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BENITEZ | Dress-Rehearsing for the Future

For those of us searching for careers in the private sector, the past couple of weeks have been defined by information sessions, networking events, interviews and the like. The accelerating perception of an undergraduate degree’s foremost purpose as a means to access skilled employment has affected the lives of our generation, evident in our corporately-dressed classmates at the start of each fall. The understandable nervousness felt by those shuffling between events structured to grant employers a more efficient means of recruiting the nation’s most intelligent laborers inevitably kicks up our collective anxiety. Regardless of whether you yourself are actively participating in on-campus recruitment, you can at least agree that there is an uneasiness, caused by our natural, human apprehensiveness toward the future, that comes with seeing some of your classmates preemptively don the literal attire of adulthood, like actors dress-rehearsing for our next performance. While recruitment admittedly serves a useful labor market function by resolving the anxiety of summer or post-graduation employment far in advance, we must acknowledge some negative externalities.

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LIEBERMAN | Finding Support through Policy Changes in Grassroots Feminism

Sometimes I’m still shocked. I know that I should be used to it. I tried to wipe away my fretful tears on the morning of November ninth and devote myself fully to becoming a better ally to groups that would be inevitably threatened by the impending Donald Trump presidency. This probably should have meant preparing for the worst, but sometimes I’m still shocked. Last Thursday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos divulged her plan to reverse an Obama-era Title IX guidance that strove to protect survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

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LAM | Lower the Screens for a Minute and Embrace Everyday Mundanity (While You Still Can)

I had a remarkable morning when I was interning in New York this past summer. Following the string of commuters into the subway station on a cloudy, drab Thursday, I picked up a copy of AM New York, a free local newspaper. I usually make the more sustainable choice of not circulating paper waste around the planet, but the train on the cover intrigued me. “SIGNAL PROBLEMS!” the headline blared, specifying below, “Ancient signal problems still persisting on the 7 train.” I lowered the paper to watch where I was going as I got off the escalator, and strangely, my commute was already in the news. Three tracks, two platforms, countless people, no train.

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HUBSHER | Go Be Bossy

I’ve been called a bitch. I’ve been called a diva. I’ve been called shrill. I’ve been called a slut and a ditz and even a c*nt. But the worst thing I’ve been called was probably bossy.

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GOROKH | A Case for Nicotine Use

Cornell can be a lot of work. Hard pressed to make more out of finite waking hours, we use all means available to boost productivity. That can be good study practices, an exercise routine, or neurochemical enhancement, the latter being especially seductive for its magic-like effortlessness. Sadly, there are few effective substances one can safely use, and when coffee fails to deliver, some choose to go to sleep, and others resort to not-so-safe amphetamines. But what about nicotine?

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HAGOPIAN | How Porn Divides Us

I fancy myself an amateur anthropologist and social critic. I have several fruits of my undercover labor, some more cogent than others. I believe that death is humanity’s greatest asset and that the prolonging of our lifespans by artificial means will lead to the demise of civilization not through overpopulation, but through widespread hedonism and immortal dictators. I believe that Captain “Sully” Sullenberger gets far too much credit for landing a plane in the Hudson and saving his own ass. I have reason to suspect that a kid in my class might be faking his British accent.

Guest Room

GUEST ROOM | Cornell Freshmen, Rush!

Wow. Sarah Lieberman’s ’19 column on August 30 was a thunderclap. Cornell Alumni across the globe forwarded the link. Ms. Lieberman fires Rush 2018 starter gun by sending out an advertisement to the Cornellians interested in joining our fraternities. Labelling fraternity members with such stereotypes is as inaccurate and inappropriate as the claims that Cornell women are judged by fraternities rather than other Cornellians.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On the hazardous Ezra’s Tunnel

To the editor:

The Sun’s Aug. 31 article, “Common Council Debates Closing Ezra’s Tunnel” called attention to an important issue, although a few points need fleshing out:

* There is not “extensive” warning signage near Willard Way nor on the uneven, rock-strewn walk to Ezra’s Tunnel. In fact, when I was there last Friday afternoon there are no signs whatsoever. Cornell is grateful that the City plans to place new signage in the vicinity with key messages, which we hope will make clear that people have drowned in Fall Creek gorge due to strong undercurrents, that swimming is prohibited and that violators may be subject to arrest. * In the article and on other platforms, the preservation and access of “natural areas” and the “look of the area” are referenced as concerns about potentially limiting access to Ezra’s Tunnel.

Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | Tryst on the Thames

I licked my lips as a drop of sweet vodka dripped from my frosted martini glass. Gingerly, I set the glass down on the golden bar and looked at my friend, pursing my lips, anticipating her next comment. “Got one,” she whispered in delight, and her eyes casually surveyed the rest of the room. This is the sweet hunt you read about in the naughty sex section of Cosmopolitan articles: lusting for sugar daddies. We sipped our £40 martinis in London’s most notorious sugar daddy hunting ground waiting to fulfill our perverted, narcissistic fantasy.

Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | How to Give Mind-Blowing Head

In light of this week’s career fair, resumés have undoubtedly been on all our minds. And as we’ve all been updating our special skills sections, a lot of us are also probably wondering about the surefire ways to impress potential employers. I’m not sure I can help you much with that, but when it comes to impressing others, I have found that one of the best ways to do so is by getting down on your knees (and I don’t mean begging, because that’s just not sexy…in most cases). Seriously, knowing your way around a guy’s cock is a skill that’s in high demand and will never go out of style. Few things will make a guy go crazier than a pro taking care of his bad boy.