Newly inaugurated President Martha Pollack issued a letter to President Trump on Friday urging him not to end the DACA program.

Katie Sims / Sun Staff Photographer

Newly inaugurated President Martha Pollack issued a letter to President Trump on Friday urging him not to end the DACA program.

August 15, 2017

Pollack Denounces White Supremacy in Charlottesville as ‘Antithetical’ to Nation, Cornell

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Following the events in Charlottesville this past weekend, Cornell President Martha Pollack sent a statement to students condemning the action by white supremacist groups as “antithetical” to both the nation and the University.

“The white supremacists’ support for racism, anti-Semitism and raw hatred is vile and antithetical to what this nation and Cornell stand for,” Pollack said in the email.

In this condemnation, Pollack recalled Cornell’s founding statement as an institution for “any person,” saying that “we remain resolute in our commitment to addressing bigotry whenever it arises on our campuses or within our communities,” Pollack’s statement read.

Pollack also encouraged students to “to take a moment and specifically reach out to those who continue to be targeted” in order to “let them know that they are a valued part of our Cornell community.”

Within his leadership role, Student Assembly president, Jung Won Kim ’18 acted to reflect his support for students affected by the events in Charlottesville, both at University of Virginia — where much of the violence took place — and at colleges nationwide.

Kim signed a statement in solidarity along with more than 50 undergraduate student body presidents across the country in an effort to “to not only support the Student Body at the University of Virginia but to make clear our advocacy for the victimized and marginalized students on all our campuses,” the statement read.

“College campuses are spaces that students should be able to call home. Not places of violence, hate, and racism,” the statement read. “We will continue to support students and universities in their peaceful resistance to violence, racism, white supremacy, bigotry, and acts of terrorism on our own campuses and beyond.”

Like Pollack, Kim said that it was “fitting” given Cornell’s mission “to send[s] in support of students at UVA against hatred, against bigotry and against violence like this.”

“For Cornell students, I think it’s very important and meaningful because — I’m a minority myself — we have a lot of minority students on campus, people who might be affected by these kind of things,” Kim said. “I thought it was very important that our student body also steps up and joins other student body presidents of other institutions in signing in solidarity with the students at UVA and the people of Charlottesville.”

  • Lincoln Rockwell

    I was literally shaking the whole time!

  • acturg

    Good for Pollack.
    No place for racism, bigotry, and violence.
    Trust she holds same viewpoint for ALL who demonstrated such behavior … regardless of whether a right or left extremist.

  • Will

    Should I hold my breath for a similar denunciation of antifa and BLM?

    • acturg

      Doubt you will hear “other side” of story from any educational institution … much less leftist leaning Cornell admin.
      I suspect “equal” protection under the law only applies selectively to one side.

  • Tom

    Jung Won Kim- exactly how were the students at UVA victimized and marginalized by the events in Charlottesville? School is probably not even in session. This victim mentality is infecting college students like the plague. My recommendation is to study hard, learn how to think (i.e., don’t major in ethnic or gender studies) and have some fun. Quit worrying about how oppressed you think you are- because you are not.

    • Jared

      great point; this leftist ideology at Cornell is brainwashing students. Institutions like Cornell should welcome free speech and diverse viewpoints. Until they accept that conservative ideologies are acceptable on a camps (in addition to liberal ones), they will no longer be receiving my money

      • Acturg


    • Ezra Tank

      Exactly. These snowflakes have NO idea what oppression is. My God if World War 2 started today and these kids were called on to fight we’d be speaking German in two weeks.

  • Jared

    why are they so quick to denounce white supremacy and neo-nazism but will refuse to condemn islamic terrorism. A bit hypocritcal?

    • Tom

      For the ultimate hypocrisy, leftists defend a philosophy that severely oppresses women and gays, advocates a theocracy, and either encourages or remains silent in the face of terrorism, while simultaneously denouncing white Christians for the most minor “offenses “who are for the most part respectful of others and trying to be good humans and citizens.

  • Ezra Tank

    It would be nice if the new President took this opportunity to break from the typical liberal tow lines and denounced ANIFA for their violent actions as well.

    Most people do not show up at a protest wearing helmets carrying shields and bats. Then to have the Mayor of Charlottesville make his hateful dimwitted opinions … ugh.

    But of course she didn’t. She just added to the echo chamber that is the main stream media and liberal views that have led the world to bad places.

    One only need to look at Venezuela to see what uncontrolled liberal socialism leads to.