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FROM THE EDITOR: The Sun Always Rises

Journalism today is an important public service. In the past year especially, we have seen the traditional media fail in disappointing ways to cover many of the relevant issues and to hold various people and institutions accountable. These failures constrain the agency and imagination of our communities to build a just and democratic future. The responsibility that reporters and editors are tasked with — the responsibility to keep the public informed — is gruesomely demanding but nevertheless essential. The Cornell Daily Sun is exempt neither from the challenges that journalism faces nor newspapers’ foremost obligation to serve the community.

FROM THE EDITOR | Join The Sun — Hands-On Journalism

With the start of the new academic year, Cornell faces big changes. The College of Business begins its first semester, the search for the next Cornell president goes on and apartment buildings continue to rise on the Collegetown horizon. The Cornell Daily Sun is here with comprehensive reporting on these and other important campus issues. We take our task of student journalism seriously at The Sun. Our foremost goal is to serve the public by publishing quality, in-depth coverage.

FROM THE EDITOR: The Adventure Begins

On Saturday, The Sun elected a new team of editors and managers to helm and direct this paper. As the incoming board, we are excited and ready to continue the incredible work of the 133rd Editorial Board and build The Sun’s voice on campus and in the Ithaca community. We urge you to hold us accountable as we continue informing our campus.

Black Students Gather to Share Stories of Racism, Deliver Demands to President Garrett

“Just last week, in my intro swimming class, a couple friends of mine were talking about where we live. They live on West Campus [and] Collegetown, and I said where I live. I lived in Ujamaa Residential College, and one of those people said, ‘You live in a cell block?” a student said. “No. I don’t live in a cell block. Ujamaa is not a cell block. Ujamaa is not ‘the hood.’ Ujamaa is not a prison. Ujamaa is my home.”

Two College Aged Males Injured in Separate Falls From Roofs

Two college aged males were airlifted to hospitals Saturday as a result of two separate falls — one on Stewart Avenue and another near Ithaca College campus, according to Ithaca Police Public Information Officer Thomas Basher Jr.
A college aged male was airlifted to Robert Packer Hospital after falling from a roof at 306 Stewart Ave. at approximately 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The man was unresponsive and “seriously injured” following the fall, according to Basher. Bangs Ambulance, the Ithaca Fire Department and Ithaca Police were at the scene. Ithaca Police interviewed witnesses and are investigating the accident, according to Basher.


Hundreds Walk Out in Protest of Ithaca College President

Updated at 8:40 p.m.

Shouts of “Tom Rochon! No confidence!” echoed across Ithaca College’s academic quad Wednesday afternoon as hundreds of students, faculty and staff members formed a walkout hosted by student organization POC@IC. The crowd, protesting I.C. President Tom Rochon and his handling of racial tensions on campus, stood in solidarity with other campuses including the University of Missouri and Yale University, which have received national attention following student claims of racism. Following a month of racial tensions at I.C. sparked by a number of alleged racist incidents, students gathered Wednesday to urge a vote of no confidence against Rochon. Those incidents include an Oct.