More than half of the 34 signs were swiped, members of the Tibet Initiative at Cornell said in a recent interview, emphasizing a campus divide on Chinese policy.

Tibet Initiative at Cornell, via Facebook

More than half of the 34 signs were swiped, members of the Tibet Initiative at Cornell said in a recent interview, emphasizing a campus divide on Chinese policy.

April 27, 2017

Students Divided Over Swiped Pro-Tibet Signs Depicting Self-immolation

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Two dozen posters in the Arts Quad depicting Tibetans self-immolating in protest were snatched last week by an unknown person or people on the same night a Cornell group had put the signs up.

The stealing of the signs last week emphasized a campus divide among international students regarding China’s policy toward Tibet, which includes exiling the Dalai Lama and prohibiting photographs of the spiritual leader, and elicited differing views regarding protests in Tibet and campus activism.

The poster campaign, organized by the Tibet Initiative at Cornell, featured names and pictures of 30 Tibetans who self-immolated — set fire to their own bodies — in protest of China’s actions regarding Tibet.

“Self-immolation has begun to boom since 2009 [and] the [2008] Beijing Olympics, when people were desperate about the situation in Tibet,” said Tenzin Dechen ’18, a member of TIC. “It did garner a lot of international media attention then, but, since then, coverage has died down and we wanted to let the campus know that this is still happening.”

The posters attracted attention from pedestrians who walked around Arts Quad on the first day of the campaign, organizers said, which was their intention. Their mission, members said, was to make students aware of the acts by making the acts of protest visible.

“That first day was great,” said Tenzin Wangmo ’18, a member of TIC. “We were not expecting people to research or act on this issue. People were stopping at the signs and just reading it. That’s all we wanted, and people were doing just that.”

More than half of the signs, 24 of 34, were missing on the second day of the poster campaign, and most TIC members suspect foul play.

“We couldn’t continue the poster display because, after the second day, over two thirds of it [was] gone,” Wangmo said.

“All four title posts were gone,” Wangmo said, making her think that wind or other weather was not the culprit. “We talked to maintenance about it. It’s not like [the signs] were scattered across the Arts Quad, they were all just gone.”

24 of the 34 signs depicting quotations and pictures of Tibetans who self-immolated in protest were snatched, TIC members said.

Tibet Initiative at Cornell, via Facebook

24 of the 34 signs depicting quotations and pictures of Tibetans who self-immolated in protest were snatched, TIC members said.

All of the posters with political messages were removed from the Arts Quad, said a CALS junior who spoke to the The Sun on the condition of anonymity because the student had “family back home in Tibet” and was worried about potential consequences of speaking to the press.

“I looked at the posters that were gone,” the student said. “A lot of them had quotes. Any posters with quotes that mentioned anything that was slightly political, like they did it in front of a government building, were gone.”

Given exceptional circumstances, Cornell administrators extended the duration of the poster campaign and worked to find the culprit, TIC members said. But the campus group lacks the time and money to launch another poster campaign and the identity of the potential vandal remains unknown, Dechen said.

“At the moment, we are corresponding with the Cornell administrators to find out what next steps to take,” Dechen said. “But our budget is shot, and it’s prelim season. We realistically can’t do much for this semester … [the possible vandal] could be anyone. There are no cameras in the Arts Quad.”

Chinese Students’ Perspectives Vary

Campus activity concerning Tibet is a controversial topic for Chinese international students studying in the United States. Chinese students recently protested the selection of Dalai Lama, the exiled head of the Tibetan government, as the commencement speaker at UC San Diego, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Some Chinese international students studying in Ithaca were also unnerved by the Tibetan poster campaigns.

“It’s complicated,” a Chinese student in the College of Arts and Sciences told The Sun on the condition of anonymity because the student feared retribution if they were identified.

“There are two different versions [of history], and I don’t know which is true. But, I feel it’s good to at least recognize that this conflict exists and these Tibetans are here, because they are considered minority groups, even here.”

Self-immolation in the Tibetan context is not an “act of suicide,” Prof. Jane-Marie Law, religious studies, said in an interview.

“Self-immolation is a long-standing form of protest in the Buddhist world … done when people have no sense of agency,” she said. “It’s very different from suicide. What makes self-immolation not a suicide is the motivation — it is done to prevent suffering of someone else, or on behalf of your community … it is the ultimate selfless act.”

Self-immolation is a very sensitive issue for the Chinese government, which often perceives the act as a symbol of Tibetan defiance of Chinese authority in the area.

“The Chinese government does not freak out without good reason,” Law said. “What is terrifying about self-immolation to an oppressing power … is that it tells them, ‘You don’t control my fear of pain and suffering.’ Once you realize the mental control required [for self-immolation], you realize you are oppressing someone stronger than you are.”

A Chinese sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences said pro-Tibet activism on campus is positive, but added that it is discouraging to see how the issue of Tibet was framed in the exhibit.

“Students or on-campus organizations should be allowed to express their political stances,” the student wrote in a message to The Sun. “I think removing the pictures was an unwise decision, regardless of the intentions behind it.”

