Cornell Tech's Roosevelt Island campus, as depicted in this rendering, will collaborate with Citigroup this fall.

Courtesy of Cornell University

Cornell Tech's Roosevelt Island campus, as depicted in this rendering, will collaborate with Citigroup this fall.

July 25, 2017

Cornell Tech Announces Collaboration with Citigroup

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Cornell Tech has struck a deal with Citigroup for the bank to become the first in its industry to have a presence on the Roosevelt Island campus this September.

Citi will reside in a building called The Bridge, a center for startups, established companies and academics on Roosevelt Island. Citi has leased 10,900 square feet of space in The Bridge, according to a recent press release.

Citi’s Head of Operations and Technology Don Callahan noted the benefits of the partnership for Citi.

“Co-locating in The Bridge with companies, entrepreneurs and students will create an energized environment that fosters innovation and enables interaction with a wide range of emerging talent,” he said in the release. “As a firm headquartered in New York City, we are excited to be a part of this initiative with Cornell Tech that will develop and strengthen the City’s technology talent and industry.”

Citi is the second tenant to sign on with the established company programs at The Bridge, following Two Sigma Investments, which announced its partnership with the University in January.

Though Citi may be at the forefront in signing on with the established companies of The Bridge, it is far from the first company to be involved with the development of the campus.

In May 2012, Google donated 40,000 square feet in Chelsea so that Cornell Tech could launch prior to the opening of the Roosevelt Island campus, according to The Bridge’s website.

In February 2015, Verizon donated $50 million for the Verizon Executive Education Center, and in October 2013 Cornell Tech announced collaboration with such corporate and media giants as Tumblr, Facebook, and The New York Times for its Connective Media degree.

In its partnership with Citi, Cornell Tech students will learn about cyber security, data applications and the use of technological products in professional banking applications, according to the press release. 70 to 80 Citi employees will work in The Bridge.

Cornell Tech Dean Dan Huttenlocher said in the press release that providing the students the opportunity to problem solve with a company such as Citi was “part of Cornell Tech’s lifeblood.”

“Collaborations like this one will bring The Bridge and the entire campus to life when we open on Roosevelt Island this fall,” he said.

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