March 5, 2017


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The Sun elected its 135th editorial board Saturday morning. As members of the incoming board, we are excited to continue the legacy of our outgoing editors, expanding The Sun’s presence within the greater Ithaca community and shaping a generation of students who take a novel approach to exploring our culture and history.

Last year, we downsized our print operation, reducing the number of weekly issues from five to three. The decision was met with skepticism: would the reduction diminish the quality of our content?  Needless to say, the past year has proved otherwise.

Adopting a “web-first” mentality has streamlined our newsroom. We can now break stories and cover incidents with unprecedented timeliness and efficiency. Our revamped online platform allows us to enhance our stories with compelling data and interactive features that actively engage our readership.

As we move forward with this innovative approach, we will aim to cover our community in a more holistic manner, exploring how Ithaca and the Greater Tompkins County area are affected by various policies and events on both a local and national scale. This shift is more crucial than ever given today’s turbulent sociopolitical climate.

It is a difficult time for all — questionable leadership, waning interest in journalism and fractured trust in traditional media. Despite this, we will continue to work around the clock to brainstorm ideas, publish stories and develop projects that will engage more readers across campus and beyond. In doubling our efforts to navigate the uncharted waters of digital journalism and draw from previously untapped talent in various disciplines, we will continue to keep you informed to the best of our ability.

Thank you for staying with us through these trying times. You, our readers, have always inspired us to grow. We are incredibly excited to share what we have in store for you.
—Sophia Deng ’19, Editor in Chief

  • Pearl Clutcher

    “questionable leadership”???

    Are you referring to Cornell University of the Cornell Daily Sun?

    Please clarify.

    • Pearl Clutcher


  • Pearl Clutcher

    Sophia, this 3-part sentence is revealing. The 1st part explains parts 2 & 3.

    “It is a difficult time for all — questionable leadership, waning interest in journalism and fractured trust in traditional media”

    You call Trump’s leadership questionable. (I wonder if your paper EVER did the same for Obama.)

    That leads us to this:

    waning interest in journalism <== Well, duh! People need journalism for facts, but if you start your sentence out with "questionable leadership" while excusing the previous 8 years, why would people be interested in you?

    fractured trust in traditional media <== Duh! again. The people don't trust you. Period. And that's a GOOD thing. Your field has gotten a pass for far too long with its hidden biases. Now that your dirty laundry's stench is so obvious, people don't trust you. And you deserve it.

    Give me a minute while I find the world's tiniest violin to play a sad tune for you.