“However, I am indeed concerned about some of the effects of displaying these pictures,” the student added. “From what I have seen these pictures overwhelmingly convey the message that the situation in Tibet could not be improved unless China granted it complete autonomy, which is not consistent with political reality.”

Other Chinese students were more critical of the Tibetan campus activism for “neglecting how divisive and complex the issue of Tibet is … for Chinese international students at Cornell.”

“‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ goes both ways,” a Chinese Arts and Sciences freshman wrote in an email to The Sun. “What seems to be a campaign for human rights could possibly be considered a public endorsement to a known separatist and traitor by some members of the Cornell community.”

Some Chinese students said they were supportive of Tibet, but support for more pro-Tibet policies was the minority view in some Chinese communities at Cornell.

“I think I am supportive of Tibet and campus activism about it, but that may be because my maternal family is from Taiwan and I went to an international school and wasn’t shaped by the government in the same way,” Deanna M. Pistono ’19 said. “I don’t think I am representative of the Chinese international community who grew up in China and went through their school system.”

Law, the religious studies professor, said the Chinese government generally attempts to restrict speech regarding Tibet.

“There certainly is censorship in Tibet,” she wrote in an email. “People are not allowed to discuss any controversial issues, the status of the Dalai Lama, the problem with the Chinese-selected ‘Panchen Lama,’ or any other host of issues.”

Not the First Time…

Despite TIC members’ shock, this is not the first time a political display on the Arts Quad has been vandalized. Last year, Amnesty International at Cornell’s displays, and, in 2014 and 2015, signs and chalkings placed by pro-Palestine groups, were repeatedly removed or vandalized, The Sun previously reported.

“Last year, Amnesty’s refugee display was a collection of flags from five countries with the most refugees,” said Helen Shanahan ’18, co-facilitator of Amnesty International at Cornell. “People repeatedly stole the flags, particularly the Palestine flags, and scattered them around North Campus. It was obviously purposely destroyed.”

The vandal behind Amnesty International at Cornell’s display was never found.

“Cornell Police looked into it but they never found any leads about it, so we didn’t have any avenues to go,” said Christopher Hanna ’18, another co-facilitator for the group.

In response to last year’s vandalism, Amnesty International made sure this year’s display was securely anchored to the ground to deter potential vandals.

“The displays this year are harder to take out,” Hanna said. “The flags were just shallowly put in the ground, so an assailant can easily rip dozens and scatter them out. But these displays have metal sticks in the ground and will take a lot of time to pull out.”

Hanna suspects the vandals may have been racially motivated, aiming to negatively shape the activism culture on campus.

“I think the common thread is disrespect or [a] racist way of thinking,” Hanna said. “It’s subtly racist, because these [countries] are all non-white or otherwise on the periphery that are having their flags and displays removed.”

The fact that these exhibits have been removed from campus, Hanna said, “speaks to a toxic culture about activism on campus.”

  • Professor Weinstein

    Obviously the signs were stolen by Chinese students.

    Nasty little Chinese nationalists have a big problem with Tibetan independence.

    • Anon

      Cannot believe this comes from the mouth of a professor if you really are a professor. Is this your way of conducting research? Shouldn’t you do more investigation before you make any assumption?

      • Cornell Buddhist

        Which is the only group of students who voice objection to Tibetan independence or letting the Dalai Lama speak on campus?

        Oh that’s right: Chinese students.

        • Anon

          Which is the only group of students who has lived in China and understand the issue about Tibetan independence?
          Oh that’s right: Chinese students.

          • Taiwan is the Real China: Feels bad man?

            International students love to run their mouths about Trump and meddle in American politics even though they are not citizens ad should keep their mouths shut. When I see foreign students keep quiet about Trump and American politics, then maybe I’ll stop claiming that Taiwan is the REAL China.

    • Chinese Nationalism = nasty
      American Nationalism = muh freedom!

      • Professor Turtletraub

        If Americans aren’t allowed to be nationalistic without being labeled despicable bigots, why should the Chinese or anyone be allowed to be nationalistic? Open borders for all!

        • CJ

          Haha you are funny. So you are saying you would willingly carve up a chunk of your country and give it back to the Native Americans, the Hawaiians, the Mexicans? Native Americans have endured far worse than tibetans ever had under Chinese leadership not to mention the macabre terrorism tibetans carry out against innocent Chinese civilians. And the kind of nationalistic sentiment you are referring to is called racism. Chinese are not racist, at least not as much as the majority of the Americans as testified by recent events. Try to mind your own shit.

          • Professor Weintraub

            American Indians were savages who abducted and sadistically tortured White settlers.

            I know your knowledge of American history comes out of the indoctrination centers that pass for schools in China, but perhaps you should read the account of how Jamestown leader John Ratcliffe was skinned alive in 1609 by Indians.

            When the Chinese Red Army took over Tibet, they forced the Buddhist monks and nuns to fornicate in the streets before killing them. That’s in addition to starving to death 60 million Chinese peasants. Maybe your grandfather was a hero of the Long March, CJ? A descendant of murderers and criminals.

            The Chinese are the most racist bigots on the planet. They consider themselves superior to all others. They also refuse to interact with others when abroad and keep to their own insular community. Clubs for Chinese abound. Not not a single one for Whites. On campus, you see nothing but bands and groups of Asians. But when White students want to associate only with other Whites, they have diversity foisted upon.

