Nagee Green has been found guilty for second degree murder.

Nagee Green has been found guilty for second degree murder.

September 28, 2017

Ithaca Man Found Guilty of Murder on Cornell’s Campus

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Nagee Green was found guilty of second-degree murder in the case of Anthony Nazaire, a 19-year-old Ithaca college student who was murdered on Cornell’s campus last August.

Local outlets reported that the verdict was delivered on Thursday afternoon after a retrial from June, which failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

At the trial in June, the jury found Green guilty of assault, but they were unable to reach a consensus about murder, which led to the retrial. Jury selection for this retrial began in mid-September.

Pertaining to the retrial, District Attorney Matthew Van Houten told The Sun that it was worth the wait to have certainty about the verdict.

“Obviously, having done the trial twice, the issues were clear to the jury and they were able to see exactly what happened and not be confused or misled by any of the arguments to the contrary,” he said.

Deliberation for the verdict delivered Thursday lasted less than 8 hours, Van Houten told The Sun.

“We’re very pleased and we’re very satisfied that justice was done — that the jury got it right this time,” he said.

The sentencing will occur on Nov. 6. The prosecution asked for consecutive sentences of seven years on the assault and 25 to life on the murder conviction. Van Houten said he expects the defense to appeal.

“We’re going to recommend the maximum,” Van Houten said.

Van Houten said he has been in touch with the family of Nazaire. “They are elated. They feel that justice has been done and they have been so appreciative of our work.”

“We’re just happy that they’ve gotten some closure,” he said of the family.

Attorneys for Green declined to comment immediately following the verdict.

The murder occurred Aug. 28, 2016, when Nazaire was fatally stabbed in front of Olin Hall. Nazaire was attending a party hosted by Cornell fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

Nazaire’s family said in August 2016 they believed Nazaire and a friend bumped into someone while leaving the event, leading to the altercation with Green, The Sun previously reported.

Cornell University Police Department then found that two men — later identified as Anthony Nazaire and Ithaca College student Raheim Williams — were stabbed in front of Olin Hall when responding to a report of a fight at approximately 1:57 a.m.

Nazaire was then transported to Cayuga Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. Williams was flown to Upstate Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Green, an Ithaca resident, was detained three months after the murder after the police sorted through “hundreds” of leads, The Sun previously reported. He was accused of stabbing Williams three times in the back and stabbed Nazaire in the chest.

After Green was arrested and held in the Freeville police barracks, investigators reportedly interrogated him for hours, during which time investigators told him he would “come across as a liar” and that he will “look like a monster” in the eyes of the public if he doesn’t confess.

Following Green’s arrest in November, Nazaire’s family demanded a life sentence and said they were “not satisfied” with the charges levied against him.

“What I want for [Green] is life in jail because my son will never be able to see the sun shine,” Nazaire’s mother Katie Toussaint told The Sun last November. “He will never be able to walk this earth anymore, but this criminal, he gets to live, he gets to be sleeping in a comfortable bed, he gets food, you understand? He gets to speak to his loved ones.”

At a 10-day long trial in June, Green was found guilty of felony second-degree assault for stabbing Williams. Williams survived the assault and testified at the June trial.

Jury deliberation in June lasted four days, The Ithaca Voice reported.

The jury was hung in June for the murder charges against Nazaire, with 10-2 in favor of the conviction charge, according to The Voice. Evidence presented in the June trial included Snapchat videos from that night and the knife allegedly used for the stabbings.

  • Thomas Sowell

    I must’ve missed the kneel-in, the sit-in, the demonstrations, etc. for the murder of this young man. Did his life matter?

    • Stephen Page

      The hypocrisy you sacastically point out here needs to be expressed. Our country, and this local example, go a long way to point out the agenda’s and moral bankruptcy of these “offended” groups. It makes intelligent and productive discourse not possible. That is why these expressions of outrage and demands are mostly ineffective. Your arguements immediately lack credibility, even when they do not.

    • Map4Territory

      Unlike a small number of bad police officers who wrongfully killed people, this man’s killer was convicted of murder. Why would anyone need to protest?

      I have a number of disagreements with BLM and their Foucaltian bullshit, but it seems like you are more concerned with them being wrong than advancing an actual agenda. And what better way for them to be wrong than for them to be hypocrites? After all it’s the only sin no one admits they’ve committed.

      • Ezra Tank

        I think his point was where is the outrage for murder. Professors are more worried that a hate crime is charged in a fist fight yet black on black murder throughout the country is the real plague that is destroying black communities.

        Your organization can’t be called BLACK LIVES MATTER if you don’t confront the leading cause of black deaths.

        • Map4Territory

          There are legitimate criticisms to be made of BLM, why do you resort to strawmen so quickly? The list of supposed demands are intentionally exaggerated by you. The list of demands presented to Pollack were insane, but the demand to turn over the Psi U house clearly came from ignorance and not hate of white people. They assumed it was owned by Cornell. The other demands you listed are pure nonsense that are not actually advocated for. Again you show that you do not want to engage in ideas and are obsessed with just painting them in a bad light in a disingenuous way. It sways no opinions and adds nothing to the dialogue. It makes actual reasonable opposition to them by people like me incredibly hard. I mean you’ve put me in the awkward position of actually having to defend them.

