September 7, 2017

Prosecutors to Retry Alleged Cornell Murderer After June Mistrial

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A new trial will reportedly begin next week for the man accused of murdering Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire on Cornell’s campus, following a mistrial in June.

Nagee Green, 23, was arrested in November 2016, allegedly stabbed two Ithaca College students — Nazaire and Rahiem Williams — following a party in Willard Straight Hall outside of Olin Hall on August 28, 2016.

According to Williams’ testimony at June’s trial, the entire incident lasted around 45 seconds, The Ithaca Voice reported. Attorneys presented DNA evidence of the knife allegedly used in the stabbing and Snapchat videos from the encounter.

The trial in June lasted 10 days with four subsequent days of jury deliberation, according to The Voice. The jury found Green guilty of felony second-degree assault toward Williams.

However, the jury was hung on the charges of murder, with 10-2 in favor of the conviction charge, according to The Voice.

“We have continued to evaluate the case and prepare in the best way possible to present the evidence in the way that’s clearest and most logical so that the jury can do the right thing,” District Attorney Matt Van Houten told The Voice in June. “We believe he’s guilty of murder and so we’re going to charge him with murder in the second degree, as we did in the first trial.”

Following the hung trial, Judge John C. Rowley dismissed the jury and indicated that there would be a future retrial, according to The Voice.

Nazaire’s family has demanded a life sentence for Green. Kiara Nazaire, Nazai’re sister, said that Green “needs to be caged up like an animal” and that “[Green] is not an innocent person,” after the arrest in November.

Jury selection for the new trial is set to begin next week on September 15.

  • Jay Wind

    This is a very sad chapter in Cornell’s history. In addition to prosecuting the accused, we need to ask fundamental questions about whether it is a good idea to restrict Cornell orientation events to just the Cornell community. There is no good reason to have included either Ithaca College students or troubled 23-year-old area residents in orientation events. Day Hall should announce a Cornell-only policy on all orientation events.