          • CJ

            ‘American Indians’? ‘Savages’? Ok now I’m pretty clear where you stand. And you based this on how many Chinese people you know (that is, without racist predisposition)? Now I have no difficulty grasping how Trump could think he is not racist when there are people like you.

          • CJ

            I owe everything I know to both the Chinese and American education system, and I wonder have you ever even been to a respectable school ‘professor’?

        • CJ

          And it’s time to take off your tin foil hat and try to read something (I know it’s difficult for you but it’s just try) other than Breitbart or InfoWars, and O’Reilly has been canned.

  • Alum

    There aren’t cameras on the Arts quad that would have captured it? This must be the only place then without cameras!

  • Sophia

    Tibetans, Palestinians, refugees… All victims of oppression and stigmatization. And now this hate crime… That’s why we need more people in social justice activism!

    • CJ

      Ok if you want to talk social justice how many tears have you shed for the innocent Chinese who were mercilessly murdered by Tibetan terrorists?

      • Professor Weintraub

        How about some tears for the 60 million Chinese peasants who starved to death during Mao’s Great Leap Forward? Or the several other million who perished during the Cultural Revolution?

        I’m going to wager CJ’s grandfather was a high ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party, perhaps even a “hero” of the Long March.

        How many innocents did your war criminal grandfather kill CJ?

        • CJ

          My grandfather lost his entire family fortunes to the communist parties and I’m willing to admit the horrible things they’ve done to many people including my family that I’m not proud of. But I’m curious as to what you have against the Long March. And why you are getting defensive and throwing irrelevant counterpoints every time you have to face the truth that neither your government nor he Tibetans are perfect.

          • CJ

            And also as long as we are assuming stuff, you are ex military, served in the Afghanistan or Iraq, tortured and raped innocent women and children and dropped a bomb on a civilian village that killed millions. Became disconcerted when you felt that you were losing your white privilege and dug a hole in your gun shed and talked how much the dirty immigrants have ruined your perfect country, and forbade your children from getting vaccinated until they died off measles. My my you don’t realize how funny you are that you are practically a parody of yourself. You remind me of someone. I read about him in Mein Kampf and the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. May you live in your little white man’s fantasy world in your little white man’s world and never have a tiny grasp of reality. Be the perfect little redneck that you are.

          • The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

            The mark of a truly loyal Communist is to go to the gallows while singing the praises of Communism.

            During the Great Purge, those Stalin had sentenced to death often cried out for “Comrade Stalin” just before they died, so deep was their loyalty to Stalin.

            Good to see despite any personal setbacks or familial privations, your heart continues to beat on the Left side.

        • CJ

          In the meantime, try to amuse yourself with the fact that my grandfather wasn’t even born back then (I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you at least know when it was).

          • The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

            Funny how you have to resort to name calling.

            If American nationalists are all PBR swilling pickup truck driving rednecks, does that mean Chinese nationalists are all slanty eyed dog eating gambling-addicted smog dwellers?

          • Fascist trolls any time of the day

            Homophobic too? Surprise surprise. You really are the full package aren’t you. So you know calling names is a cheap shot. Wonder what you were thinking when you first attacked me and my family.

    • Chinese Student

      Sorry but these are the real victims of oppression, by the so-called independence activists

      • Sure you have received this

        Wait, is the Kunming attack carried out by disgruntled Tibetans? If not, how is your comment relates to this article?

  • Tenzin Gyalpo

    I am a tibetan origin and i deeply appreciate all the members of TIC for their support to our cause. 👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏼🙏🏼

    P.s For the vandelizers of the missing posters on the campus🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Chinese Student
      • One Day at Horrorland

        Do you disavow the 60 million Chinese peasants Mao starved to death during the “Great Leap Forward” ? Do you disavow the millions more who died in the Cultural Revolution?

        • Anon

          Yes I disavow the peasants’ deaths during the periods, but I also disavow the made-up numbers of death you claimed.

        • happy

          6 million times 10. Wonder who made up that number!

  • Tibetan Monk

    Christopher Hanna is a moron.

    The people who took the signs were obviously Chinese and not White: it’s always Whites who are the most pro-Tibet and it’s only the Chinese who crash the Free Tibet protests because of their evil nationalistic Chinese supremacist ideology.

    Shame on Hanna for blaming whites for everything.

    • Student

      Shame on you for your inability to differentiate the opinion of the state from the opinion of the people. Stop antagonizing and stereotyping others. This would not help to build a good impression on your fellow Tibetans; and will only allienate yourself and your people from others that try to help, given your logic. But I’m gonna assume that you do not represent other Tibetans here in Cornell; and your lousy accusations do not speak for others. I hope you are willing to recognize the differences among individuals in the Cornell community

      • Cornell Buddhist

        Who do you see holding signs that say, “Tibet Belongs to China” ?
        Are they white students? Or Chinese students?

        Who do you see shouting down or holding counter-protests against “Free Tibet” protesters? White students or Chinese students?

