March 10, 2017

‘Trust in Dustin’ Platform Seals The Deal: Dustin Liu ’19 Elected Student Trustee

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Dustin Liu ’19 has been elected Student Trustee by the Cornell student body, the Office of Assemblies announced Friday morning.

Gaining 57 percent of the votes in the first round, Liu was elected with 2,623 out of the total 4,579 votes in a margin of 1,757 over his closest competitor Jimmy Putko ’19.

Liu, an Industrial Labor Relations major from New Hyde Park, N.Y. and Human Resources Manager at The Sun, said he hopes to “bring students to the table by building relationships and leveraging student voices” in his new position. For Liu, bridging the student body with the Board of Trustees is central to furthering the democratic process.

His campaign platform focused on three main issues: communication and transparency, putting students at the table and developing leaders. To accomplish this goal, Liu believes that “all we need to do is amplify the student voice,” he said.

“The Board of Trustees may make decisions that are sweeping across this university, but they are not the ones who are living on this campus,” Liu previously told The Sun. “We’re the ones who are directly impacted by those decisions, and we should have a seat at the table to make those decisions.”

As for specifically implementing his platform, Liu said that he plans to give reports on Board of Trustee decisions, help promote a better understanding of student governance, compile a semesterly memo to the board informing them of student concerns and highlight student accomplishments.

Liu also added that as trustee, he wants to hold forums and initiatives to understand student concerns, host dinners with administrators to voice concerns on governance-related topics and advocate for student resources.

Liu said that as a candidate, “the personal relationships [he] ha[s] created with different people across campus,” especially through his various leadership roles, was his “greatest advantage.”

“When I first came to campus, I right away got involved in a lot of different communities,” he said. “I feel throughout my time here, I really built a strong perspective of the student experience.”

Liu has served as freshman representative, LGBTQ+ representative and vice president of public relations on the Student Assembly. His roles within the S.A. have also included subcommittee chair on the Greek Excellence Review Committee and co-chair of the Communications Committee.

Beyond his involvement in shared governance, Liu is also a resident advisor in Clara Dickson Hall, facilitator for the Intergroup Dialogue Project, and panelist for the Peer Educators for Gender and Sexuality program.

Liu said his involvement in these organizations has “colored” his experience, allowing him to “develop really strong relationships, as well as a very interesting, diverse, and multifaceted perspective on the Cornell community.”

“My time here on campus has really been about learning,” he said. “But I think there is still so much to learn, so I am ready to listen, and I am ready to bring voices to the table.”

Anna Delwiche ’19 contributed reporting to this article.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Liu won in the final round of voting out of five. In fact, since he gained a majority of votes in the first round, there was only one round of voting.

  • Brice


    The Board is laughing at us right now.

  • Al

    This was a popularity contest and clearly not based on the issues. I guess our tuition will continue to increase, a liberal will still teach American Conservative Thought, and this sickness that is infecting our college campuses will continue to fester. On the bright side, maybe we’ll all have to announce our preferred pronouns every time we enter a room now!

    • Jay

      The person you clearly wanted chosen was not able to connect to the greater student body and that was her downfall. She wasn’t even a runner-up. You can have all the initiatives you want…if you can’t connect or at least try to with the growing diverse student body then you’re not going to win. She didn’t think strategically.

      • DJT

        The problem with most republicans is, they think if they do the right thing, then good things will happen to them. Sadly that’s only true in an ideal fantasyland.

        • Jay

          The Sun was right in their previous article that she doesn’t unify the campus in the sense that she did not try hard enough to connect with different groups. The constituents that she needed never saw her.

          • DJT

            To win over their votes, she would need to use rhetoric that appeases them–namely, those of liberal tones. She would also need to be strategically ambiguous when it comes to promises. It’s really tragic that she wanted to uphold her conservative principles but wanted to dive into liberal politics.

          • Matt

            Are you that dumb? Her platform included gender-neutral bathrooms, carbon neutrality, and A SANCTUARY CAMPUS- she went left; also, I was close with her campaign and she reached out to EVERYONE and all student groups for endorsements and everyone shut the door in her face because it would “look bad to support the Republican.” SHE is not the problem, the problem is this campus full of closed-minded lunatics who would rather see someone popular win than AN ACTUAL CANDIDATE.

            Dustin Liu, you are #NotMyTrustee. The board is probably clapping their hands, knowing their new trustee has no backbone. They were dreading the idea of Olivia because hmmmm I don’t know she would have ACTUALLY fought for legitimate initiatives and is not a meek “yes” person.

          • DJT

            Matt, sadly it’s not the policies that matter to voters, but the brand. She’s too deeply entrenched in the brand of a Republican, no matter how left-leaning she now is. Like I said if she wanted to be involved in liberal politics she herself would have to be labelled as liberal or at least independent.

            People who voted in the new puppet, don’t act surprised when no real change comes. You deserve what you sow.

      • How Now Brown Cow

        more diversity? you mean fewer straight white people?

        • Matt

          DJT, I wasn’t saying she is left, she is still Republican, but a very MODERATE one and it is a shame that the party dragged her down. She was not interested in becoming student trustee until recently and she was not going to hide her politics to get elected. She is very honest and authentic, and what this school needed.