          Pointing out a technicality about their name doesn’t undermine their point of view. It just makes you seem 13 who thinks they are the first one to notice a slight error in a movie. No one is impressed. Again, it makes it seem like you have a number of objections to them but are too afraid to say them. Instead you come up with cosmetic criticisms. It is obvious when you do this to everyone and people will start to guess about what views you are hiding. If you are going to do this don’t get all triggered and snowflaky when someone calls you a racist. If if they did nothing to combat black on black crime (they do) they still have the right to be upset about something else that is happening too. It is America, you have the right to be care about more than one thing at a time.

          • Ezra Tank

            Sorry none of those demands were exaggerated at all. That is how they were presented.

          • Ezra Tank

            LOL – the Sun marked this as SPAM. Oh those sensitive liberals …

            Sorry none of those demands were exaggerated at all. That is how they were presented.

            I’m not hiding any views. I live with, work with and have many friends that are people of color that are outraged at BLM and the BSU ridiculousness.

            You even opened both your arguments with “There are legitimate criticisms to be made of BLM”.

            Well I just presented those arguments. If BLM is truly a national movement when people who are associated with them make ridiculous statements like these the rest of the BLM chapters need to immediately come out and denounce this nonsense, just like President Trump was asked to do repeatedly about the KKK and David Duke. Yet it never happens. Then people like yourself label anyone who does a racist. It’s laughable.

            So the BSU simply presented a list of demands yet failed to vet them for legality is what you’re saying? It’s simply an error that they demand private property be turned over for their control. The fact that they DEMAND instead of REQUEST is laughable to begin with. Racist groups like BSU and BLM will never be the answer. I’m sorry you cannot see this.

          • Map4Territory

            I agree with you that these groups need to publicly distance themselves from their most radical elements. Their failure to do so amounts to a kind of motte and bailey that I referenced earlier. Basically, that when their ideas are unchallenged they are as extreme and wide-sweeping as possible, yet when they are challenged all of sudden their ideas become benign and widely reasonable. I also agree that groups like BSU and BLM are not productive. But groups like those feed off of people like you and vice versa. You help drive their support. You are just as extreme, divisive, and unproductive as they are. People define themselves by the things they oppose, and you make yourself an easy target to oppose. It makes people de facto supporters of these groups. The opposite is also true, when BSU releases their ridicoulous list of demands people recognize its crazy and all of a sudden find themselves allied to insane groups. All this does is to enflame tensions and drive people to the extremes all while everyone gets the same exact outcomes, except this time they have more resentment. Posts like yours are such a clear cut way to create divisiveness that foreign intelligence organizations peddle this type of language in order to create instability. Look at the recent Antifa Boston incident as an example. That post’s target demographic was conservatives, its goal to make them angry. People like Milo exist on the other side, his target demographic was liberals. He got clicks and attention from people who hated him.

            Assuming you aren’t just some troll, I want to try and explain how silly you look to other people. You say that Trump’s insufficient (as deemed by others) condemnation of hate groups doesn’t make him a racist. That people are incorrect for calling him racist because he did not distance himself enough. But you also argue that until BLM distances itself from it’s more extreme elements they must take responsibility for everything that is said. A hypocrisy that you justify by pointing to the other side. Everyone see’s that hypocrisy, if you cared about ideas you would be sticking to one side or the other. Instead you play both sides because you only care about winning. Your team winning and the other team losing is all that matters to you. And the audacity to pretend that the list you presented is real is insane. Anyone can easily research and find that those are not the demands. When people do so and realize you are lying they will just oppose you more. I really can’t think of a reason you’d do this other than that you are trolling.

          • Ezra Tank

            Oh well I tried to have a conversion with you maps4territory but the SUN won’t allow it.

            I enjoyed discussing this topic with you.

          • mma_ko

            Liberals make mountains out of molehills. Yet they are guilty of the same issues they protest against. I’ve heard those minority groups call other minority groups equally dorogatory names but those go on deaf ears. Double standard. That is what is making half of the country disgusted.

          • Map4Territory

            I completely agree, but I’d hope you could see the same criticisms could be leveled against conservatives. We are in the midst of a culture war where no one is actually trying to fight for beliefs. Everyone is just trying to notch wins for their side. It draws everyone to the extremes and only hurts the country.

    • George Glass

      We all know uttering the word that must never be said is 100X worse than killing a man. That’s why no protests.

  • MI Red Rover

    Now, perhaps a public execution of this scum could curb the violent tendencies now flowering Far Above Cayuga’s Waters ! ! !

  • Jonathan Pomboza

    I’m never surprised that the same bigots come out to the comments section every time.

    • Ezra Tank

      And I’m not surprised this is your tired argument. Actually you never really have an argument. You just slap on your labeling badge and go to work instead of providing any counter arguments. Map4territory may disagree with me but at least they have a discussion.

      • mma_ko

        Jonathan is a typical liberal that abhors free speech and difference of opinions. And JP, I’m not white in case you’re wondering.