        • Student

          I don’t think anyone has the super power to identify a person’s nationality by one’s appearance. And I think it would make a lot more sense to see people as individuals with different beliefs rather than assigning a kind of belief to them. Because your logic of categorizing and stereotyping seems to suggest that it is a dispute between white people and Chinese people? Please give the agency back to the real stakeholders, if you are not impacted by the state’s policy. If you are the subject caught in the dispute of sovereignty, maybe it will be more effective to try to draw all the support you can get instead of driving potential supporters away.

          • Professor Turtletraub

            You’re right: I see tons of Black Chinese all the time. Moron.

          • anonymous

            Actually if you go to Guangzhou you can see those disgusting creatures for yourself. Degeneracies such as race-mixing are gaining popularity there all because of your (((liberal))) propaganda

          • Ugh

            A “super power” to differentiate between a Chinese and a white person?? It takes about a split second glance. The dichotomy originally presented was between Chinese and white (presumably American) students. This comparison excluded non-white Americans, and very few people who are not ethnically Chinese (Han and others) hold Chinese citizenship.

          • Ugh

            I apologize that I could not differentiate terms like ethnicity and nationality. I also apologize that I failed college because I cannot understand the locus of other people’s argument. I am deeply sorry.

      • Cornell Buddhist

        The Chinese government has a very long arm and has great influence through organizations like the CSSA – the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

        Every time the Dalai Lama is invited to speak at a US campuis, the Chinese students at that campus protest against it.

        • Ibet

          I was watching the quad during the sign attack using my n-2008 spy glasses that allow me to have night vision and racial detection. The transceiver translated the information into a transverse matrix that was fed directly into my brain using a neural fiber pathway. I can say with 99% certainty that it was a Chinese agent that works within Cornell. I think it was the same one who sabotaged my beer when I was drinking and made me be 15 dollars cash for a dining hall visit. The food was very boring. I’ll catch him I promise you.

          • Ibet

            If you want to catch up with me on campus – I’m the guy who looks like Geordi LaForge (Chief Engineer on the USS Enterprise)

          • You should not worry about Chinese government spies infiltrating Cornell. Simply continue being American teenagers like myself, no one is studying your behavior.

        • Chinese Student

          Just shut your dumb mouth up if you understand no shit. CSSA has no affiliation to the Chinese government nor does it accept fundings from it. It is though complicated if we were to dig into whether the Tibetian initiatives have affiliation to any of the terrorist group.

          • One Day at Horrorland

            Touched a nerve?

            Yes, the CSSA has connections with the Chinese government. They monitor Chinese students’ political opinions and look for dissent. Many CSSA organizers and leaders were involved in the Communist Youth League and other communist organizations back home and remain fanatically loyal to the Party.

          • Anon

            LOL, show evidence then. If not then you can shut up.

          • Re: Anon and Chinese Student

            It’s suprising to see that Chinese intl students deny affliation between CSSA and Chinese govt.

            According to Cornell CSSA website, CSSA is “Cornell’s only Chinese students and scholars organization financially sponsered by the Consolate General of China in New York”.

            Searching for CSSA in other universities, UC San Diego CSSA claims that it is “an official affiliate of the Chinese Consolate General in Los Angeles”.

            If you search more, you will find more.

            Shame on you two denying the relationship between CSSA and the Chinese govt. It is almost an open secret among Chinese students.

    • Ibet

      I believe that Hanna has a 4.12 GPA at Cornell ( I hacked Cornell, Area 51, pentagon, etc.. )and is CEO of human rights enterprises. He is a very smart man and taught me how to walk when I was born 3 days ago. (My species achieves adulthood within 3 days of spawning.) I like to call him dad but he does not like it – I don’t know why could you help me with this issue?) I want to inform you that the Chinese takeover of Tibet was a complete ruse. The tibetans actually took over China and annexed it. I know it may seem remote but if you watch Alex Jones videos backwards at full volume the truth will be revealed.

      • We knew it had to be you when our systems were breached. Because you’re only 3 days old we had to get special permission, but we have received approval to deploy seal team 666. There’s nowhere you can go, at this moment we are tracking the chip in your pager and triangulating your mySpace check in locations. Try to hide if you want, but when you least expect it, our operatives will enter your residence through your shower drain. That’s a promise.

  • Hank

    It is really heartwarming to see various “oppressed” groups fighting among themselves. I am shocked that white Americans have not been blamed for these disputes. But just wait.

    • Cornell Buddhist

      Christopher Hanna blamed the sign stealing on Whites even though they were obviously stolen by a Chinese student.

      • Ibet

        After DNA analysis at the crime scene it was shown to be a Chinese Government spy. Your clairvoyance is astounding? Have you ever considered going onto Maury Povich as a replacement for paternity tests?

  • anon

    Yeah let’s also talk about the Native Americans and the African Americans. I think they deserve their own lands as well.

    • Professor Weintraub

      The American government has spent (squandered) hundreds of billions of dollars on charity for blacks and other failure groups in this country. Blacks, Indians, etc are given preferential treatment in hiring and college admissions.

