While construction was supposed to be completed over the summer, work continues on projects like 201 College Avenue, pictured above.

Students Return to Incomplete Collegetown Apartments

“They still haven’t done a paint job, they’re missing cargo nets, the AC isn’t working,” said Rachel Karina ’19, who moved into 201 College Avenue on August 22. “They sent residents an email saying it was good to move in on Monday [Aug. 21], but this is the state of things right now.”

Dean Gretchen Ritter '83.

Ethnic Studies Program Funding Concerns Remain Unresolved by Deans

“We have had at the college-wide level a decrease in overall operating budget and so all of our programs have been asked to use more of their reserves and reduce level of budget by common small amount,” Dean Gretchen Ritter said. “That been true for everything from physics through these programs in a way that has been modest and equal across all programs.”