          • DJT

            Definitely it’s what it needs, but not what it deserves.

    • Hideki Tojo Lives!

      Al: do you prefer Zhe or Zhim? hahahaha welcome to the insane asylum!

    • Anna

      Actually, while undergrad voters certainly outnumber graduate and professional students, it’s worth noting that any graduate or professional student voting on issues may have found Olivia Corn vapid. Her pitch to the GPSA–which she doubled down on–was predicated on the assumption that trustees will have a deciding vote on the union. The entirety of her pitch was then that she would support what the majority of grads choose on that issue. As such, she offered no acknowledgement of professional students, and worse than silence to graduate students: condescension and a lack of due diligence. Dustin Liu, by contrast, appeared to understand the parameters of the job he was seeking.

  • DJT

    Once again an election has proved that it’s not the issues/platform/policies people vote on, but the personality. And obviously on this cuck-infested liberal campus, a cuck is elected.

    Debates don’t matter. Discussions don’t matter. Almost no one showed up to watch the debate. Dustin was intentionally ambiguous on his platform throughout the debate, and the runner-up Jimmy Cucko was clearly unprepared and stuttering–for God’s sake, even the Sun pointed out his ignorance.

    But as Al said, it’s a popularity contest. This is a university of legal-age teenagers.


    • CzenM

      If Olivia Corn represents people like you, I’m glad she lost.

      • DJT

        “People like me” focus on a candidate’s integrity and his/her willingness to fight for real change, not the vague promises or the empty talks. Obviously if you went to the debate or could think for yourself, you would have got my point. But of course you cared more about someone being nice than someone getting things done.

  • Bryce

    These comments are ridiculous. I can’t believe people have the time to sit here and write these.

    • Smooth Criminal

      almost as ridiculous as those Hideki Tojo glasses

      • Democracy will Rise

        I’ll have you know, they’re Ioroko Yamamoto glasses.

  • Hideki Tojo Lives!

    Those are some sweet Hideki Tojo glasses!

    Question is: Does No fuss no muss Dustin Liu realize this? Was it a deliberate attempt to try to look like Tojo? Or merely beautiful happenstance? hmmmmm

    • Will Breakenridge

      The bridge on those glasses are entirely different than the ones Tojo wore. I think you’re only seeing a resemblance because both individuals are East Asian. You’re falling victim to liberalism, which forces you to see race rather than be objectively colorblind. You can’t let the liberals control you like this. You must break free of their rules, of their PC culture. Then you will be able to attack Trustee Liu on his actual horrific plans for this campus, rather than conflating his appearance with that of a Jap Fascist.

      • Soft Cuddly Puppies for You

        And if a student chose to wear a Hitler style mustache and I’ called him on it, the response would be: “you’re see a resemblance because both are White” ???

        such great logic

        don’t wear Lenin beanies or war criminal glasses and I won’t have to call you on it, mmm k?

        • Hideki Tojo is Definitely Dead

          Wait, but race aside, the glasses are completely different from Tojo’s. I am not sure how you are seeing the similarity.

      • Gen. George S. Satin

        The bridge is different?

        What bridge? The bridge over the River Kwai???

        oh snap !!!

  • Hideki Tojo Lives!

    When did Warby Parker start carrying Hideki Tojo style glasses???

  • Hideki Tojo Lives!

    that feeling when you try to look like Imperial Japanese war criminal Hideki Tojo but you don’t have the Testosterone level to pull it off

  • Hey don’t associate that cuck with me!

    • Hot Smoke and Sassafras

      We can never invade American mainland: there will be someone shouting “cuck” behind every blade of grass!

  • Hot Smoke and Sassafras

    Ewww. Support a Republican candidate? That sounds pretty harmful to my future career prospects. Better to be something more respectable like a gender fluid binary two spirit sapiosexual. Something your parents aren’t embarrassed to call son/daughter/zhe hahaha welcome to the mad house people!

    • Omaha to Anchorage

      I think they supported a candidate who has the ability to address 20,000 students without constantly starting fights.
      They supported a candidate who cares about issues relevant to all students, not because he wanted to win an election, but because he truly cares.
      They supported a candidate who takes the time to learn about students and administrators to change the campus for the better, not a candidate who only cares about yelling down her opposition.

      • “Yelling down”? You’ve been listening to fake news haven’t you. If you’ve actually talked to her, she’s moderate and respectful.
        “He truly cares”? The guy has no platform–all talk, no action.

        They supported a candidate who takes the time to put on a nice facade and lies to make students and administrators complacent, not a candidate who fights for real, tangible change.

      • Remember Your Hippopotamus Oath

        he cares? awww he’s a widdle care bear ain’t he?

        muh feelz bro muh feelz


  • Lisa


  • Shelby

    Ironic how the title was “‘Trust in Dustin’ Platform…” considering he did not have a platform.

    • Lol fake news Cornell Sun contradicts itself.

      “Mr. Liu did not present us with a platform” — EDITORIAL: No Endorsement!

  • Wierded out

    This is actually comical. He won by an enormous margin. It was not even a close competition.