      • Chinese Student

        Then how do you know the Chinese government hasn’t been giving welfares privileges to the minority? Every single race in China, except for the main Han race, is able to get into the same university with a less mark. Also, you claimed the Chinese government murdered Tibetian, do you have a reliable source? Whites murdering indians and black IS a fact, though.
        This, is also a fact. Good job Tibetian initiative groups.

        • One Day at Horrorland

          Indians abducted and sadistically and ritualistically tortured White settlers. They were violent savages who warred relentlessly with other tribes and with settlers.

          And don’t me laugh about your “compassion” about blacks – the Chinese students on American campuses do everything they can to avoid blacks and everyone who isn’t Chinese. But when Whites do the same, it’s evil Jim Crow, it’s evil racism, it’s evil segregation. Chinese are the most racist people on the planet.

          Japanese in China in the 1930s and 40s were enlightened liberators bringing wisdom and culture to Manchuria. See how revisionist history works?

          Why no concern for the 60 million Chinese Mao starved to death in the Great Leap Forward? Instead you focus on some isolated incident involving Tibetans?

          • Anon

            Show evidence for the claimed “60 million deaths” during the great leap forward. The number of deaths are still debated while 60 million would only be believed by idiots. The great leap forward was a communist experiment by the CCP and the CCP has admitted its mistakes, and years after that we’ve raised the country’s economy to the second in the world and benefitting 1400 billions of chinese citizens. Why don’t you talk about that?

  • Ibet

    Yo I heard Chris Hanna is from Tibet. Why would he take the signs off?

    • Ibet

      If you don’t hear from me again it was the Chinese Government

      • Ibet

        Happy (((4/20)))

        • Ibet

          Do tibetans celebrate 4/20 or was it the Chinese Government

  • Professor Turtletraub

    You will find the stolen signs in the trunk of some chinese student’s car. Guaranteed.

    • Hank

      Do you mean mini-van?

      • Professor Weintraub

        Grandchildren of Chinese Communist Party officials never drive anything less than an Audi – well maybe a BMW when they’re slumming it

  • (((Dalai))) the (((globalist)))

    Dalai Lama said climate change and global economy are his prime concerns (straight from Breitbart). That means no more America First. Are the red-blooded patriots here still gonna suck on him now?

  • Dhondup Zurkhang

    It’s a pure act of cowardness driven by guilt. It’s surely a act of some Chinese students brain washed by their own people ( expansionist communist Chinese Goverment). The Chinese governments Mantra….be ware of three T’s… TIBET, TAIWAN, TINAMAN SQUARE… is all the Chinese students studying abroad know. They are subject of pity and to be forgiven. Thank you Cornell Art
    Quad for showing concern about the Tibet and voicing for Tibetans.

    • CJ

      Thanks for the sanctimony. We feel sorry for you too.

  • CJ

    This is rich. If Tibetans are allowed to voice their political concerns on campus with an open forum why can’t Chinese? I know it’s easy to sympathize with the “little guys” and vilifying the “big government”, but can you for once see things from both sides? So you see Muslim terrorism, but do you know how many innocent chinese civilians lost their lives because of terrorism committed by these very tibetans, whose passive aggressive suicide you are now defending? It’s not like Chinese students are running around the United States spreading support for separatist influence within the United States. And will you just get down from your high horse and take a good look at your own history and figure out how what kind of shit your own country is responsible for. And which country has the most to gain if Tibet was independent? That’s right, the United States. The public interest in the Tibetan activism was initially roused up in the 60s as part of a Cold War political scheme, and see how well you are eating it all up.

    • Professor Weintraub

      CJ you’re a moron. The Chinese Communist Party owes its very existence to the United States. Many US government and military advisers who were sent to China to advise on the war against the Japanese during WW2 stayed on as advisers to Mao.

      • Anon

        LMFAO go back to elementary school and re-learn your history by first knowing the existence of two major Chinese power during WW2 and the one that US supported, as opposed to spreading merely laughable claims on the internet that show nothing but your stupidity.

    • Professor Weintraub

      You mean like nuking your arch enemies, the Japanese?

      You should get on your hands and knees every day and be thankful for the United States. If it weren’t for Uncle Sam, you would be a Japanese puppet state to this very day.

      • CJ

        The United States helped with WWII sure. But if this is the way you are going to respond to opposing views then I have nothing to say to you. United States owed it’s very recent (like what, less than 70 years?) rise to power to the two very brutal wars that turned civilization back generations, and let’s see how long it’s gonna last. It’s entitled little rednecks like you that gets this country it’s reputation among the rest of the civilized world. Enjoy the Trump presidency. You truly deserved it.

        • Professor Turtletraub

          Ah, since I’m an American nationalist, I must be a redneck. The standard attack by foreigners afraid the gravy train might be coming to an end.

          Were Vietnamese who wanted the French out of Indochina backward country hicks too? Was Gandhi an Indian redneck because he wanted the British out?

          I see now: nationalism is fine when it’s yellow and brown people behind it but it’s a quaint brutish outlook when espoused by White people.

          Get this through your pointy little head: the purpose of a nation is to look after its own citizens and give preferential treatment to them over non-citizens.

