Ithaca College Journalist and Scholar Discusses Roots of Radicalism in Pakistan

Raza Rumi, a journalist and Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College, explained the roots of extremism in Pakistan and described the efforts to deter radicalism in a lecture last week. “The country has in the last decade or so suffered huge losses,” Rumi said. “Between 50 and 80 thousand Pakistanis have died in pure acts of violence and terrorism across the country.”

Rumi, a Pakistani himself, said these deaths include those of civilians and members of the military. Rumi said there have been attacks in airports and headquarters of intelligence agencies and blamed these losses the Pakistani Taliban. The Pakistani government has been involved in an operation called Zarb-e-Azb, which targets militant hideouts in Northwest Pakistan, he said.

At the inaugural SPARK Talks event Thursday, Vikram Gadagkar discusses the clues given by songbirds in the environment. (Rula Saeed / Sun Staff Photographer)

Students Share Research at SPARK Talks

Cornell graduate students and postdoctoral fellows delivered five-minute speeches about their research during the University’s inaugural SPARK — or “students presenting about research and knowledge” — Talks in Olin Library Thursday. The talks featured eight presenters, who spoke on topics that ranged from food security to climate change, according to Kelly LaVoice, a business research librarian for the School of Hotel Administration. The SPARK Talks were inspired by a University of Washington event series called Scholars’ Studio, in which graduate students spoke in the library about their research, according to LaVoice. At the University of Washington, the talks had a different theme each time they occurred. For Cornell’s inaugural event, the theme was “intersections,” according to LaVoice.


Apprentice Contestant Koutsomitis ’09 Commends Hotel School

Vana Koutsomitis ’09 appeared in BBC’s reality television show The Apprentice Wednesday. Koutsomitis, currently the CEO of financial services network The City Street and a hotel school graduate, praised her alma mater in an interview with The Sun, saying that it provided her a global perspective and valuable learning experiences. Koutsomitis, who viewers will be able to see compete in a variety of tasks during the current season of the show, could potentially earn a business partnership with billionaire Alan Sugar if she is declared the ultimate winner. A social media entrepreneur who currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, Koutsomitis said she aims to create connections among financial professionals. Her company, The City Street, provides a platform that standardizes the profiles of different business people.