Schematic representation of the information provided by the app on sample pictures of pieces of furniture

Where Do I Get That Piece of Furniture?

Imagine being able to find out where your roommate gets their lamp, fridge or chair simply by taking a picture of it. Thanks to Sean Bell ’16, Prof. Kavita Bala, computer science, and their work in the field of computer vision, an app may soon exist to solve that exact problem. Bell was inspired by the disconnect between computer vision research conducted by the academic community and tools available to the general public. Consequently, he founded Grokstyle, a company that is in the midst of developing an application that recognizes objects, specifically furniture. The name Grokstyle stems from the word ‘Grok’, meaning to understand deeply, thoroughly and intuitively.

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Sperm Tails Inspire Highly Efficient Enzyme Reaction Mechanism

The very cells that created us may have a role in saving our lives. Scientists have always been amazed by the energy production system in a sperm’s tail. The system drives flagellar movement and is extremely efficient, like a high-speed vehicle with a self-charging system, independent of external energy sources. Now, Cornell researchers are mimicking such a system in the hopes of advancing fields such as human and animal health. They hope to use their findings to create implantable medical devices that utilize blood sugar to make products as well as support in drug delivery.