          Do Americans go to China and expect to be given healthcare, welfare, and equal access to jobs? Don’t think so

          • CJ

            Offended are we? It was a cheap shot I know only to show you that two can play at this game. I hope you at least have the grace to admit that you insulted me and my grandfather for literally nothing. But out of curiousity, tell me how many of those stereotypes are not true? I have all the respect in the world for upstanding soldiers who fight and protect this country and many of them may or may not be white. They are true nationalists, not you. And I will explain it in terms a raging racist like you understand: they earned their respect, but that doesn’t mean you are entitled to it just because they are white like you. Each one of us earn their own lot, which seems to be a concept way too difficult for your bigoted mind to understand. And you only showed your ignorance of China because you know how many white trash are in China, earning money by begging on the streets living on Chinese people’s charity but China is too polite to reject them? Plenty, and mind you we will not take in any more so don’t buy your tickets just yet. By the time Trump has destroyed the United States many more will try to pour in, but you will get the same treatment from us as Syrian refugees get from you. The United States with its customary meddling in nobody’s business contributed more than any other country to the refugee crisis, and now has refused to take them in. Has China ever meddled in the United States business? Maybe, but at least she doesn’t bomb civilian villages.

          • CJ

            And you seem to have forgotten that every one in the United States is as much as an immigrant as the next one, except for Native Americans and descendants of black slaves who came here against their will.

          • CJ

            And the third Reich did fall, with the assistance of many brave Americans (again, has nothing to do with you) 72 years ago, and unless you are going about starting your own you do well to remember that.

      • CJ

        And by attacking me while not denying the truth you only corroborated my point.

        • One Day at Horrorland

          So because Pilgrims were “immigrants,” we need to allow unrestricted immigration 400 years later into America?

          People are not equal CJ

          Just because Whites expanded and settled doesn’t mean Americans are obligated to take every piece of human debris that washes up on its shores.

          Americans need to start behaving like the Chinese: with no guilt or remorse for anything, especially not over things they didn’t do.

          BTW, how many Syrian “refugees” is China taking?

          But tell me again about the American melting pot: diversity for thee but for me. We know the strategy of the Chinese is to weaken the United States in any way possible. Since it can’t be done militarily, they promote Leftist causes.

          • CJ

            China wants nothing to do with Syria other than stop The United States from meddling yet again in other people’s business. Do you deny that the United States has nothing to do with the severity of the Syrian crisis today? Because I can. Syria is not China’s responsibility, but while the United States left a dump of a country all over the Middle East, leaving immigrants nowhere else to turn other than Europe, United States which has the most to blame in this is shutting its door on the mess it left behind. A perfect hit and run. I don’t deny that China might have some shady business in the United States, but United States has a clean slate? Tut. Every nation for its own, don’t preach me on the holiness that is thy country. The Tibetan business is as much the handiwork of the United States as the Tibetans. At least we are not splintering your country any more than it already is. China did some bad things, but you are not even going to admit the horrible things that your country is responsible for? No country should take human debris of course, but do you mean just because someone is Mexican or Muslim or whatever that makes them debris? As for charity cases, like I said, China is taking plenty of white trash. But I’m not my country’s decision. If I could make a choice I an willing to welcome Syrian refugee into my city, as long as they are comprehensively vetted. As for people are not equal, I agree that people don’t have the same level of intelligence or competence, but if you are basing this solely on race or gender or sexual orientation. Well. I don’t have a problem with whites. I have a problem with neonazis.

  • Lhundup Tibet

    My appreciation for Cornell for allowing Tibetan students to voice their concern about Tibet. Their sole purpose was to create awareness, supporting or not is the choice of individual students who witness them.

    • Green Earth

      You are right, but when it comes to political, especially territorial agendas they typically tell only one side of the story, and knowing the American public what with their inherent distrust of government and spontaneous lactation when it comes to what are convieniently labeled “the oppressed” they will take this to be the whole truth.

  • Green Earth

    It’s interesting how mass suicides are glorified and elevated to a level of spiritual transcendence when it fits their propaganda.

  • Another Professor

    I would to see some concrete demands from this particular political activism group. Given that

    1. Self-immolation is an acceptable form of political protest according to these activists
    2. The Chinese government suppresses people’s freedom to protest, in this particular case, by putting out fires with extinguishers

    a concrete demand from this activism group could very well be: Demand the Chinese government to designate locations for self-immolation, an acceptable form of protest, without interference.

    See how easy it is to push it to the next level? And I would love to see one of the activists, those who condone such form of protests, to lead by example.

  • > be murican fag
    > claims china has superiority complex
    > then proceeds to insist murica is da best and china sucks

    no thanks we don’t want any of your (((democracy))). you alone are responsible for destabilizing middle east and thus flooding europa with terrorists and refugees (same thing really). maybe your god-emperor trump should go through his old tweets and be reminded what a massive lying cuck he is.

    • 2012: Obama is stupid to intervene in Syria. Need to work with Bashar!
      2017: Bomb the shit out of them cuz muh approval ratings

    • Professor Turtletraub

      Why do Chinese hate gays so much? Like 40 million Chinese men will never find a woman due to China’s 1 child policy and female infanticide / selective sex abortion practice. Maybe they should consider some man on man love so they won’t be so lonely?

