable influx of people.

“Yet, as you can see, Poland was not part of the route [that migrants usually took] … to Germany. So, nobody actually saw migrants coming and using Poland as a route to Western Europe, or staying in Poland,” Pawłowski said.

But the refugee crisis became politicized in the next Polish parliamentary election, Pawłowski explained, and the Polish Law and Justice party won a majority on a populist platform which included anti-refugee policies.

Pawłowski went on to explain how these anti-refugee policies were normalized, through prominent right wing politicians and “particularly the right wing media”.

“According to the right wing media the refugee crisis is not actually a crisis; it is a wave, it is an invasion, it is a new form of war, of Muslims, of terrorists, against Europe, Poland obviously included,” Pawlowski said.

He showed a Polish magazine cover headlined, “They are invaders, not refugees.”

Pawłowski then touched upon the right wing media’s depiction of the migrant crisis as a failure of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘political correctness’ and ultimately as a symbol of Europe’s ‘suicide’.

“And another … major theme that reappears regularly in the press is [how] German[y] and Europ[e] dictate [Polish policy],” Pawłowski said.

He explained how Polish media outlets foment resentment towards German Chancellor Angela Merkel by making her seem irresponsible for accepting a great number of refugees.

“But again, you may say that they can write whatever they want, they can say whatever they want, but that might not necessarily affect public behavior. And again, the data suggests otherwise,” Pawłowski said, displaying a graphic which showed a sharp rise in hate crimes against Muslims in Poland following the peak of the refugee crisis in the summer of 2015.
“So, you may say that words don’t matter that much, but [in] the end if you are exposed to this kind of narrative constantly, I think it actually affects people’s behavior,” Pawłowski argued.

  • Polish Hussar

    It has nothing to do with the media, and everything to do with common sense and what people simply want. For centuries, Poland’s neighbors have tried to wipe Poland off the map & completely eliminate any and all forms of Polish culture – for instance during WWII – the Russian Army would burn and destroy all Polish cultural art pieces and executed ten thousand intellectuals and government officials at the Katyn Massacre. Not to mention Hitler’s plan to kill all Polish people for his “living space” ideology.

    So the Poland is 100% within its rights to oppose those illegal economic migrants – who by law have to claim refugee status in the first country they land in, which would have been in the Balkans – however they were safe in Turkey – so really they have no excuse to even be in Europe. There are much poorer nations on earth – as many of these islamic migrants had Apple iPhones with them

    • Mario Jano

      @Polish Husar
      No, no, he got it right. Poles don’t even understand what they are talking about as many of them haven’t seen a Muslim even once in their life. Your mingling with the history ‘Polish Husar’ is a poor attempt to justify racism and xenophobia so widely present in the polish social fabric. Poland can blame its powerful neighbors (Germany and Russia) for it historical mishaps but mostly own citizens for putting personal interests ahead of the country. You basically repeat the same false arguments fabricated by polish right wing media to justify polish xenophobia, like, refugees are not refugees but economic migrants, Poland accepted 1 million Ukrainians (what a joke!), not to mention your argument about iPhone (iPhone might be a luxury in Poland but not in the rest of the world). Poland breeds racists and xenos but also violates international law by denying access for legitimate refugees and sending them back to Belarus without proper hearing. Many of them face potential death!

      • TiredOfIgnorance

        You have NO idea about the history of Poland or its people. You are indeed the biased xenophobe for speaking in such a manner against the Polish people. There is NO obligation to take in “refugees” . Its funny how you won’t say a word about the Arab nations not accepting any refugees. They sit back on their fat cat arses and watch their fellow Muslims suffer at the hands of the real xenophobic radicals- isis.

        • Mario Jano

          Actually I do not a lot about Polish history and the feel-sorry-for-myself mentality of Poles but that is besides the point. Poland, similar to all other states that are signatories to UN Human Right declaration, has a duty to provide refuge for those who need it. The only known just process to make such determination is a judiciary review and such was denied in this case.
          The rest of your message is just a racial slurr

          • Big Slipery Eel

            Oh no! Not racism! HAHAHA

  • The Pink Panther

    How about China take some Muslim refugees?

    I think China is too Chinese. They need some diversity. Their chinese culture is too boring and bland. Mix it up china!

    Send all the Refugees to China. They need to atone for their Chinese privilege!!!

  • The Pink Panther

    Oh no not racism! That’s the worst. Wanting to be around people who look like you and think as you do and believe similar things. That is the worst thing in the world!


    Fuck all you Leftist retards. I hope a muslim enriches your children lolz

  • The Pink Panther

    Poor refugees … they have only the clothes on their back … and a new Samsung Galaxy or iphone 7 … so poor lolz

  • Mario Jano

    Thanks Pink Panther for your memorable performance. I think that it deserves to be left without any commentary as you give the true picture of thaestate of mind behind the decisions of Polish Government. Just a picture perfect image of polish ‘right wing’ thinking. Thanks!

  • Big Slipery Eel

    The Pink Panther is not Polish. I have it on good authority that he was not born in Poland nor has Polish blood. He’s just not a brain dead Leftist 😛

  • Big Slippery Eel 2: The Return

    Poland is “duty-bound” to take care of refugees? HAHAHA

    FUCK your laws. Unjust laws will NOT be followed.

    Remember the Civil Rights movement? Remember how black protestors demanded to be served at whites-only cafes and refused to give up their seats?

    We will NOT obey laws or treaties signed my criminal politicians. We will not break our backs to take care of aliens.

    • DJT

      Brainwashed globalists have no regards for nation-state sovereignty. Very glad that Poland remains uncucked, while Germany and Sweden are having their women violated and men cucked. Sad!

      • Mario Jano

        It is funny how suddenly racial garbage feels empowered by election of such clowns as Trump. Some, ie. Big Slippery Idiot dig deep in the barrel of racial discrimination history to let the bad pressure out that brewed over the last few decades. Dude, Civil Rights Movement, wow. I thought a decent Racist would be over that by now?! How old are you and how much hate fits into this small head of yours? Very, very pathetic and tremendously uncool (to say it in your idol’s language). Judging from this you must be old and miserable..do you realize that you will die this way? Have a nice one…

        • Big Slippery Eel: The Slippening

          Old? I’m in my 20s brah

          Reactionary sentiment making a comeback among the younger Americans? Feels bad man

          We hate love, we love hate 🙂

          You can shove being cool up your fucking ass

          Trump for 8 glorious years 😀

          • DJT

            Haha liberals are so inside their own bubble; they think everyone who supports Trump is some old-aged Klansman. Need I to remind you Dems were and always will be the party of KKK?

        • DJT

          Oh no he’s a filthy white-trash racist! All the liberalism is frying your head up real bad, to the point you’ve no logic left whatsoever.

          I’m firmly against Islamic radicals who murder and rape innocents, as anyone with a decent shred of morals left would, and suddenly I become this black-hating old man?

          Trump is way smarter than you, me, or anyone in this university. He won. The Silent Majority won. You can keep your misguided ideology to yourself and enjoy 8 more years of cognitive dissonance.

          • Mario Jano

            Are you also against radical whites who kill innocent Muslims as it happend for example in Quebec City?

  • DJT

    Yeah Pink Panther, to add to your point I’d like to point out that most of those rapefugees are fighting-age single men with no family. Mario Jano you should go to Sweden and meet some of them. I’m sure they’ll be happy to enrich you with their culturally diverse semen.

  • Jon

    As an Australian I sympathise with Poles who may not yet experience the wave of Muslims as have other countries. But they are right to speak out now before they get targeted with the Muslim invasion. My government has been very tough on illegals trying to get into Australia, and we intend keeping it that way.