Psi Upsilon's house at 2 Forest Lane.

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Psi Upsilon's house at 2 Forest Lane.

September 16, 2017

Former Fraternity House Vandalized Following Possible Hate Crime

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The day after a black Cornell student said he was punched in the head by a group of white men who called him racist slurs in Collegetown, the phrase, “You Rasist Fucks [sic]” in black spray paint was spotted on an unaffiliated fraternity’s former house.

The black student, a junior at Cornell, told The Sun that a group of white men repeatedly called him the N-word and beat him early on Friday morning on Eddy Street. The student said he was “bloodied” and he spoke from a local hospital on Friday evening.

Josh Girsky / Managing Editor

The spray paint on the side of Psi Upsilon’s former fraternity house’s wall was covered with a wooden board at around 4 p.m. on Saturday, but shortly after, the graffiti was visible again.

Ithaca Police charged one student, whose identity the department has not released, with misdemeanor assault and said there were “no significant injuries” as a result of the altercation. Ithaca Police Lt. John Joly said the department is investigating whether there was “any racially biased motivation.”

While the University has not named Psi Upsilon, an unaffiliated fraternity, or its members, as being responsible for the assault, Black Students United at Cornell said Psi Upsilon members took part in the assault, and many students have privately and publicly posited the same belief.

No one answered the door on Friday afternoon at an Eddy Street residence that several students identified as Psi Upsilon’s underground “annex.” The residence is yards away from where a video from Friday morning showed two men using racial slurs against an unidentified student. One witness of the verbal exchange said it occurred about an hour after the junior — who was not at the scene of the second incident — was physically assaulted.

Cornell revoked its recognition of Psi Upsilon in May 2016, when the fraternity allegedly hosted a party in violation of the interim suspension. The suspension was also due to 31 judicial complaints against the fraternity at the time, Cornell said. In a separate incident, their former president, Wolfgang Ballinger ’17, pleaded guilty to forcible touching in February and was sentenced to probation in April.

Ryan Lombardi, vice president for student and campus life, said in a statement on Friday that several students, in addition to the arrested student, may have been involved, “allegedly from a currently unaffiliated fraternity.” Lombardi did not name the unaffiliated fraternity and multiple university spokespeople refused to do so.

The former Psi Upsilon house at 2 Forest Lane was vacated after Cornell revoked the fraternity’s official status. The building is currently being renovated and has no inhabitants. The spray paint was covered with a wooden board at around 4 p.m. on Saturday, but shortly after, the graffiti was visible again.

The most recent graffiti comes after a spate of similar incidents in 2016, including one in January 2016, when the words “Kill Your Rapist” were spray painted on the side of the Sigma Pi fraternity house. In addition, the words “All Frats Rape” were spray painted on Baker War Memorial Flagpole in February 2016, shortly after Ballinger was charged for sexual assault.

Josh Girsky ’19 contributed reporting to this article.

  • Happy Jack

    The raised black fist of “black power,” the symbol of black chauvinism and nationalism, the expression of hate and anger, speaks. Hate and anger, the black fist, engenders hate and anger.

    Have a nice semester. Maybe Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Obama’s Black Liberation Theology & Antifa will take up residence in Ithaca.

    Those ignorant of history are bound to repeat it. Armed blacks took over Willard Straight. Did it solve anything? Harry Edwards, black “sports psychology” student, marched around angrily. Did it solve anything?

    Racial division is the legacy of “Progressive” Obama. But the Sun relentlessly pursues that same tedious, worn pathway.

    I sincerely hope race war breaks out in Ithaca. Not only would it serve you right to suffer, but maybe out of Hegel’s antithesis will rise a new thesis.

    • k263

      you’re a sad, lonely, angry racist. we get it already.

      • Ezra Tank

        How is his statement racist (or should I say rasist)?

        Please elaborate with counterpoints before lazily labeling someone that disagrees with your point of a view a racist.

        • k263

          Yeah you’re right, asking for a race war to break out and calling black fists symbols of hatred are the furthest things from racist. Sorry that I assumed any rational human being could see that and I felt I didn’t need to provide a dissertation on it.

      • roccolore

        Black supremacists like you are the racists.

    • Reality Check

      I hope Happy Jack is not a Cornellian. I’d like to think that no one could get through CU without reaching a level of articulation well beyond the above post.

      • Happy Jack

        Graduated Cornell Cum Laude.

        Look at the hate directed at me personally, typical of libs, the so-called “non-haters.” Hypocrites.

        Apparently a Cornell education hasn’t taught you fools how to think for yourselves, how to fight in the free marketplace of ideas.

        • Reality Check

          It’s clear that your education did not teach you to recognize the distinction between criticism of something you wrote and personal attack on you.

        • big KRIT


          also happy jack


          lol must be tough being so confused all the time buckaroo

    • Snark Plissken

      I see you went for the all out “rant until I prove I’m racist” approach.

      It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

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  • Suicide is an Option

    The spelling errors was a nice touch but hey don’t vandalize the building! You guys! We should just convert it to the new black women’s living center =p

  • Reality Check

    I wonder who’s now living in the once-and-maybe-not-future Psi U house. With the largest freshman class in CU history now on campus, and excess demand for West Campus soph housing, it would be amazing to have that prime real estate unoccupied. Is there an opportunity for poetic justice?

  • bigredalumnus

    It’s hard to imagine that in 2017 Cormell University students could hold such racist views, but hey, a racist is president of the United States. BTW, the Psi U building is owned by Cornell and all vandals do is deface university property. So your tuition dollars will be spent on cleaning it off.

    • Ezra Tank

      LOL, typical lazy leftist argument. Our President is somehow a racists yet has a Jewish daughter, Jewish son in law.

      • Alumnus

        “I’m not racist! My friend is black!”

      • bigredalumnus

        His comments about Mexicans alone established him as a racist. (Jews can’t be racist?)

        • roccolore

          Liberals defend the Mexican supremacists of La Raza and MS-13.

          • bigredalumnus

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      Democrats are the racists who defend copkillers and other black supremacists.

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  • Ezra Tank

    Rasists? I wonder if this spelling error is a BSU member?

    LOLOLOL, you can’t make this stuff up.

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