      • Another Professor

        I don’t know schadenfreude in intrenched in Free Tibet movement.

        Here is what the Dalai Lama, the God King of the Free Tibet movement, stated with regard to LGBT:

        “A sexual act is deemed proper when the couples use the organs intended for sexual intercourse [penis and vagina] and nothing else… Homosexuality, whether it is between men or between women, is not improper in itself. What is improper is the use of organs already defined as inappropriate [mouth, hand, anus] for sexual contact.”

        • Ngawang

          I have seen the speech and I’m pretty sure he said sex is appropriate when it is done with the intention of conceiving. Anything else is just lust, which is a sin in Buddhism. I hope you make sure the true meaning of his statements doesn’t get lost due to translation or paraphrasing. Its not nice to twist people’s words and make them out to be something they are not.

      • Anon

        Chinese hate gay so much because your ignorance allows you to make the irresponsible claim that “chinese hate gay so much”

    • Professor Turtletraub

      Peckerwood? Wow, someone doesn’t like White people very much.

      TFW you feel superior to White people but dream of getting out of your own country and going to an institution built by White men back when your own country was a lawless mad max world of warlords lolz

      • day of the rope, 1488

        lmao the older generation white guys who built these institutions from back when the west was great would have a seizure or heart attack if they were to see the people running this country today. should have listened to pat buchanan, but then it’s too late to save the cucks.

        • One Day at Horrorland

          yeah well the solution to current problems isn’t to allow unfettered immigration from other countries or by allowing insular student enclaves from China to set up on American campuses.

          • non-interventionist

            And stop playing the world police and mind your own American business. No Chinese here was trying to tell you how to run your country. I don’t see in what way Tibet has anything to do with “America First”.

  • Eric Rasmusen

    Students: Put some videocameras up and find out who’s removing signs. In fact, set up a trap for them next time. Be prepared to loudly urge the Administration to expel the people who remove the signs. The Administration won’t want to do it probably (administrators are generally cowards) so be prepared to take it to the national media to increase the embarassment they already feel about Cornell’s political reputation.

    • Anon

      I don’t see anything wrong in removing signs that promote terrorism.

      • One Day at Horrorland

        China needs more diversity: FACT

        China is too uniform, boring, and stale. Diversity is a strength!

        • Anon

          We don’t need your advise for how to become strong. We spent only 60 years from nothing to become the second strongest country in the world.

          • One Day at Horrorland

            Then stop meddling in the affairs of other nations. Stop agitating for open borders for the United States when your country is locked up tighter than a snare drum and you need a fucking permit to travel between provinces.

            Chinese response to American nationalists: “You racist! You bigot! You sinophobe!”
            Chinese response to blacks in Guangzhou: “Go home foreigners! China is for the Chinese!”

          • Anon

            LUL the fact is we dont need a fucking permit to travel between provinces. You should stop making stupid claims about China based on your ignorance. I also couldn’t care less about your fking US border and I don’t even know why you are bringing it up.

          • Ignorance everywhere

            Hahaha. Cannot travel between provinces without permits? Before you say something, can you at least use your tiny little brain to think or google it out? And how is it related to meddling in the affairs of other nations? Fun fact: Tibet is not acknowledged as a nation by any single country in the world.

      • Ngawang

        I see some of you repeatedly calling Tibetans terrorists in various post. How I wish you’d do the same to the Chinese governments who wrongly imprisoned so many monks (search up Tulku Tenzin Delek, Panchen Lama) only because they were scared of how much Tibetans respected them. I’m a tibetan who went to a Tibetan refugee school. Although I was born in India, a lot of my friends came from Tibet when they were about 10 years of age leaving their parents behind. Their parents only sent them away so they don’t have to live the same oppressed life. I’ve seen them unable to call their parents because the government was being strict due to protests. Do you think these kind of things can be “fabricated” by Tibetan “terrorists”? Not everything is some weird propaganda against China. This is our life and I feel truly helpless when people call out sufferings a “propaganda”. One Chinese students said had know China best because he’s Chinese. Well, then I’d know Tibet best because I have lived as a Tibetan. It’s disgusting to make it sound like we call ourselves refugees because we are unnecessarily conspiring against the Chinese government. I have nothing against Chinese people. I just wish that my people and my friend’s families can live and talk freely without fear just because they’re Tibetans. We need freedom to practise whichever religion or language we want to. I want NOTHING more. But go on, keep being obstinate and believing whatever botched up Tibetan history that the Chinese govt feeds you.

        • Anon

          You said the Chinese government imprison Tibetan monks for no reason, can you give proof or citation? On the other hand, why would the Chinese government imprison some monks out of no reason? You think we still live in 18th century monarchy where there is no law and order? Why won’t you use your little brain to deduce that those people conspired with terrorists and Tibetan independents intending to distrupt Chinese government’s relation with the Tibetan minority, and even intentionally murder Chinese citizens? Terrorism are evident in the Tibetan, Xinjiang area,, supported by fact, but how about your claim that “Chinese government imprisoned monks for no reason”? You DO have problem with the general Chinese people, because you also intend to destabilize the ruling of the CCP, which has brought prosperity to the 1.4 billion people in my country by making China the second strongest economy in the world. You said you are borned in India, have you EVER been to Tibet? What else did you learn about Tibet besides FAKE WESTERN propaganda? Freedom for religion is stated in OUR CONSTITUTION, HOW DO YOU RECEIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT IS AGAINST FREEDOM OF RELIGION BESIDES FAKE WESTERN PROPAGANDA? In fact, we Han people even feel that the Chinese government has been given too much favor to the minority races, that we suspect our country is CONTROLLED by them: for example, the GANSU area is suspected to maintain Muslim gangs who owns halal businesses and hinder, coerce Han people from competitions. YOU have NEVER been to Tibet, NOR have you been to CHINA. You also KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what really the Tibetan religion IS like before CCP stepped in. If you are interested just GOOGLE yourself “human skin Dhanka”, “Tibet slavery” and “human bone oblation”. Have FUN LUL.

          • Eric Rasmusen

            Fascinating. I guess that Chinese propaganda really works.

          • Anon

            Yea same applies to your western propaganda. You guys can very likely bombard and wipe out a legitimate country like Iraq by waving a bag of detergent in a UN conference

        • Anon

          YOU, in fact, illustrated precisely what Tibet Initiative in Cornell REALLY IS. None of you are true Tibetans; you basically have NEVER BEEN TO Tibet, not to mention China. You just LOOK LIKE Tibetans. Whereas you receive so much FAKE WESTERN PROPAGANDA, and from the Indian propaganda that sees China as its biggest enemy because of our relation with Pakistan, plus you think it would look nice on your resume to have some anti-one-of-the-major-powers activities, so you decide to attack our government and accuse it with the absurdest thing you can think of.

          • Eric Rasmusen

            Back when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, it was the conservatives who said Free Tibet, and the Left was enthusiastic about the Chinese conquest. I know that many on the Left are pro-Tibet now, and the Right still is, but more quietly. What is the dominant view on the Left now, though? Is it that Tibet ought to be an independent country?

  • keep whining crybabies

    Funny that Americans fake outrage and concern for Tibet when in reality they couldn’t give two shits about some people in far east. Truth is they’d just use any excuse to bash China because they’re butthurt and envious, that the terrorists and professional protesters always get btfo in China, while US government is too cowardly to stamp down domestic terrorist organizations like antifa and blm.

    • Bill Nye the Gender is Fluid Guy

      The United States government supports Antifa and Black Lives Matters: why would they crack down on them?

  • The Donald, Or: How I Became A Neocon and Learned to Love the Bomb

    Keep it up protesters! Maybe you should produce some fake photos showing China using chemical weapons to murder Tibetan babies. That will definitely make Princess Ivanka cry, and then because Trump would do anything for his daughter he will definitely bomb the shit out of China!

    • Bill Nye the Gender is Fluid Guy

      No need to bomb China: just cut back on the 500,000 student visas so Chinese students can’t swamp the American higher educational system.

  • I can’t grasp what is going on in the minds of the white nationalists here. You want Tibetans to protest (because fuck China), but you hate it when the blacks and Muslims do the same thing?

    Also Islamic theocracy = bad; Tibetan theocracy = muh freedom of religion

    • Bill Nye the Gender is Fluid Guy

      Sort of like how Asians want quotas for black and Hispanic students but no cap on Asian enrollment: if there’s no ceiling on Asian enrollment and minimum enrollments for black and latino students, guess which segment of the population gets squeezed out in the college admissions process?

      • Fake Ass Mechanical Engineer Who Pretends To Be Scientist

        We can agree that both sides have their faults and problems, but when some people assume the moral highground attitude like SJW’s always do, and start playing holier-than-thou? It really doesn’t work.

      • Competence not race

        Bill Nye the Gender is Fluid Guy Chinese never want quotas on blacks and Hispanics. We only want them to stop giving preferential treatment to blacks and hispanics by removing the cap on Asians. Fairness that’s all.

  • Another Professor

    Whilst the Free Tibet activists have every right to project their propaganda, even though the distasteful glorification of mass self-immolation, the oppositions have every right to counter with facts and reasons, or to just ignore, or to even simply solute with the third finger.

    I bet not many people know that Tibetan self-immolation is glorified by the God King of the Free Tibet movement. The Dalai Lama proclaimed Tibetan “self-immolation” as “good violence” because they are for “Tibetan national interests” (A simple google search with the quoted terms will land you the article).

    Finally I want to remind people that most American people are decent people and most Americans don’t give a dime to the Free Tibet movement. Any individual American, no matter how offensive or agreeable you think that person is, does not represent all Americans. The same goes for Chinese.

    • Guys plz

      Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

    • Ngawang

      Excuse me? What kind of fake quote are you bringing up? Please show your citations!!
      The Dalai Lama has clearly said he won’t comment on self-immolations because either way it’s going to hurt Tibetan people. If he supports it, more people will do it. If he doesn’t support it, then the self-immolators family will be in grief. The amount of fake controversial quotes of Dalai Lama astounds me. Please do your research!!! If you’re a professor, you should be wise enough to cite your sources. Please don’t make false accusations and tarnish the image of Tibetans because some Chinese people do enough of that already.

  • Another Profesor